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  1. STOKED! Unsponsored Log

    Thats right, Im gonna be logging Stoked! for the next month. I was not sponsored to run this as the title says. I just finished my bottle of MASSFX MS this morning and took my first dose of STOKED! just now.

    I will be taking some other supps with it, mainly pre-workout stuff.
    Hypertrop-X at up to 8 caps a workout (Thanks to AMS)
    DiCreatine Malate/Taurine 1:1 mixture 7g preWO
    HMB (Im just gonna be finishing up a small container i have) preWO
    Cordyceps Powder preWO

    Whey Protein
    Casein/Soy/Whey Mix Protein
    1-C at night

    In the past 2 months ive run Activate Original and MassFX, so i wanted a break from Divanil based products. After this, ill probably try ActX. I may try taking some PEA/Hordenine Nutracaps concurrently, as i seem to be putting on a bit of weight with all this bulking ive been doing.

    Workout plan: Standard DC program (except for quads because of the biking i do)
    I may do some cardio and stuff on off days from P90X which im getting for free, well see if its actually good, but i don't trust them with lifting advice. I also track bike occasionally. I will put specific weights of my workouts up, but it probably won't be helpful to most, so ill also put a few quick notes.

    Current weight,BF,age: 194-195 (The scale isn't too accurate at the gym. Its one with a dial), BF probably 18-19%, 18(closer to 19 than 17 though)

    I like putting all log and review stuff in one post, as it gets organized and people don't have to go looking through the whole thing trying to find log posts. I will put up a post when i update the log though, so it shows up as updated.

    Here is the link to my HyperTrop-X log that I will be running at the same time. JDev's HyperTrop-X Log

  2. And I am now subscribed. Good luck!

  3. FINAL Review:
    Mood/Confidence/Sleep: Improved: 7/10 - I take less **** from people and have been telling certain people they need to grow some balls more. Better than when taking MassFX. Sleep was not affected at all by this supplement.

    Reduces Estrogen: No effects noted: 2/10 - Saw no effects that would make me think that this is an effect of the supplement.

    Increases Libido/Virility: No effects noted: 2/10 - That is not why i bought the product. Its not really of help to me, Probably even reduced (Im 18).

    Maximize Muscle Growth: Its possible: 6/10 Ive seen some growth in my muscles since ive started. anyway, I probably won't go up in weight, as in cutting. With the muscle growth thing, I really can't determine whether it is my hard work, or the Supplement.

    Recovery: 8/10 - Ive had pretty good recovery since going on Stoked. Working Legs 5x a week without too much trouble. Toward the end i did not see very good recovery at all. Started having trouble sprinting.

    Price: 6/10 - About the same price as DTH, ActX, and other similarly marketed supplements. However I definitely feel ActivaTe is a superior supplement. ActivaTe is definitely one of my favorite supps. I also feel that MassFX is a superior supplement, however it is not in the same price range. Also BAM is probably a superior supplement as well, but its been a while since ive taken BAM.
    However Stoked is probably one of the cheapest ResV products.

    Overall: 6/10
    Start weight: 195, Max weight: 196, Min weight: 192, End weight: 192
    I bought the product to go between running divanil products. After running this supplement, I wish i had purchased either DTH or restore. And I did purchase DTH to take now that this log is over. I was unimpressed with this product. Possibly older people see more benefits from the ResV, but as a youngun, I didn't see any supernatural effects. ActivaTe and MassFX DEFINITELY are better at increasing muscle growth.

    As I was cutting on this cycle, it is possible that the resV helped w/ cutting, however, I was also taking YG while on this to help partition carbs. I don't think anything out of the ordinary was seen in cutting. I didn't see any muscle lost, but not much was gained either.

    In closing, IMO, this product doesn't show major effects for young people. Possibly for those older (all the other logs are by people 30 or over) than me, Resv has benefits.

    Log Posts

    33 7th - Cardio then Legs - Not great on Bis. didn't go up. didn't use Bis at all for about 9 days, so i guess strenght declined.

    32 6th - Cardio

    31 5th - Chest - VERY BAD - failed too early on a bunch of exercises. felt no energy at all.

    30 4th - Gym Closed - Cardio

    29 3rd OFF

    28 2nd Cardio

    27 1st Chest...

    26 30th Cardio

    25 29th Legs...

    Pretty happy about today. I am switching from the Biceps machine. Probably to cable curls from 4ft out. The Cybex flat biceps machine i was using, isn't really ergonomic for me. Squats were really good. I didn't go all the way up unless i was taking a couple of breaths. I figure i hit that part enough w/ biking, and would just lower my number of squats.

    Bi Machine - 9p 6>2>1
    Hammer Curls - 33s 10
    Hamstrings Seated - 247.5 9>7>4
    Squats - 205 6>20
    Standing Sm. Mach. Calf raise - 175 12

    Cardio Biking
    Hit 30.5mph. nothing else worth writing about

    23 (27th) Ch...

