Hypertrop-x & The Next Level

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  1. AMS's Hypertrop-x & The Next Level

    Well once again the great people at AMS has out done there selves with another great pre-workout supplement. . The Anabolic Trip Hammer.Hypertrop-X is powerful in its simplicity. Three (3) scientifically proven performance-enhancing products, in mammoth doses that will help drive your body to that ever-sought-after “next level” of training intensity, allowing you to take your muscle fibers to places they’ve never been before. The result – an anabolic environment where lean muscle growth and strength come at mammoth proportions.

    Hypertrop-X, the anabolic trip hammer, fuels maximum muscular endurance, for fiber-pounding, rep-after-rep, after muscle-building rep. Hypertrop-X will stave off fatigue while flooding the muscle cells with nutrient-laden, fuel-rich blood for almost non-stop fiber splitting workouts.

    OK, so what’s in it?

    Hypertrop-X was specifically engineered for maximum measurable impact on physical performance by fueling ongoing muscular contractions, greater pumps and faster recovery between workouts.

    It contains three (3) ingredients proven by research to up-regulate the body’s anabolic, circulatory and energy systems during training.

    Beta Alanine has been touted as the new “Holy Grail” of performance supplementation. Not since creatine or or ephedra has there been a sports nutrition product that has made as much noise in the scientific community as beta alanine. Beta alanine, a direct precursor to carnosine, works as an anti-fatigue compound, feeding maximum muscular endurance. By scavenging and neutralizing muscle waste products, and recycling ATP substrates, repeated research has demonstrated how beta alanine directly fuels ongoing muscular contractions to measurably improve performance and fuel harder, more intense training sessions.

    Leucine is the “first-born” of the essential, branched-chain amino acid family. It is the most important of the BCAAs. Leucine is a powerful anti-catabolic. Leucine helps keep muscle nitrogen levels high, feeds the energy pathways during intense training and protects against muscle breakdown, especially during periods of intense physical stress.

    Yohimbine HCL – a potent dose of this powerful neurostimulant, vaso-regulator and lipolytic agent, yohimbine HCl drops the hammer on your training intensity.

  2. DAY 1 (CHEST)I started my hypertrop-x today and it fills good. I started my work-out with sum flat bench,I did some working sets to get up to my normal 3range max.After i got those 3 i still felt i had a few more in me,so i added 20 more pounds.I actually was able to get this 2 times which really brought a smile to my face.With in 30 minutes of taking my dose,i allready had the lil extra i needed to get the job done.I had allready used the Hyper Pump product in past with great sucess and knew that Hypertrop-x would only build on that.My incline bench max went up a few pounds today too,but not as impressive as my flat bench.

  3. After my first day on 4pill dosage heres my thoughts.

    TASTE: The taste was great,kinda tasted like lil orange tic-tacs (lol)

    CONV:Well this is a plus because there was no loading stage.Also you only need to take 4 pills 30min prior to work-out,unlike some products you have to take 3 @ 3 times a day. I wont mention any names. (lol)

    ACTIVATION:Well like all AMS pre-workout products it only took 10-15mins to start feeling full effect.

    ENDURANCE:Well let me be blunt with you,I left gym way before Hypertrop-x was ready.

    OVERVIEW:Well with only one day down and 2 months worth to-go I'm very excited.I know this product will allow me to bang out those few extra reps that build muscle. Sorry Hyper Pump I think i found a new pre-workout partner.

  4. DAY 2: (LEGS) Yeah i said it LEGS everyones least favorite gym day.(lol)Started day out with squats.I had a hip surgery few years back that really limits my squating ability,so any day i can get some extra help from a supplement I'll take it.I started out with my normal warm up set of 135 pounds,I quikly was able to move threw my sets.My legs actually felt good today they seemed to be responding well,the effect of Hypertrop-x felt to be more pronounced too.I actually broke a good sweat 30minutes in which felt great sence they keep the gym at a cold 65 degree's.I finished my last set off with 5 reps of 275,which is about par for my normal max.I actually felt my neck and face tingling today,this is a sure fire sign that the BA is deff. kickn in.I wondern if this supp will re-act as Hyper pump did,which was the more days you took the better the product worked.I can't imagine if this is the case what I'll feel like in a week .lol


  5. DAY 3: (SHOULDERS)Nothing to impressive to talk about today.I started my work-out as usual taking the Hypertrop-x 30min out.First set was some military presses which i got up to 175 before my shoulder started hurting.Next i went on to the ARNOLD PRESS which i'm a huge fan of,but I did'nt seem to have the usual (PUMPED) feeling it was weird.Finished my workout with some standing rows,shoulder presses and finally some traps.One thing positive I can say is my trap workout felt great I seemed to be able to get alil more weight up than usual.I did 3 sets of 8 with 225 on barbell.Other than that I did'nt feel i worked my shoulders hard enough.Only thing I can figure is my diet or supplement timing was off a lil today.Hopefully 2-marrow I will get that ready to rock feeling.

