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  1. Talking TTewell gets ZAPPED into shape!!

    Core Zap: The Writeup

    The ultimate pre-workout energy, focus, and strength supplement

    Take your physique to the next level with:

     Jitter free, yet extreme energy
     Awesome mental focus, clarity, and increased memory
     Significant strength and performance increases
     Enhanced sense of well being
     Improved metabolism and fat loss
     Increased libido and aggression

    CORE ZAP is a unique combination of highly effective and proven ingredients in significant quantities that will give you workouts like you have never experienced before! Each serving of CORE ZAP contains:

     250 mg of Epimedium (50% Icariin)
     40 mg of Geranium (1,3-Dimethylpentylamine)
     500 mg of Sulbutiamine
     1000 mg of L-Tyrosine
     200 mg of Caffeine

    No other supplement comes close to matching this potent combination of clinically tested ingredients to provide sustained mental clarity and focus; extreme physical energy; enhanced strength; improved mood; increased libido; and increased fat loss.

    CORE ZAP is no ordinary pre-workout stimulant. Each of these ingredients is present in sufficient quantities to give you an extreme pre-workout boost all by itself. But this scientifically designed formula carefully combines these elements to produce a positive, uplifting, energetic state of mind and body that you have never felt before!

    Physiological Properties and Effects:

    Epimedium (icariin 50%) has been found in clinical studies to improve the condition of reproductive organs and increase the circulating levels of testosterone. By increasing levels of dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and serotonin it causes an energy-promoting effect, and by reducing cortisol levels also produces an anti-stress effect. The icariin found in epimedium can restore low levels of both testosterone and thyroid hormone for improved libido. Studies using epimedium have demonstrated reduced bone breakdown, increased muscle mass, and a loss of body fat. When taken pre-workout, icariin?s energy promoting effects excel and an increase in aggression can be noticed

    Geranium (1,3 Dimethylpentylamine) produces a chemical effect similar to adrenaline. It strongly stimulates the central nervous system, leading to increased energy, mental clarity, and enhanced physical performance. This has been found to be especially desirable for athletes requiring extreme focus and muscular exertion. In lower dosages (around 20-25 mg) it causes a pleasant and smooth stimulating effect. At 40 mg, and in combination with 200 mg of caffeine, the result is extreme energy, euphoria, and intense focus. There are also secondary fat-loss effects due to an increase in the chemical messenger that triggers fat release (cAMP), as well the thermogenic properties of this combination.

    Sulbutiamine stimulates the nervous systems responsible for physical activity, wakefulness, and attention. It is a nootropic agent?a cognitive enhancer with demonstrated clinical effects in improving memory. Sometimes prescribed for patients suffering from lethargy, fatigue, and physical weakness from convalescence, it is a potent stimulant for athletes seeking improved mental and physical performance. A fat soluble derivative of vitamin B-1 (thiamine), sulbutiamine has been shown to promote wakefulness, long term memory, improved response to stress, and positive mood. Typically, the mood uplift subsides easily and promotes restful sleep with vivid dreaming. Taken pre-workout, sulbutiamine creates an intense focus and seems to promote a better mind muscle connection.

    L-Tyrosine, an essential amino acid, acts as a precursor to the adrenal hormones norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. It supports positive mood and also contributes to adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary function by converting to the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4)?which powerfully stimulates fat loss. Several studies have found tyrosine to effectively mitigate stress, cold, fatigue, prolonged work, and sleep deprivation, by reducing stress hormone levels. Both animal and human clinical trials have demonstrated improvements in cognitive and physical performance. Tyrosine also helps to potentiate the effects of caffeine.

    Caffeine is a well-known stimulant for boosting energy and improving mood. In excessive quantities it produces a jittery, nervous feeling. But at 200 mg, it effectively interacts with the other ingredients in this formula to stimulate mental alertness and create a feeling of well-being, while providing added energy for more intense workouts.


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  2. A little info about myself:

    I'm a former powerlifter. I'd like to get back into it at some point but just have too much on my plate right now. At 19 years old and 286 lbs, my best lifts were 825 squat, 600 bench and 635 deadlift


    I'm lifting 3 days per week. For the duration of this log, I'll be trying to lean out a little bit and focusing on higher reps than I'm used to.

    My split:

    Back and shoulders
    Chest, bi's, and tri's
    Legs and abs

    Starting weight is 240 according to the gym scale.

    Additional supplements:
    Protein powder
    Orange Triad
    IntrAbolic and SizeON mixed during workouts.

  3. Underhand grip pulldowns
    180-8, 195-8, 210-8, 225-8

    Underhand chest supported rows
    1 plate-10, 2 plates-10, 3 plates-10, 3 and a quarter-10, 4 plates-10

    Seated cable rows
    160-15, 180-15

    DB military press
    60-10, 95-10 PR by 6 reps! 85-8, 75-8

    Cable side raises
    40- 2 sets of 12

    Went outside and ran a few sprints.