    Incline Bench - 145
    DB Seated Sh. Press - 45s
    Reverse Grip BP - 125
    Long Pulley Row - 13p
    Deadlift - 255 10 (lost grip and forgot my straps)

    I did pretty good on incline bench. Didn't used to be able to do 145. However I got rocked on the other exercises b/c of the incline bench. Went down on all ch/tri/sh system work

    Played Tennis for an hour

    22 (26th)- Cardio
    Biking - Several miles. limited amount of time. Several 25mph sprints. Hit 29.2 mph

    21 (25th) - Off/Cardio
    Played Tennis for an hour.

    20 (24th) - Legs...(Current Weight 196)

    EZ-Curl Bar - Bar+55lbs 6>3>2
    Pinwheel Curls - 30s 12 ^
    Leg Curls - 13p 10>8>6
    Leg Press - 400lbs 8, 20
    1 Leg Calves - 200 lbs 12 each

    Felt pretty good. A little tired. nothing else to report.

    19 (23rd) -

    [email protected]
    1/[email protected]

    Alot of riding in between, but thats all i remember.

    18 (22nd) - Chest... (Current Weight - 196.5 - Up 1.5lbs from start. Probably .5 or 1% less BF)

    Mach. Ch. Prs. (Cybex Modular/Overhead) - 12.5p 8>5>2 ^
    Mach PD - 13p 7>5>5 -
    Military Standing BB Sh. Press - 115 6>2>2 -
    CG Bench (New Exercise) - 115 8>6>3 ^
    Side DB Raises - 25s 12
    T-Bar Rows - 132.5 15 ^

    17 (21st) - Cardio

    went twice as it started raining the first time i went.

    1-1/[email protected]
    [email protected]
    1/[email protected]
    1/[email protected]

    2mi of random stuff in between. That wasn't the exact order, but that was about what I did.

    16 (20th) - Bis/Legs

    Bi-Incline Curls - 35s 7>5>2
    One Arm Curls - 5p 12
    SLDL - 220 13
    Lying Sq. Mach. - 15.5p 6>20
    Standing Calves - 155lb 12

    Lying Squats killed my legs. I had to go a half plate down from a previous time. I can't really stop for a 1-2 breath break on Lying squat, because if i do, i can't get the weight back up.

    15 (19th) - Cardio
    1 mi - 20mph sprint
    1/3mi - 23mph sprint
    3mi - 17mph
    1/3mi - 23mph sprint

    2 miles of warmups in between.
    Felt pretty good. I think my legs should be okay for tomorrow.

    14 (18th) - OFF

    13 (17th) - Chest etc
    Inc. DB. Ch. Pr. - 65s - 6>4>3rp
    Behind Hd. BB Sh. Pr. - 90 - 8>4>4rp
    Tri. Rope PushDown - 9p 10>10>10rp
    Rack Chins - bw+70 10>8>5
    Pend. Rows - 155 12

    I switched to Tri. Rope PushDowns. Ill probably go up 1 full plate next time as clearly the weight was not heavy enough. I don't think the pullovers i was doing were good. I haven't been seeing as good gains on my tris. Also the outer head of my left tri is really poor looking in comparison to my right. no definition.

    12 (16th)- Cardio - Biking
    I didn't really want to go biking, but i had to get out of my room and do something. I was planning on basketball, but i couldn't find anyone who also wanted to play.

    2/[email protected] 23mph
    1/[email protected] 20mph
    1/[email protected] 25mph (hit 28.4mph. pretty happy about that)
    1/[email protected] 20mph

    I probably did about 2 or 3 miles of biking in between sprints that averaged 11mph

    Day 11 - Legs/Bis

    Cybex Biceps Machine - 9p 7>3>1
    Hammer Curls - 30 lbs 12
    Seated Hamstring Machine - 240lbs 10>7>5 (Ill only go up half a plate next time)
    Squats - 235 5, 5, 5, 2 (rested about 1 minute between sets. About 30 breaths)
    Calves on Leg Press - 400 12

    Felt pretty good. I had the gym to myself today. only 2 other people walked in during the middle of my workout. 235 is a PR. I have VERY good form for the first 2 sets. I went very low on some reps. in the 3rd set I leaned forward a little too much toward the end. The last set, the 2nd rep was quite convoluted. Ive done 225 before with unsteady 40lb dumbells roped to the barbell which i think i can count as 235 (I was at home and that was all the weight i had). I think this sort of lifting is probably good for going opposite biking. I may try to Max at some point on squats, which ive never done. Ill try this more on squats and maybe Lying squats. (Not on Leg Press Though)

    10 (14th) - Cardio-Biking

    [email protected]
    1/[email protected]
    2/[email protected]
    [email protected]
    4/[email protected]

    I thought endurance was decent. I stimmed up before riding though (HyperTrop-X and PEA/Hordenine). I was riding a different bike which was heavier, so it was harder to accelerate. My legs are hurting because I keep on hammering them almost every day. Also yesterday i did 245lb DLs x 12 which is a PR which probably negatively affected my quads to some extend
    And for tommorrow, squats will probably be affected by the biking I did today. I don't think ill be able to do widowmakers. I think ill try to do very heavy squats as I have been doing light crap recently in a failed attempt to get 20 reps. mayble 3x5 or 3x8. I think ill try for 3x8 probably or 8>5>2 or 10>6>3 or something like that.

