ATJ Protein Recovery Balls Review

  1. ATJ Protein Recovery Balls Review

    I recently received a 40 count of ATJ's Protein Recovery Balls to try out. I've heard a variety of comments, overwhelmingly positive, on these rather new protein balls. So I tried them at different times in the day and here is my review.

    Taste: 10/10, No matter what I did, ate them at room temperature, fridgerated, frozen, they tasted awesome. The best thing I can compare them too is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cereal when they are fridgerated and/or frozen. Even at room temperature they were a tasty Peanut Buttery snack.

    Texture: 9.5/10, The texture was good, almost like a natty peanut butter texture (ironically they contain natty pb). They held together and were not mushy or a mess. The only thing to comment on is that when you remove the wrapping you get a thin film of oil (from the pb) on your fingers. This is only mildly annoying to me, but infinitely better than having the wrapping stick to the recovery ball. So it wasn't a down side, just something that I noticed.

    Ingredients: 10/10, All natural, wholesome, oats, natty pb, whey protein. If I were going to make my own protein snacks, thats what I'd put together, so I have no complaints there except of course WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?

    Travel ability: 10/10, They seemed to travel well whether packed in my gym bag or in my car while driving. They seem to hold together well, didn't melt or make a mess. I haven't had a chance to take them with me when I fly, so I can't comment there yet. And it's not really hot here yet, so I don't know how they would hold up in direct heat, but they are wrapped so well that I can't see them making a mess.

    Overall: 39.5/40, I loved them. It takes me roughly 30 minutes from the time I leave the gym to get back to work for my shake, and sometimes even longer. So these are perfect to toss a handful in my gym bag to snack on, on those days where I just can't get my shake in time, or I forget my shake (it happens). I also used them as a dessert after meals because they tasted so great that they satisfied that craving while doing no harm to my macros. All in all, I like em and will be buying some on my next order to keep in the fridge (which is how I like them best).

    Two thumbs up to ATJ Nutrition.

  2. I love these things. I've gone through 2 40 count containers, and I have a 100 count on the way.

  3. Nabisco, and Gator thanks for the reviews...feel free to post any suggestions. As I mentioned on a seperate thread, we are working on a few things: new packaging, increasing the protein count, and different flavor options.

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