uber noob question...about SERMS and AI's

  1. uber noob question...about SERMS and AI's

    i had surgery awhile back...like 2 years and theres some tissue left. according to my surgeon theres a chance of either regrowth (breast tissue) or internal scarring from the canula (scar tissue).

    anyway...theres tissue there. whether its scar tissue or more breast tissue im not sure. but i cant afford another 5000 dollar surgery.

    so i was reading around here and letrozole and rolasomething (ill search the name again later) came up. apparently,the letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor while the R named stuff is a SERM.

    my question is this...which one should i use if im not coming off of a cycle? are these AI's and SERMS only used coming off a cycle? can i use both? will i die?

  2. Wrong section..

  3. can a mode move this please?

    i dont see an option to delete my post.

  4. if you go under thread tools you should have the option to move it.

    Raloxifiene I believe is the one you are thinking of

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