    I had a pretty solid workout. The back strength is lagging because I haven't hit it in 3 weeks! I took a week off last week due to being burnt out so I am pretty happy with the DB press PR!

    The focus was really good! But it took a while for the energy to kick in. I dosed the ZAP at 20 minutes before my workout but I think I'm going to try 45 minutes pre-workout next time. Pumps and aggression were nothing out of the ordinary...

  4. Butt to grass squats
    bar-10, 135-10, 225-10, 275-5, 275-10, 315-10

    leg extensions
    150-15, 170- 2 sets of 15

    leg curls
    110-15, 120-15, 130-15

    leg raises
    3 sets of 12

    seated calf raises
    90-3 sets of 12

    8 minutes on eliptical

    So-so workout here. I got a nice burn going in the legs. I really hate doing this high rep thing but I'm gonna stick with it for a while.

    Energy and focus were solid. Aggression was so-so. Stim **** was prominent! lol

  5. Barbell rows
    bar-15, 135-15, 185-15, 195-15, 205-15

    underhand, close grip pullups
    3 sets of 6

    Seated cable rows
    180-10, 200-10, 220-10

    DB military press
    50-10, 100-5 PR, 65-10, 75-10

    cable upright rows
    100-10, 130-10, 160-10, 190-9

    DB shrugs 120-15

    130 calories burned in 9 min on eliptical

    Solid workout here. I was sweating buckets! The back didn't feel all that strong but the shoulders continue to get stronger every week!

  6. Flat DB bench
    65-15, 75-15, 85-15, 95-12

    Hammer DB curls
    35-15, 40-15, 45-15, 50-12

    Incline DB bench
    65-6, 75-6, 85-6, 95-7

    Pec deck flyes
    105-15, 120- 2 sets of 15

    ez bar skull crushers
    80-12, 90-12, 100-12

    DB curls
    40-8, 45-8, 50-8

    Mini band pushdowns 100 total reps

    7 minutes on eliptical 102 cals burned

    I finally got a pump! Or maybe it was a really intense burn but those high rep hammer curls were killer. My arms were still hurting that night!! Solid workout!!

  7. Snatch grip deadlifts
    135-5, 225-5, 315-5, 365-3 sets of 3

    leg press
    310-20, 400-20, 490-20, 580-20

    leg curls
    110-15, 120-15, 130-15

    seated calf raises
    90- 3 sets of 12

    full decline situps
    2 sets of 12

    ab wheel
    2 sets of 12

    15 minutes on eliptical and 200 calories burned! (at least)

    Man I walked into the gym and it was borderline cold! Probably mid 60's but about 2 sets into my workout I was POURING sweat everywhere! It is kinda nice. I had some nice endurance today. The cardio went much more smoothly than I thought it would.

  8. what up?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    what up?
    Maaaace! How ya doin? Finally someone shows up.. I was gettin lonely in here lol

    Do ya like my massively high rep workouts?

  10. thought you called yourself a powerlifter.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    thought you called yourself a powerlifter.
    Yeah... the numbers are pretty embarrassing but I'm switching it up a little. Who know? Maybe I'll get some new gains or something.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TTewell View Post
    Yeah... the numbers are pretty embarrassing but I'm switching it up a little. Who know? Maybe I'll get some new gains or something.
    Tom, didnt know you were running a log?!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by UNCnate View Post
    Tom, didnt know you were running a log?!
    Well now ya know! lol It's over on in the sponsored logs too. I'm RARELY over here I know! takes a lot out of me!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by TTewell View Post
    Well now ya know! lol It's over on in the sponsored logs too. I'm RARELY over here I know! takes a lot out of me!
    Lol yeah definitely understandable.

  15. Underhand barbell rows
    bar-25, 135-12, 185-12, 225-12, 235-12

    Lat pulldowns
    180-8, 210-8, 225-8, 240-7

    seated cable rows
    180-15, 210-15, 220-13

    seated DB presses
    50-10, 100-5.... no pr drop set 70-15 > 55-8 > 40-6

    barbell shrugs
    135-15, 225-15, 275-15, 315-15

    7 minutes on the eliptical. 103 calories burned.

    No PR on the DB presses today! That broke the streak of like 6 workouts I had with a PR. But still, overall a solid workout. Back was stronger that it has been in a few weeks. I think the only claims of this product in which the effects are lacking for me are aggression and libido. It makes me think that maybe the Icariin is under-dosed.....

  16. Incline DB presses
    60-12, 80-12, 85-12, 95-10

    Incline DB curls (awesomeness)
    30-8, 35-8, 40-8, 45-6

    Flat DB presses
    60-20, 70-18, 70-12 pooped!!!

