Recompin! 3-AD/Mass FX Max Strength and Anabolic Pump!

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  1. Chest today at LA Fitness in Atlanta. Nice place, bit expensive but I got in a nice workout.

    Flat Dumbbell Press:50's x20, 80's x15, 90's x10, 105's x4

    Hammer Strength Decline Press:180x25, 270x12, 300x9, 320x7

    Flat Dumbbell Flies:45's x15, 55's x12, 65's x9, 75's x7

    Mid-level cable crossovers:Plate 6, 4 sets of 15

    Very solid work. Needed it since the diet wasnt the greatest....but I dont go on vacation very often!

  2. atleast you got the workout in......most don't even do that on vacation.

  3. Log is looking good Joe! Keep up the hard work!

  4. So....finally back and in the swing of things!

    Took the last few days off of training. Today ended PCT.

    Final weigh in: 240.2
    Total gain:10.2 lbs

    My measurements remained the same as they had been at the end of 3-AD. I consider the PCT part to be a success.

    Thoughts on 3-AD:Id take it again for sure. I like it in this setting (recomp), but it seems versatile enough to use during any phase of training. The side effects are minimal and PCT is very simple. You cant ask for more out of a PH.

    Thoughts on Anabolic Pump: Noticeable compound, especially during its first few weeks of use. Exceptional for a recomp, but is another product that I feel can be used during any phase. When I eat carbs I do tend to gain weight easier. I didnt have this problem. Vascularity was present throughout the day while on AP. I liked to time it longer, 30 minutes before instead of 15, to make sure I was getting the most from the product.

    Overall: Gaining 10 lbs and losing a small amount on my waist was just what I had set out to do. I put on some very solid strength that I hope will maintain as I transition back into a low carb cut. I can now wear size 36 pants, something I hadnt done since I was 16 years old. That fact alone has me psyched up! Consider this recomp successful and ended.

    Id like to thank everyone who gave support and followed through out this log.

  5. Congrats on the gains Joe! Good luck during PCT!


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