Started Superdrol NG cycle today, i need help??

  1. Started Superdrol NG cycle today, i need help??

    I started taking SNG today and i did not do the recommended dosage! I started with 1 tab 20 min before breakfast, which I felt, normal and fine after that. Then I just took 1 more tab an hour before my workout (which was 6 hours after the 1st), that one thorough me for a loop. I had an awesome pump for the gym defiantly but as I was lifting I was getting dizzy and light headed, to the point where I had to sit down and take a break.
    Is this normal, I know this may have happened b/c my body is not used to the supplement yet.
    Please help, and when do I start taking the normal dosing, 1 in the morn 2 pre w/o and 1 after w/o. please help me someone???

  2. If I was in your shoes, I would have researched sdng a little more and made a decision on whether or not I should take it. Even though its not the same as the original, ng is a very powerful compound and should be taken with caution. I belive the recomended dosage is 3-4 caps a day. Start out with 3 caps for the first 2 weeks, 1 in the morning and 2 pre workout and see how you feel. Remember to keep your water and protein intake high. If you decide to take 4 a day, 2 in the morning and 2 pre workout would suffice. But all in all, you dont need prohormones to make gains. They disrupt your testosterone levels and produce unwanted side effects. Eat big and train hard.

  3. Are you taking any other supplements or preworkout drinks with this?

  4. No, i dont take any other supp. just the SNG

  5. That's a pretty strong reaction for just two pills. I have taken them and I didn't come close to what you described. Try it again and if it happens twice then maybe you need to rethink it.

  6. Did you eat and drink a lot that day?
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  7. yeah i drank tons and tons of water. i think i might have went wrong not eating any food before i took the pill, in the morning i took the pill then had eggs was fine. But the 2nd 1 when i was trineing i felt good but really dizzy i had to take several breaks during my w/o!!

  8. Yup, you may want to add some food in there for now. Sounds like the stimulants got to you. As I said, it'll fade in a few days as your body becomes used to it. That's the reasoning behind starting out at half/lower dose.
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