Hypertrop-X: this is how the Reaper does it (sponsored)

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  1. Hypertrop-X: this is how the Reaper does it (sponsored)

    first off let me say a big thank you to LD and the rest of the crew at AMS for giving me this opportunity to run this. I just received 2 months of Hypertrop-X (along with some other goodies). I will begin with this tomorrow during my cardio only day. While I am on this I am also taking E/C. Here is a break down of my normal week.

    Each day I run a double session. I hit the gym at 4:30am for 30 minutes of fasted cardio, then I am back in the afternoon lifting.

    Monday: cardio/back width
    Tuesday: cardio/cardio
    Wednesday: cardio/chest
    Thursday: cardio/light legs
    Friday: cardio/back thickness
    Saturday: cardio/shoulders
    Sunday: cardio/arms

    Also, I throw in abs about 4x per week. My current stats are 6' 218lbs. I have been lifting for almost 20 years <yes I started at 12>.

    Just as an additional thanks to AMS: I tried the sample of hyperpump about 20 minutes ago (I will be doing some extra abs in a minute) WOW is all I can say.

    I plan on logging this for the 2 months I have. thanks again guys
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  2. Subed Reaper, Good luck.

  3. hopefully mine came in today!!

  4. I am psyched to give this a go, I really want to see how BA treats me. Also, try the hyper pump if you get a shot, the tingles were craaaazzzyyyy as was hte energy boost. Which is good as I have been up since 3:30am with a sick 5 year old
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  5. also will be heading back out to the gym for another run, as I am still feeling the effects of the hyperpump. could just be psychosomatic.

    Also, they sent me a smaple of nocturnabol, in fact a 3 day sample which I am excited about for tonight as well
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  6. gotta say wow to nocturnabol. It was a relaxing feeling, and not too groggy when I woke up
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  7. so today was my first taste of the Hypertrop-X

    I did a double of cardio.

    35 minutes 4.5 mph 15% incline

    45 minutes 6.5MPH 4% incline

    i took the hypertrop on my way home from work, figured it couldnt hurt to start on a cardio day. Within 20 minutes the lovely tingling started and I felt great.

    Looking forward to it tomorrow afternoon with chest
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  8. hit the gym this am for cardio.

    35 minutes 15% 4.7mph

    Looking forward to this afternoon to see the hypertrop with chest.
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  9. ok so today was the first lift on this stuff and here is how it went

    Incline BP (8 sets) 275 3 reps 225 2 sets @ 10 and 8
    Decline BP (6 sets) 275 11 reps
    Flat flys (4 sets) 50lbs 10 reps
    CB pullovers (4 sets) 75lbs 10 reps

    I am still working with the timing of taking the pills. Usually I go home, change then straight to the gym. SO I take the pills on the road. I might go 40 minutes prior to working out, as to avoid the tingles during the workout. I found them a bit distracting today, just b/c I was not used to them. I do have to say with both Hypertrop and E/C I was quite energetic.
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  10. yeah i have used hyperpump before. it is a very effective and fast acting BA feeling.

  11. the hyper pump is phenomenal, I am looking to get more when I can.

    also hit the gym this am for cardio same as yesterday. Thrilled to death that I have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, so I will get some good training in
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  12. In to see how you do on it!

  13. thanks for joining in. I gotta say it is very subtle <the ba> which is nice
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  14. ok so with some lower back issues due to squating I decided to take some time off of legs. I substituted biceps today as they are a weak point for me

    Standing alternating curls (4 sets) 40lbs
    Cable Curls (4 sets) 140lbs
    Temple Curls (4 sets) 60 lbs
    1-arm preacher curls (4 sets) 50lbs

    35 minutes 5% 5.6

    Good pump, timed it differently with the Hypertrop had a nice pump and forearm veins were quite jumpy.
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  15. well since I am off today I was able to get a good lift in this am with some cardio

