3AD + Havoc Log Unsponsored

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  1. 3AD + Havoc Log Unsponsored

    Hey everybody, Title says it all. Two amazing products, one freaking amazing recomp.

    3AD - 6 per day, 3 at lunch, 3 preworkout
    Havoc - 30mg per day, 1 at lunch, 1 preworkout, 1 nighttime
    Cycle Support - 2 servings, afternoon and prebed.
    Animal Flex - 1 pak per day with breakfast
    Cissus RX - 2 with breakfast
    ON Whey w/ cycle support
    VPX Meltdown - 2 caps pre-breakfast

    23, male, 192, 14%bf

    Goals: Gain 8lbs of muscle, lose 5lbs of fat.
    Make my calves grow.


  2. Ah nice selection, I was thinking of running this at some stage as well! Good luck!

  3. Nice. I believe this is the first 3-ad stacked log (at least that I have come across).

    First time cycle or any previous history with anything?

    What does your meat and potatoes of the cycle look like (diet, training, etc)?

  4. I've run Winztrol solo for 3 weeks, methyl-e and propadrol (crap), 1-androsterone bridged to havoc. 1-andro sucked but the last three weeks of havoc rocked my socks off.

    I'm going to to be eating a tiny bit above maintenance (2300cals) for a solid recomp. Maybe add some more cals towards the end in case I'm not getting enough strength. Training 5 times a week, 1-2 muscle groups.

    I hit back yesterday - pullups, barbell rows ( lower back previous injury had my quit that), lat pulldown, and dumbbell rows. It was OK, but I'm going to switch gyms for back for better row machines and pulley systems. Still sore as crap though.

  5. Chest today

    flat barbell, incline smith, pec deck, decline machine press

    Decent strength, but unbelievable pump.

  6. I look forward to following this one. I think this stack is going to give some amazing results. Good luck brother!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  7. Keep it up man, looking forward to seeing how this goes!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by The G Train View Post
    I'm going to to be eating a tiny bit above maintenance (2300cals) for a solid recomp. Maybe add some more cals towards the end in case I'm not getting enough strength. Training 5 times a week, 1-2 muscle groups.
    You may want to eat quite a bit MORE than that, mate, since that's actually quite a bit BELOW your maintenace (which I would say is ~3000 calories, give or take 200 calories, based on your age, (and providing you are 170-180 cm), weight, and training levels). And taking those products is going to lean you out anyways, so you can afford to eat more than you would normally (just ask Craig). I would suggest aiming for at LEAST 3000 calories, and then adjust it as you go along. Just a thought...
    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  9. any chance for pictures mate ?

    anyway good luck

  10. I dont know how to put pictures on here cause i've never tried. Granted i have no digital pics anyway.

    Legs today:
    Hack Squat, Leg Press, Lying Ham curls, Knee Extensions. Hit some really high reps (12-15) on everything, as my previous training focused on the 4-8 rep range. Couldn't walk well at all afterward.

  11. Good luck on your cycle!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Good luck on your cycle!
    Thank you, also want to note that i've already encountered slight back pumps.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by The G Train View Post
    Thank you, also want to note that i've already encountered slight back pumps.

    Have you added in the taurine, if not you will be miserable!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by The G Train View Post
    Thank you, also want to note that i've already encountered slight back pumps.
    I agree with C about the taurine(5-6 Grams/day seems to work great). You can also try adding in Poseidon to effectively enhance overall hydration and limit the pumps.

    If not, make sure to keep your fluid and electrolyte intake high to help in prevention.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  15. the back pumps have subsided, but I have brought up my fluids a considerable amount.

    I hit shoulders on friday with lateral raises, shrugs, upright rows, and inverted front raises. Pretty decent workout. Sore as hell too.

    Saturday was triceps and calves. Skull crushers, rope extensions, attempted dips but my chest was still killing me, so i tried my hardest at close grip pushups. Burned out calves with 6 sets of seated raises for 15 reps per set.

    Notes: arms looked unbelievable during workout and traps exploded into new growth already. Everything on me is really sore. Week 2 is going to be BIG.

  16. hit biceps really late on monday night, preacher curls, dumbbell hammers, and incline dumbbell curls. Wanted to hit calves too but had to wake up early so I skipped out. No workout today, Chest tomorrow.

  17. Looks like all is going well. Nice work thusfar!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  18. Things are going pretty well, Increasing Havoc to 40mg. I've decided that this is going to be my last hormonal cycle, and going out with a bang.

    Hit chest today: flat dummbell, decline barbell, incline dumbbell flyes, and flat machine press. Pretty amazing workout. No side effects today.

  19. Just did back today, pretty subpar because I had to workout at 10pm and no pullup bar. wide grip lat pulldown, close grip pulley rows, wide grip machine rows, and close grip pulldowns. Strength was there, but my lower back is still bothering me so i'm staying with machines.

    Emptied out some some green tea caps so I can cap my cycle support. I just cant take the taste anymore. It looks like 4 caps per scoop, maybe 3, but i'm taking 4 just in case.

    On a side note I'm dying to try USP's Prime, hell I joined the inner circle just to order in ahead of time.

  20. I want to follow this one too!

    keep up the great work!
    Iron Legion Rep - use code DELSOL to save 25% at Iron-Legion.com

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  21. I have a strain at the origin point of my left trap, right in my upper neck about 4 inches away from my ear. Not excruciating but i cant laterally flex my head or rotate it to the left either. So I couldnt perform shrugs tonight I just focused on the delts and calves.

    Dumbbell laterals, machine laterals, and inverted front raises. then 5 sets of standing calf press and 3 sets of leg press calf raises. My medial delts were hurting even after I finished calves. Felt pretty strong with the dumbbells, but by the time i started the machine my shoulders were shot because of minimal resting times. Can't wait for tomorrow's tri's and abs. Then hopefully nail my girlfriend. Peace.

  22. Triceps went well, overhead two handed dumbbell extension, reverse grip two handed pulley pressdowns, and close grip pushups for 3 sets to failure. Abs were 4 sets of lying leg raises, 3 sets of oblique crunches, and 3 sets of 30 sec planks.

  23. Hit biceps on monday, and back today. Not really smart I know but my bi's werent too sore.

    Barbell Curls, Alternating hammer curls (added weight!!), preacher machine, reverse grip pulley curls, seated calf press

    Assisted pullups, dumbbell rows, close grip pulldowns, and bent over t-bar rows. Spine erectors were alright but I still cant actually exercise them.

    Looking pretty goddamn awesome, not gonna lie.

  24. Yesterday was chest. Moved up on flat dumbbell press, absolutely crushed incline hammer str, crapped out on a flye machine and then finished off with decline angled pulley flyes. Very happy with my progress here. got the same reps as last week on flat dumbbells but with heavier weight. Nice full upper pecs too!!

    Today was shoulders. Upright rows, dumbbell laterals, pulley system straight bar front raises (actually hit the medial head moreso) and standing calf raises. Good workout. Hurting something fierce.

    Tomorrow is legs since I skipped em last week.


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