looking for the best pump w/nos ether and hemodraulix

  1. looking for the best pump w/nos ether and hemodraulix

    I've been on hemodraulix now for about 2 weeks and the pumps are pretty good but i feel that adding nos ether migh put the pumps in the painfull region. so here goes.
    i'm also adding dcp, inhibit-e, nolva(finishing gyno reduction cycle), napalm, supercissus.

    hemodraulix 6-8 caps 30 minutes prior
    nos ether 2 scoops before and after
    dcp 2 caps 9am, 1pm preworkout, 4pm
    napalm 9am, 10pm
    supercissus 2 caps at 830am, 330pm
    inhibit e 1 cap at 3 pm
    nolva 20mg at 3pm
    nectar protein
    protein recovery balls after workout and snacks throught day

    i'm 6'2 197, i think my bf% is around 18
    i was at 205 three weeks ago and i have only gotten bigger while loosing fat. i attribute it too eliminating drinking and improving diet, don't know if all the anti-e's have helped or not but i feel like my test is higher.

    im looking to stay around the same weight maybe get alittle more muslce but drop bf.

    i just started the max OT workout and i dk i just trying to switch things up from my regular routine.

  2. day 1

    i started the hemodraulix 6 caps and nos ether 2 scoops after my workout.

    chest workout
    incline 3x6
    flat db 3x5
    decline bar 2x6
    flat flys 2x6
    abs in between and 20 minutes of running before.

    waiting on dcp cause nutra forgot it in my order
    and napalm.
    did all the other stuff at regular times
    weighed in today at 194

    having my first cheat meal today in about two weeks so i expect to weigh more tomorrow.

  3. pumps were pretty good on chest day, deff felt like i had more endurance and i felt tighter. The new nos ether deff tastes better than the old one. I think i could notice the focus blend working, i just felt tuned in all day.
    My cheat day was very disappointing tho, went to taco bell. its never as good as you think it will be.

    has any one ever broken out a little from multi vitamins or supps containing high amounts of vitamins? just curious cause there are so many variables when it comes to my skin breaking out.
  4. day 2

    back day yesterday
    felt strong. kind of enjoying the 4 to 6 reps thing
    lat pulls 3x6
    cable rows 3x6
    bent barbell rows 2x6
    reverse flys 2x6

    pumps were minimal. just had that full feeling
    endurance was good. joints seem to be improving.

    i think i am going to drop the nos ether. and go with neovar or a cortisol blocker.

    starting the dcp today. pretty excited about that.
  5. day 3

    did shoulders and traps today.
    3x5 military press
    3x4 db shoulder press
    3x6 lateral raises
    2x6 lat pulls
    2x6 bb shrugs

    30 minutes of cardio

    started dcp on day 3
    i dk if its the dcp or the supercissus but i had some stomach pain, heart burn today.

    supp: felt a kinda of full feeling in my shoulders. can't tell with strength since its a new routine. didnt notice too much extra sweating during my workout. its hot so i sweat alot anyways and running at 1 in the afternoon doesnt help.

    got arms today. thats always fun with hemodraulix

  6. day 4

    did arms today
    i think the low 4 to 6 reps is making the hemodraulix pretty useless. i guess this log is no longer about pumps and more about me just losing bf and getting a little stronger
    arm day was
    3x6 skull crushers
    3x6 press downs
    2x6 french press
    3x6 bb curls
    3x6 preacher curls
    2x6 db curls

    did 25 minutes of cardio
    maintaining at 196.8 but feel leaner

  7. and the dcp really helped me out at work today, felt i had a little bump in energy and a the drive to get things done.
    Also nectar fuzzy navel is prolly the best tasting protein i have ever had mixed with water.
  8. day 5

    legs today
    did the normal doses of hemo and dcp and everything else.
    3x6 squats
    3x6t leg extensions
    2x6 leg curls
    3x6 calf raises

    25 minutes of cardio. cardio has been a breeze lately.
    sweating has not been that big of an issue tho.

    me and my buddy are doing a contest to see who can lower their body fat the most in four weeks

    hes at 15 and im at 18
    so if he wins i have to get him the rpm/drive with nolva stack for his pct
    cause right now hes doing mdrol and havoc with nos ether and hemodraulix

    and if i win he has to do dbol and get me neovar, retain2 and another bottle of dcp

    who do you think has the better chance?
  9. igf

    well i guess no one is very interested in this so i think i'm going to throw in some igf-1lr3, drop the inhibit-e and see how things go from there.

    day6 was chest
    flat bb 3x5
    incline db 3x4
    decline bb 2x6
    flat bb flys 2x6

    went for a thirty minute run the day after


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