  6. Good luck!

  7. Im in good luck John

  8. Good luck to you too!!

  9. I'm in, John-O. And the tic-tacs thing, hahaha.

  10. 20 LBS increase on bench in one day? WOW. maybe i read that wrong haha

  11. Yeah,you read that right,I usually get the other weight 3-4 times so i decided to throw 20 more on,sence for the first time in long time i actually had a spotter,never get the chance to max out cause no partner.I'd look really funny stuck under sum weight i can't get off me ..lmao

  12. DAY 4: (BACK)Started today off with 160lb on the lat pull down machine made my way up to 180,my @SS came of seat a few times wish it had a seatbelt (lol). I was impressed with my wide-grip pull-ups today i actually got 4 sets of 10 and still felt as if i could do more.I'm starting to think the HYPERTROP-X is kicking in a lil stronger the more days i'm on.Did some dead lifts today did'nt get over 225lb cause my hip was acting up and my form was way off.I actually was lookn forward to see if the supp would make any difference,but with my luck & hip I should have known better.I finished my work-out off with some one arm rows which i only used the 75lb ones.I did'nt have much energy by the time i made it this far in my gym time.I think i may be getting sick or sumtn,will see 2marrow when i hit the arms hard.

  13. well thats impressive indeed. rep pts comin your way for 20 LBS in one day. however, i wouldnt attribute that to Hypertrop-x (NOt dissing AMS) but i believe its probably because like you said, you never had a spotter before. so your max's were skewed. but regardless thats impressive!

  14. Hope you are not getting sick!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    well thats impressive indeed. rep pts comin your way for 20 LBS in one day. however, i wouldnt attribute that to Hypertrop-x (NOt dissing AMS) but i believe its probably because like you said, you never had a spotter before. so your max's were skewed. but regardless thats impressive!
    Your probable right. If i could keep my buddy as determined as I am we may break some good numbers this year.I'm actually in the building up stage and my dude is like 5'11 255 brick **** house,so he feels he does'nt have to push as hard,lucky f#cker(lol).So I settle for 3 days a week working out with him,He's taught me alot in last month.I hope your doing good ,i see you got your hands full of supplements.Impressive numbers for 18, way more determination than i ever had at that age.GOOD LUCK.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Hope you are not getting sick!
    Well i did actually feel sick after my back day for at least an hour after I was out of gym.It went away though, did'nt feel nothing today.I thought it was my diet.Try eatn sumtn first or lowering dosage till body adjusts.Good luck girl,been keeping an I on that log of yours.

  17. DAY 5: (BI'S & TRI'S)Well partner was no show today,so it was just me and Hypetrop-x. I focused my whole work-out around the dumbells today heres what my time got me:

    dumbell curls 3x10 40lb
    dumbell hammer curls 3x10 45lb
    dumbell vertical precher curl 3x10 35lb
    st.dumbell con. curls 3x10 35lb
    barbell curls 2x8,10 100lb
    barbell preacher curl superset 3x8 80,90,100lb
    One arm push downs 3x10
    tricep pushdowns 3x10
    reverse grip pushdown 3x10
    rope pushdowns
    superset with
    dip-mahine dips 3x8
    close grip bench press 3x12,8,5

  18. Well I was going to do an overview of week thus far,but i think i ill hold off till 2-marrow.My dead lift form is so bad i think I'm gonna hit the gym and knock out a whole hour focusing on just them.I hope the hypertrop-x will help me power through with no problems.Im sure this idea might not go to well with my girl,but we all got to make sacrifices for ME TO GET HUGE...LMAO

    P.S I hope she does'nt read this..lol

  19. LOL uh oh!!

  20. Where's my REP points TEXAS.....LOL

  21. No gym time today because of this----->:chick:

  22. a brotha cant get no rep back? nice haha gynm time is alwasy ok to miss for that

  23. Gym was closed today so nothing new yet..

  24. Removed for respect!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by tomato head View Post
    Two minutes kept you out of the gym all day?
    Was that meant to be funny?


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