    Hammer DB curls
    35-10, 40-10, 45-10, 50-8 drop > 30-6

    Incline DB flyes
    35-8, 45-8, 55-8

    Incline ez bar skull crushers behind head
    90-12, 100-12, 110-10 drop > 90-6

    12 minutes on eliptical and 175 calories burned

    Well I took 4 caps an hour before working out and then 20 minutes before lifting I said what the hell and took another cap. It resulted in an awesome workout! I had such a big pump in my biceps and forearms that I couldn't scratch behind my ear after doing curls lol! The pump was almost equal to the 3-AD pump but that was insane even with low reps. I'm not so sure I'd wanna do high reps while on 3-AD.... But I digress. Endurance during cardio was also up.

  17. butt to grass squats
    bar-10, 135-10, 225-10, 315-10, 385-7

    romanian DL's
    135-15, 185-15, 225-5 and my back pump got too bad!

    leg curls
    100-20, 110-20, 110-18

    leg extensions
    150-20, 180-20, 180-15

    seated calf raises
    90- 3 sets of 15

    ab wheel
    3 sets of 12

    About 5+ min of hitting the heavy bag.

    12:30 min on eliptical and 173 cals burned

    Not really the best workout here and I know why. I drank heavily the night before at Roverfest (huuuuuge party in downtown cleveland) and I'm sure I was a bit dehydrated when I went in to lift. I strained my neck pretty good on the last set of squats and my back pump is painful (not sure where that has come from....) All things considered, not bad. I'm gonna stick with 5 caps from here on out.

  18. Sup AXhole!? Log is looking good.

  19. Barbell rows
    135-15, 185-15, 215-15, 225-15 PR

    Close hammer grip pulldowns
    180-8, 210-8, 225-8, 240-6

    Rope seated rows (kinda slow deliberate motion here)
    100-15, 80-20, 80-20

    DB Military presses
    45-15, 100-7 PR, 100-6

    Upright rows
    95-10, 100- 2 sets of 10

    Hit the heavy bag for a few minutes.

    I had to cut this workout a little shorter than I wanted to because I had to run some errands before work. Good workout! I hit 2 PR's so I'm pretty happy with that! The pump continues to be much improved with the bump up to 5 caps.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by joeflex73 View Post
    Sup AXhole!? Log is looking good.
    Hey big Joe! You found the log! Better late than never

  21. Reverse band deadlifts (gives some spring off the floor and heavier at the top)
    225-10, 315-5, 405-1, 495-1, 585-1, 615-1

    Leg presses
    310-20, 490-20, 670-20 90 lb PR, 220-60

    single leg alternating leg curls
    60-10 each, 70-10, 80-10

    Hanging leg raises + knee raises
    3 sets of 10+5

    20 min on eliptical and 277 cals burned

    Endurance was great today! Cardio was really rough but it always is for me. I was sweating all over that eliptical machine LOL. Power and aggression were decent too.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by TTewell View Post
    Reverse band deadlifts (gives some spring off the floor and heavier at the top)
    225-10, 315-5, 405-1, 495-1, 585-1, 615-1

    Leg presses
    310-20, 490-20, 670-20 90 lb PR, 220-60

    single leg alternating leg curls
    60-10 each, 70-10, 80-10

    Hanging leg raises + knee raises
    3 sets of 10+5

    20 min on eliptical and 277 cals burned

    Endurance was great today! Cardio was really rough but it always is for me. I was sweating all over that eliptical machine LOL. Power and aggression were decent too.
    I dont see how you get motivated to do cardio. Ive seriously not done it in over a year.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by UNCnate View Post
    I dont see how you get motivated to do cardio. Ive seriously not done it in over a year.
    I'm an endomorph. That's motivation enough right there!

  24. Pull ups
    4 sets to failure. best was 10 reps

    chest supported underhand rows
    45-15, 90-15, 135-15, 160-15

    wide hammer grip pulldowns
    190-8, 210-8, 215- 2 sets of 8

    Hammer strength shoulder press machine
    45 per side-10, 90-10, 115-10, 135-7

    db side raises
    20-12, 25-12, 30-12, 30-10 drop > 20-7

    rear delt machine
    105- 3 sets of 10

    Hammer shrug machine
    80 per side-10, 125-10, 170-10, 195-10

    Hit heavy bag for about 10 minutes.

    Good pump today. Pretty solid strength I'd say but not PR's. This is my last week with SizeON so it'll be interesting to see what happens with the pumps next week....
  25. wednesday's workout

    Bench press
    135-8, 185-8, 225-8, 245-8, 265-12

    Preacher curls with ez bar
    80-8, 90-8, 100-8

    Incline DB press
    50-12, 80-12

    Hammer DB curls
    30-15, 35-15, 40-15

    Rope tricep pushdowns
    100-12, 120-12, 140-12

    rode bike for 12 minutes

    Really didn't feel like being in the gym at all and didn't feel much in the way of energy today so I cut the workout short and went home


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