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    Purpose of this Log: To test Vendetta on a number of attributes, including taste, mixability, effect on endurance, and overall feelings through the course of each workout. (I totally stole this format from Digital, what is he going to do, sue me?)

    About me:
    Age: 34
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 215 lbs.
    Bodytype: Meso/Ectomorph

    Training experience:
    I have been training seriously for about two years since
    I quit smoking. I started off at 190 pounds of hard smoking, heavy drinking, overworked and stressed out. After two years I had made it up to 226 pounds of nonsmoking, sporadic Guinness and Jameson Drinking, protein shake drinking weightlifter. 36 pounds in 2 years with the same amount of bodyfat is a pretty solid accomplishment. Then disaster struck and I ended up in the hospital for two weeks and was not able to workout for almost tow months. During this down time my body completely catabolized all of my hard earned gains and I started off again at 200 pounds. Well I am still down about 10 pounds since my surgery but I am about as strong as I was presurgery.

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol:
    Upper Body (1)
    Bench Press
    Tbar Rows
    Incline Bench
    Wide Grip Pulldowns

    Lower Body (1)
    Squats and more Squats
    Shoulders - Upright Rows and Lateral Raises

    Upper Body (2)
    Bench Press
    Cable Rows
    Decline Bench
    Wide Grip Pull Ups

    Lower Body (2)
    DEadlifts and more Deadlifts
    Shoulders - Clean and Presses.

    Every now and then I throw in some Hammer Curls, Close Grip Bench press, Dips, and Close Grip Pull Ups for my arms. I tend to alternate the days I do these and there is no set schedule.

    Current Supplements:
    MST - MVP
    MST - ZMK
    Ultrapeptide 2.0
    NOS Ether
    8- Beta Anabol (will be replacing with Vendetta for the log)

    Current Diet:
    Does anyone really care

    Other Notes:
    I am extremely grateful that Xtreme Formulations chose me for this log. ____

  2. DAY 1 Wednesday.

    Took my first serving and sipped on it during todays workout.

    Taste - XF is routinely praised for their flavoring system and with Vendetta they continue to earn their praise. EAA"s are notorious to flavor and some companies succed much better than others. Ergopharm All in One being the worst and 8 Beta-Anabol being the best. Well it was the best but I am going to place these two in a tie.
    Now for a description, it taste kind of like these cherry cough drops I used to get when I was a kid but I would end up eating the whole box. This was the brand I am sure most people know it. I do not want anyone to take this description the wrong way but I actually enjoy this flavor but I have an entire month ahead of me.

    Current ranking for EAA drinks
    (1) Vendetta/8 Beta Anabol Tie
    (2) Primal EAA
    (3) Purple Wrath
    (4) Ergopharm All in One
    (5) Bulk EAA's.

    Mix - I put my scoop of Vendetta in a shaker cup and ten seconds later it was completely dissolved. No problems with its mix at all and none of it floated at the top like some other products I have used. Again, 8-Beta is the only other product that mixed this well.

    Ingredients - Eaa's + Carbs. There are actually studies backing up the effectiveness of this combination and XF does not put out junk. They have always been ahead of the curve and only now are other companies catching up. Currently there is nothing overly original about the formula but XF was one of the first to push this formula keto people be damned!!!

  3. Xtreme uses the absolute highest quality aminos you can get. Good initial review.
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless
  4. Workout 1 5-14-08

    95 x 20
    95 x 20
    225 x 10
    275 x 5
    315 x 3
    225 x 5 (my knee felt very strange on the last set so I stopped early)

    Leg Extensions
    85 x 20
    85 x 20
    85 x 20

    Calf Raises
    115 x 20
    115 x 20
    115 x 20

    Behind Neck Shoulder presses (superset with) Upright Rows - Slow reps 3 up 3 down not bouncing or swinging weight.

    50 x 10
    50 x 10
    50 x 10

    Lateral Raises
    15's x 20
    15's x 20
    15's x 20

    thoughts - I squatted heavy and took a light shoulder day. Overall a good workout. I did become overally fatigued and I notice that I personally perform much better when I consume carbs during my workouts. I eat about every hour as it is.
  5. Workout 2 Saturday 5-17-08

    I am only taking Vendetta on days that I workout or engage in extended cardio.

    Bench Press
    185 x 6
    225 x 6
    245 x 6 This was a 1 rep improvement
    265 x 1 Shoulder felt a bit odd so I stopped at one and stripped the weight down with no rest other than to change the weight.
    245 x 3
    225 x 3
    205 x 3
    185 x 3
    155 x 4

    Chest Supported T-Bar
    100 x 6
    110 x 6
    125 x 5 (+ 2 reps)

    Dumbbell Incline Presses
    75's x 8
    80's x 7
    85's x 6 (PR)

    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
    130 x 10
    150 x 6
    180 x 6

    Thoughts - I actually played tennis for 30 minutes before I went to the gym and I was up 4 sets to 2 but my partner was meeting me at 10:00 AM so the match was cut short. I started drinking Vendetta during my tennis match (2 scoops) and continued drinking it through my workout. My performance in the gym and on the court today were both excellent and I never felt tired the whole time. About 20 minutes after my workout though I felt like I was run over by a pack of elephants. My fiancee tried Vendetta during the tennis match and asked what this was and when I told her she said she wanted me to buy some for her. She previously was taking 8-Beta anabol and she really liked that flavor but she likes the XF flavor system better.