    Pullups (6 sets) BW 3 wide grip 3 neutral to failure
    Bent BB Rows (5 sets) 185lbs 10 reps
    Seated Cable Rows (4 sets) 210lbs 12 reps
    BTN pulldowns (4 sets) 180lbs
    Back extensions (5 sets) 190lbs 12 reps
    Straight arm pulldowns (4 sets) <I call these barn doors> 70lbs

    50 minutes 15% 4.5MPH

    I felt great. The tingles are becoming a nonissue and in fact are almost nonexistant. I had a great deal of energy and felt poweful for me. I will head back this afternoon for another session of cardio.
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  16. Well I never got the chance to answer back yesterday afternoon with my cardio session. It was another 45 minutes

    This am:
    61 minutes 4.8MPH 15%

    I was amazed I am weighing in at 215lbs this am, which is the lowest I have been in years. I am normally stuck at 220ish, and in fact was as high as 238 in November. I am hopeful that through the next two months, my lbm stays consistent with the help of the hypertrop. I have enjoyed this first few days of it, and am homping as I become more accustomed to it, it responds even better.

    Anyone have thoughts about increasing the dosage to 5 pills preworkout?
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  17. I think 5 would be fine. I believe Laze posted somewhere thats he is on a larger dose.

  18. awesome, I am thinking I am going to try 5 today before shoulders, wanna see how I feel with it.

    Thanks C
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  19. So I made it back this afternoon even with some lower back stiffness that I can't seem to explain. As a result I didnt do a typical shoulder routine.

    I took 5 hypertrop 40 minutes prior and I think I am going to stay at 5 for the forseable future.

    Seated press (6 sets) 225lbs 6 reps
    Seated DB press (4 sets) 75lbs 12 reps
    Rear Peck deck (4 sets) 65lbs <I go light from previous shoulder issues>
    Cable laterals (5 sets) 40lbs 10 reps

    I did another 30 minutes of cardio 15% 5.5MPH

    I feel very good, still a lot of energy. At 5 pills the tingles were far more intense however they dissapated after a short while. I am going to rest my back for now, then back for a double again tomorrow.

    SO far, I am enjoying the product.
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  20. yesterday evening posed a slight issue for the next day or so. As I was completing my wife's "task for the day" <putting up new window treatments in the guestroom> she decided to go out in the yard and chat it up with a neighbor. Now I am sure you can see where this is going. the chair I was standing on moved out on me, I went flying through the air, not gracefully i might add, landed with the middle of my back on the wooden window sill, then face first into the floor. Needless to say I woke up this AM with a stiff back and a little anger towards my still laughing wife. Needless to say I might not lift today, but did hit the gym this am for some cardio, and will do so again this afternoon.

    Morning cardio
    45 minutes 15% 4.4MPH
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  21. Even with a stiff back I made it back this afternoon. I decided lifting was probably not my best bet, so I will play it by ear tomorrow for that.

    Hit 2 different versions of cardio
    15 minutes

    30 minutes 15% 4.4MPH

    really sweating up a storm, the hypertrop and e/c are really doing a great deal for me thus far I believe. I will be done with the e/c next sunday, so then I will really get to see what the hypertrop can do on its own. Also, I have been doing a good deal of reading on leucine and I think that combined with the e/c is probably quite synergistic.
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  22. lookin good bro. i hit up that cardio day yesterday...im about to head to the gym soon today but its gorgeous here so i cant seem to get myself to go inside haha

  23. I am with you, the weather is phenomenal, I took the treadmill nearest the wall of windows just to make believe I was near it
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  24. yeah man i went and did some yard work today with pops and got a nice tan haha. layed some flag stone and sand making a walk way to our pool. its pretty nice looking but damn dude 94 degress no humidity and sun is awesome. its so nice out

  25. its a killer, great bbq weather, which is what tomorrow is all about. my wife's office is doing a huge BBQ, so I already told her i plan to eat my weight and they better get ready.

    Enjoy it man, as we know it can chance awfully quick
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