Hypertrop-X versus Christine sponsored

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  1. Hypertrop-X versus Christine sponsored

    I'm looking to lean out I will be on an 8 week contest diet so we shall see how it goes.

    I started out today with 2 caps before workout to access tolerance. I had some naseau so I'm going to keep it here to see if I adjust.

    Shoulder day

    To be honest with you guys my mind tends to block shoulder day out. Like a traumatic accident..lol

    We started out with 15 over heard 35lb barbell presses supersetted with dumbell straight out raises 10 per arm for 4 sets

    Then we did a high row using cables and a rope to the forehead for 10 reps at 90lbs we did these with 30 mountain climbers for 4 sets.

    Then we did 6 full circle starting in the front and ending up over my head with dumbells for 6 reps then we put the dumbells on the floor and balanced on them and did 10 pushups. 4 sets..lol

    Then we did dumbell raises up in front back in and down for 15 reps, these always hurt me..they were supersetted with 20 1/4 pulses to the side. 4 sets.

    Then we did 20 dumbell shrugs for 4 sets. We did some other things and did some ab work as well.

    I also finally got my diet!! It consists of 9 meals every two hours...yuck. I believe it will be 8 weeks of misery.!

    For those who don't know I train with a personal trainer 5 days a week. I can only post some of what I do because she does not allow me to post my workouts or diet. I sneak bits and pieces in here and there. I train with Welcome to The Fitness Factory!

    In 8 weeks i will evaluate my body and status to determine if I'm ready to do a photoshoot.

  2. Im in C!!! Tear it up!!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Cool, a females view! I'm IN for the ride!

  4. The Box has arrived!

  5. I be here too!

  6. chello matey

  7. good luck, I will be checking in
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  8. Well so far so good on the competition diet. She has meals from 7am to 11pm every two hours. I'm hoping this will keep the starving feeling at bay. I've done okay so far but its going to take some shopping and mass cooking to get a days worth done. She also has supplements thrown in. I have to take three different thermogenics in.

    So far I'm using a cap of Reloaded for the first one

    Ephedra for the second and third. If I can not sleep on this then it will be DCP for the last dose. I may add this in anyway as we had new DCP done and although it is lighter she used better ingreds and capsuling methods and I really heat up on it.

    I just took my Hypertrop X and will be off to the gym for chest day. I'm super tired so I expect to struggle. But we shall see, I will just settle for a naseau free day

    Later I will post my supps she added in, they are mainly support supps, B complex, glutamine, etc..

  9. Today went much better. I had a few moments of naseau on certain exercise where my head was low and i did cardio type things, but it went away quickly.

    The biggest differance I noticed was during cardio. I almost felt disjointed from my body. I went to do my cardio and totally zoned out. I could feel my legs but not the actual work they were doing. It made cardio very easy to do because my mind was elsewhere.

    I went in the gym exhausted but was able to go the distance on my workout!! So I would say it is starting to kick in a little bit.

    Chest day..
    We started with 15 reps with the bar on an incline bench then we went up 20lbs for the last 3 sets for 15 reps. These were supersetted with straps with a handle on them that she hung from the pull up / squat rack top. We balance with the straps in front of us and did 6 low push ups. These were super hard because they had zero stability. We did 4 sets.

    We then went to the same strap set up and put our hands in front of us with hands together and leaned as far out as we could in front of us and used abs and chest to push ourselves back to a stand. We did 6 of these for 4 sets supersetted with 10 push ups.

    Then we did cable flyes 30lbs for 15 reps supersetted with bear crawls across the gym and at the end we did 10 more push ups. 4 sets here too.

    Then we did 30lb flye motion with hands together and pushed straight out for 15 reps with six walk outs with a pop push up at the end and back again. 4 sets here.

    Then we did dumbell single arm presses for 10 per arm supersetted with 6 push ups for 4 sets.

    Then we did overhead dumbell extensions for 15 reps supersetted with 30 dragon flags. 4 sets.

    We did a few other sets and were done!!! I did 20 min of cardio on a 15 incline before class.

    Diet was started today and so far is going well!!