  6. Hammer Press
    3 x 15

    Hammer Pulldowns
    3 x 15

    Hammer Decline
    3 x 15

    Wide Grip Pulldowns
    3 x 15

    Cardio - 30 minutes on Elliptical machine

    Thoughts - I have been going light again as my joints were just not very happy with me. This workout was more intended for maintenance rather than growth. I just lifted slow and controlled on the positive and negative and gave more attention to form than hoisting weight.

    Still loving the taste of this stuff and it does seem to make my workouts a bit easier. I definitely prefer to sip on some carbs during my workout.

  7. 5-28-08


    135 x 15
    165 x 10
    185 x 10
    225 x 6

    Leg Curls
    80 x 15
    100 x 10
    110 x 6

    Leg Extensions
    100 x 12
    115 x 8
    130 x 6

    Seated Calf Raises

    90 x 16
    110 x 10
    125 x 8

    Ab Work

    5 sets

  8. BACK

    Med Grip Pull Ups
    30 reps

    Close Grip Pulldowns
    120 x 14
    150 x 8
    165 x 6
    180 x 5

    Seated Machine Row

    70 x 14
    80 x 10
    90 x 7
    100 x 6

    Dumbbell Rows
    50's x 14
    60's x 11
    75's x 7
    80's x 5


    Cable Rushdowns supersetted with Cable Bicep Curls
    3 sets x 15 reps

    Overhead Triceps Extensions Supersetted with Dumbbell Bicep Curls

    3 sets x 15 reps.

  9. Nice to see a Vendetta log here. I love this stuff and have some on hand for when I need to make sure I'm properly fuelled up for a workout. Tastes great too in my opinion. Simple carbs + EAA's pre/intra works great for me.
  10. 5-31-08 Bach Workout

    Pull Ups
    50 - No not at once. Took me 4 sets

    Close Grip Pulldowns
    120 x 15
    150 x 10
    180 x 7
    195 x 5

    Dumbbell Rows

    60's x 13
    75's x 8
    85's x 7

    Ab Work

    Decline Sit ups
    25 reps x 3 sets

    Ab flexor Machine

    3 sets at 50lbs resistance for 3 sets (These only work lower abs)

    - Played Basketball for 30 minutes - AAWWW Yeahhh *****es I can dunk again.

    thoughts - I am so freakin tired right now. Will update more later.

  11. Final Review

    I completely enjoyed the taste of Vendetta during the entire course of this log. Adding two scoops instead of the recommended 1.5 scoops brought out more of the cherry flavor and enhanced the taste. EAA's are notoriously difficult to flavor and out of the all the EAA supplements I have had this ranks at the very top but is still in a tie with 8-Beta Anabol. The flavor is better than Purple Wrath, Primal EAA, and Ergopharm's All in One.

    Performance - I would not recommend this product if you are not in the gym for at least an hour or if you are strictly training for strength and taking long rest periods between sets as a person would probably not experience any real benefits. For anyone training with higher volume workouts, or working out + cardio, or any athletic sport they would be well served by this product. I have never been one to shy away from carbs and I believe they are absolutely essential for top performance. (I have been reading quite a bit on nutrition lately and am completely unconvinced of the benefits of low carb diets but that is for another thread). I have always observed that I perform much better in the gym when I sip on carbs during my workout and I definitely prefer EAA + Carb drinks to their carbless counterparts.

    I observed the greatest benefits of Vendetta when I was playing sports (basketball and tennis) more so than when I was just lifting weights. However on days when I was lifting and performing cardio at the end of my workout, Vendetta really aided my performance by just giving me some extra fuel to push through my workout and kept my energy levels consistently high . I experienced some DOM relief but I think its primary benefit is aiding in performance in prolonged workout settings.

    Value - Is this product better than EAA's + Gatorade? Honestly I do not think there would be much difference between the two and this would just come down to a taste preference but from personal experience I much prefer the taste of Vendetta. I feel that this product is tied with 8-Beta Anabol in terms of performance and they come out to roughly the same cost a price per serving comparison. Vendetta has extra EAA's and 8-Beta has extra beta alanine so this is a matter of preference as well.

    Again for any person who plays sports or has engaged in high volume workouts your money would be well spent of this product. Will you add ten pounds of muscle in a month or 50 pounds to your bench press, absolutely not. It will work exactly as advertised though and that is rare when a product lives up to its description. XF does not overhype their products are make outlandish claims. They put together simple formulas that are proven by science to work and they perform as advertised. I will purchase this product again in the future.


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