    9 (13th) - Chest and such

    (8 caps of HyperTrop-X total)

    Decline Bench - 175
    DB Seated Sh. Press - 48s
    Reverse Grip BP - 95x10, 105 (I switched hand position. 95 was supposed to be a warmup, but it was more of a working set so i included it)
    DB Shoulder Side Raise - 25s 10
    Long Pulley Row - 12.5p
    Deadlift - 245 12

    I was impressed with my results on the DL. 245x12 is a Personal Record. I seem to be going up consistantly 5lbs on DB shoulder press which is very nice. Before i started DC my shoulders definately were not improving this well. This log is as much an account of the effectiveness of DC training on increasing strength and muscle mass at the same time as to STOKED!.

    Day 8 (12) - Cardio - Biking

    Warm-Up - 2/3mi
    Sprint - 2/3 mi - 20mph
    Warm-Up - 2/3 mi
    Sprint - 1/3 mi - 25mph
    Moderate - 2 mi - 15-16mph
    Sprint - 2/3 mi - 23mph

    Endurance wasn't as good as last time, probably because I lifted legs yesterday.

    Day 7 (11) - Bis Legs

    EZ-Curl Bar - Bar+50lbs 8>4>3
    Pinwheel Curls - 30s 12
    Leg Curls - 12.5p 10>8>5
    Leg Press - 340lbs 8, 20
    1 Leg Calves - 200 lbs 12 each

    Felt pretty good overall. I think i could go up alot on my Leg Press (Probably 40 lbs or so). I forgot to take my usual dose of HyperTrop-X before working out. If i remember correctly i did take a dose of PEA+Hordenine about an hour before, which may or may not have affected my energy.

    Day 6 (10) - OFF

    Day 5 (June 9) - Cardio - Noticed more acne around my chest than usual this morning, though ive seen less acne on my face (This is probably because of me using AcneFree on my face a bit at night).

    2miles - avg 17mph
    1/[email protected] -> 1/2 [email protected]
    1/[email protected] -> 1/3 [email protected]
    1/[email protected] -> 2/3 [email protected]

    I thought my endurance was pretty good. It seems better than when I was on Mass FX, which i guess is reasonable as there are no ingredients to increase endurace in MFX and Stoked! has Icariin and Resv. of which both are thought to help with endurance.

    I unfortunately have not had a chance to weigh myself yet. I don't expect an increase in weight in this week because of all the cardio ive been doing recently.

    Day 4 (June 8)
    Chest Press Machine - 12.5p 8>3>1
    Machine Pull Down - 12.5p 7>5>4
    BB Standing Military Press - 110 7>3>3
    Dips (FAIL, Switching exercise) - BW+20 5>5>Fail
    T-Bar Row - 125 13
    Back Strech(I do this stretch by flaring my lats as I walk back to my dorm. I find that this works pretty well)

    I felt very good doing this workout. Even though i didn't get a full 8 hours of sleep, I felt very awake at the gym and was in a good mood. I don't see any great increases in strength. However, I don't really know my base rate of strength increase too well. For almost all the time ive been on DC, ive been taking ActivaTe, MFX MS, or now Stoked.

    Day 3 - OFF

    Day 2 - Bis/Legs/Biking
    Inc bench DB Hammer Curl - 35s - 7>3>2
    One Arm Reverse Cable Curls - 5p - 12
    SLDLs - 210 - 12

    1 Mile- Light - Avg of 12 mph
    3 Miles - Medium - Avg of 16 mph
    1 Mile - Light-Med - Avg of 14 mph
    1/3 Mile - Sprint - Avg of 25 mph
    1 Mile - Light - Avg of 12 mph
    1/3 Mile - Sprint - Avg of 22 mph (heavy wind blowing)

    I think my endurance was pretty good today. I have very bad endurance, so im trying to improve that. Also im preparing for a mile long race thats coming up next march. People average at about 27-28 mph with about a 2:15 or 2:20 mile on a bike. If anyone bikes and has any training advice let me know.

    Day 1 - Cardio
    Only half a day here. Took in the PM after cardio because MASS FX ran out in the morning. Can't tell anything yet.

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  5. Subbed and nice workout let us know if we can be of any assistance during your run
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    Nice looking log bro
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  10. Looking good bro
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

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  12. how is ur sleep and mood while on this ?

  13. I haven't seen any effects on sleep. Mood seems to be improved slightly, especially at the gym.

  14. Yes better mood has been reported alot would like to see if slepp improves many have reported that keep us updated and looking good bro
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  16. I like the way you did this log keep up the good work bro
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  18. Keep hitting it hard bro
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  22. Keep it up pal, i cant wait to try out some stoked in the shortly...

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  24. Looks like your hard work is paying off bro
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