  10. Awesome logging and attention to detail! I will be following along closely, so best of luck !!

  11. Lookin good christine...

  12. Nice stack - I can't wait to see the results.

  13. Good luck! It'll be nice to see this from another woman's point of view before I buy it.

  14. My shoulders are super sore from two days ago!! I love that feeling it means everything I'm doing is working!! I might put my before pic up in this log also so I can gauge bodyfat loss as well as keep an eye on muscle loss. I'm hoping to have zero but well cutting and muscle loss seem to go hand in hand. I however will fight that.

  15. I'm in Crader, My wife wants to try this so I will let you tell her how you felt first. Good luck on the cut and the comp.

  16. I think I figured out what I like about this supp. It reminds me of the days when I was young and didn't need caffeine to get up and go. I gives me a nice clean alert feeling with focus. Even in the heaviest of plyometric work I seem to be okay, no excessive heart racing. The naseau is gone and i might go up a capsule tomorrow for arms.

    Back day

    I was fine when I went in , but the atmosphere, too many people in class and her being grouchy just totally set me off.

    We started with straight bar pulldowns at 60lbs x 15 supersetted with 15 crunches for 4 sets.

    Then we did between the leg bent over pull ups x 80 lbs supersetted with single arm bent over rows for 6 at 35lbs. We did 4 sets.

    Then we did the cable machine from the bottom with a single handle and pulled it up to our chest at 80 lbs for 15 supersetted with 15 pop squats. I did 80lbs on the first two sets then licked it up myself when she was on the other side of the gym to 90 to blow some steam. This is where my Hypertrop X seemed to aid me tonight. It gave me the endurance and focus to blow this rage out on the weights.

    We then did spread out alternating arm deads from the center at 10 per arm with a single dumbell for 4 sets. Then we did them with 2 dumbells and did a bent over dead up into a shrug for 15 reps x 4 sets.

    We did a few other things and then did some light ab work. I did 30 more crunches and 15 leg lifts and still had some pent up frustration so I went a did inclined treadmill at a 15 incline and ran uphill!!! I could have went longer but I ran out of time.

  17. Hmmm it def did give increased focus today... Anyhow today was just one of those rare days that I hit everything just right!! no problems at all!!

  18. lookin good sista. My log is officially up check it out! I also have some videos up sometime tonight

  19. I love the videos Tex!!

    Well to note so far on the cut I'm losing a tiny bit of muscle but my arms are still hard when not flexed so thats good. i'm getting a bit paraniod that i'm just going to waste away all the muscle I've worked so hard for.

    I weigh 124 and the protein in the diet is up in the 200's so maybe not?

    Today is arm day and I'll be upping my dose to probably 3-4. I'm loving the good clean feeling from 2 so It can only get better. Vascularity is coming out as I lean out. I might throw up the pics on my other log to show where I'm starting from. That way I can keep an eye on muscle wasting. Arms started at 13 3/4 in but they are now 13 1/4. but she has changed our routine to shape right now.

  20. thanks C! bummer on your loosing size and such. good luck @ holdin it on though!

  21. Right now I'm worried about the loss of energy from the carb restiction from the diet. I complained to her about the size thing so she will probably slam me in the gym today. Her concern is with cuts and definition, she has no respect for size..lol But eh, its my body!

  22. yeah i like definition, but im aiming for size as well so i feel your pain on that. loss of energy...how strict is she on adding stuff in? try a mix of some ginseng,pee pollen, royal jelly. thats an effective natural way

  23. Well it turns out that with these seriously restricted carbs and blood sugar crashes leading to me wanting to sleep all day, thats where this supp is helping me. After I take it I have several good hours of alert clean energy to get the workout done!

    Arms: Another good day as far as focus went
    I started off with 15 tricep dips feet out and then did 10 per arm flat curls seated for 4 reps.

    We then did 20 push ups using the end of a bench and did incline curls with elbows out 10 per arm for 4 sets.

    Then we did 10 per arm of reverse grip thumb over dumbell curls supersetted with cable curls at 50 lbs x 15 for 4 sets.

    We then did 15 overheard tricep pulls at 50 lbs x 15 supersetted with 10 tricep presses at 60lbs for 4 sets.

    We did a few others and then I did 15 min of cardio!!
    ut done. I upped the dose to 3 and it went well.

  24. Nice work!!! Today was my day offf....!!!

  25. nice arm workout sista


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