animal stak/ jungle warfare

  1. animal stak/ jungle warfare

    I'm planning of taking either of these 2 supplements, which one do you reccomend? Also would I need a PCT to go along with these and what PCT would you reccomnd. Thanks

  2. also i'm worried about hair loss, could i take finasteride with either of them or would that defeat the purpose of the supplement.

  3. No PCT needed with Animal Stak

  4. Animal Stak 2 did nothing for me. Animal M-Stak was much better, but you will still see better gains overall with Jungle Warfare. PCT should not be needed with either, although Jungle Warfare was rumored to have some sort of steroid in it. If your looking for a great test booster, go with Diesel Test Hardcore or Activate Extreme... Both top notch products you can't go wrong with.

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