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  1. Looking good man, nice weight.

  2. Axle Press with mini bands: 100x5,120x4x2sets
    Clean and Jerk: 95x3,110x3,130x3,145x3,165x3
    Overhead Squats: 90x5,110x5,120x5,130x5
    Really tried pushing the training this week while on this cycle to see how I would feel. Felt a little beat up today but not bad and once I started lifting I actually felt good

  3. Farmers walk: 145x200'x2,195x299' 215x50'x2
    Power cleans: 130x3,165x3
    Snatch pulls: 165x5,185x5
    My training is all done outside and the heat just kicked my butt today

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BULLDOG View Post
    My training is all done outside and the heat just kicked my butt today
    If it makes you feel any better, my gym doesn't have air conditioning. :/

    Nice workouts, man. Keep it up.
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  5. That's my kind of gym, reminds me of the first place I trained a bazillion years ago.

  6. back in HS our weight room was build off from the school by itself. Just open the door, crank the fans, enjoy. I miss them days... I miss being on a team....

  7. Axle Deadlift: 175x5,280x3,330x3,350x1,380x1
    The rest of the lifts are done as a medely
    Bulgarian rotations: 10 left, 10 right
    SandBag squat and overhead press: 10
    Sledge hammers: 10 left 10 right
    3 times thru the circuit

  8. Farmers holds: 90,180,200
    2 Board bench press: 225x5x3sets
    Medley: Incline tri ex, incline flys, one arm incline press (punching action) done with 30lbs, 6 reps per, 3 times thru.
    Might not look tough but you feel the burn on the third time thru, going nonstop

  9. 18" Deadlifts with mini bands: 245 for 1 minute
    Farmers Deadlifts (weight is each hand) 240x3,255x3,270x3
    1 arm grappler: 40x10,60x10,80x10
    Medley: 50lb DB bench (seesaw) recline rope rows, 6 reps 7 sets nonstop
    Really like this cycle, sorry to see it end soon. Though I have not taken a max, weights feel lighter the 270 farmers were easy

  10. farmers!! You da man

  11. "270lbs farmers" and "easy" aren't something you think of being used in the same sentence. Nice work, man.
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  12. Farmer sprints: 120lb per hand 200 feet 3 trips
    Medley: Zercher squats 185lbs for 6 reps and pushups 15 reps. 5 sets nonstop

  13. Keep on tanking man!

  14. What kind of size gains/recomp are going on?

  15. Did not take measurements or that cause I don't have the bodybuilder smarts to do that, sorry. But as of last Friday my weight is up 8lbs and I went from my XL shirts to my XXL shirts while staying in my regular size waist pants if that helps any. Strength is up, not feeling lethargic like I did the first couple weeks, and energy during workouts is very good

  16. Log press: 90x5,120x5,140x5,145x5,150x3,1 70x1 not a pr but it was just a smoke show going up
    Log hammer curls: 90x5x3sets
    Shoulder rehab isometric exercise: T,I,Y,T,Y

  17. Farmer walks: 145x200',195x100',245x60'
    Front squats: work up to 185x5 bad wrist flexibility
    T Bar rows: work up to 5plates x8
    medley: clean and press, squats, lunges,rows,high pulls x95lbsx6x4sets

  18. Nice workouts man. Keep it up.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    [email protected]
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  19. 8lbs is awesome bro! Keep up the good work!

  20. subbed im curious about the effects of 3ad. I have some just been thinking of how to run it.

    Looks like you have alot of fun movin weight...haha

    You have a strongman comp or pl meet soon?

  21. Cause of a late spring injury have missed the strongman season and I'm waiting and training for next year

  22. Well my cycle is officially over. I would give the 3AD, HAVOC cycle the way I took it a thumbs up. I have gained a total of 9lbs and have not felt or looked bloated. The only drawbacks that I had were of being lathargic the first couple of weeks and in the last 10 days my blood pressure went a little bit high. I had good strength gains and my aggression was up in the gym.
    As I start my PCT I am opened to any suggestions for a future cycle, my main goal as always is strength gains so if you have any ideas just let me know. Again I will go back to 3AD,HAVOC next year probably before a contest unless I find something more effect till them.
    Thanks to anyone who followed this thread and I appreciate any comments you have made or any suggestions you write after this.

  23. Can you reveal the dosing you went with? I thought it was undecided at first....

  24. Nice job, man. It looks like you had yourself a nice little cycle here.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
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  25. Good job on the cycle! looks like everything went well for you. Good luck on your PCT!


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