Keeping Me Clean with HypertropX!

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  1. [QUOTE=pistonpump;1492861]Sorry i havent updated. I had a rest day, ate buffet
    The HypertropX is still doing me good. I dont know what it will be like to work out with out it....dont really want to find out. The mind muscle connection and clean energy is really good for workouts,I finish work in about 3 hours then ill be hittin the gym with 8 caps HypertropX pre./QUOTE]
    First of all I also ate buffet yesterday. 2 steaks, some BBQ ribs, sweet potatoes, green beans, and some fried apples!! YUMM!! It fueled me up for this morning's skirmish. I also fueled up this morning with my old ECA stack that I hadn't used in years. And it kicked my everloving ass!! 30 mg. of Ephedrine, 300 mg. of Caffeine, and 1 Aspirin 325 mg. You ought to try that sh*t when your HypertropX runs out. It gives lots of energy. I really enjoyed it!! Also supposed to be good for fatloss as well.

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  2. This sounds pretty great.


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