Batman fightin crime on RPM/Drive

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  1. Batman fightin crime on RPM/Drive

    Whatsup fellas

    Started this stack on 4/26/08

    Current goal is slight recomp/fatloss and as always increase strength, speed and endurance
    It's time to get shredded for the summer.

    Stats as of 4/26, cold, in the morning unflexed
    158.5 lbs
    arm 15
    forarm 12 3/8
    thigh 24
    calf 15
    waist 327 7/8
    chest 42
    shoulders 45 4/8
    neck 16

    Training Split:
    upper lower split twice a week
    Personal records for a few of them are there

    Tues: Volume
    Incline dumbell press
    parellel bar pullups
    decline close grip bench press
    incline dumbell curl
    dumbell lateral raises

    Thursday: Volume

    Not set in stone yet, but im thinking
    back squat
    walking barbell lunges
    barbell calf press

    Saturday: limit strength
    Strict parallel barbell bent over row
    Bench press
    Weighted Chinup/Dip complex( alternating 1 minute between sets)
    Barbell curl
    Face Pulls

    Sunday: Power
    Hang power clean
    Front squat
    one legged dumbell calf raise
    Underleg cable pulls

    Cardio: HIT and steady state sessions whenever I can get it in.


    5-6 meals a day.
    Protein with each meal usually steak chicken or turkey
    lots of healthy fats
    as many veggies as I can handle, usually spinach
    Sometimes I have a piece of fruit, usually for breakfast.
    Most importantly I try to eat no processed foods at all.
    If man made it I don't eat it.

    I dont count calories precisely but I tend to keep it in the 1400-1900 range. roughly a 40/20/40 split P/C/F

    as well as the standards:
    Fish Oil


    This summer i'm trying to take myself to the next level.
    I'm a good athlete at this point, trying to turn into a great one. Over the last year, I have been 10% body fat, ran under a 6 minute mile, ran a 4.93 40 yard, deadlifted 2.75 bodyweight. Power clean and pressed over bodyweight, front squatted almost 2 times bodyweight. and many other solid accomplishments.
    Over the next 100 days i'm taking it to the next level.
    I will be on RPM/drive for 30 days, afterwards I will be on actX and LeanX for 40 days. then 30 days on dcp/napalm and maybe anohter fat burner. ( I will start new logs on these when this one is finished)

    My goals over this period of time? (all 100% raw)
    under 9% bodyfat
    Deadlift at least 500 pounds
    Frontsquat 315
    benchpress 255
    Strict overhead press 185
    25 bw pullups
    powerclean - pushpress 205
    become diesel on weighted dips and pullups.
    run under a 4.9 40
    run under a 5:45 mile

    Lets see where RPM and Drive can get me.

  2. DAY 1 04/26/08

    Took 2 caps of drive when I woke up

    Two caps of drive and two caps of rpm an hour before workout.

    Only the first day so I didn't notice to much, but that's to be expected. I didn't push it too hard in the gym today.
    Still getting use to my current split and exercises, next saturday I will start to push.

    I'm not going to include any warmup info in my log, although I do extensive warming up preworkout.
    All lifts are done 100 percent raw 100 percent range of motion with the best form I have.

    BOR 115 x 10, 135 x 10, 145 x 10
    Bench 135 x 10, 155 x 10, 175 x 10
    Chin/dip comlex
    Chin +35 x 4, dips +35 x 5, for 5 sets fo each.
    face pulls 40 x 10 50 x 10 60 x 10
    barbell curl 65 x 7 75 x 7 80 x 7
    explosive pushups
    bw x 40 bw x 35 bw x 20

    Slightly less than average workout, had a slight energy crash in the middle which was unusual. On my chinup dip comlex I was actually getting stronger each time through it. I could of easily added several more reps to all the sets if I wanted to.

  3. DAY 2 04/27/08

    two drive caps upon waking
    two drive caps and two RPM 1 hour preworkout.

    Nothing unusual to report.


    Hang power clean
    95 x 3
    115 x 3
    125 x 3
    135 x 3
    145 x 1

    frontsquat 135 x 5 155 x 5 175 x 5 185 x 5

    one legged calf raise
    45 x 10 50 x 10 55 x 10

    underleg cable pulls
    35 x 10 45 x 10 55 x 10

    my workout sucked today. My powerclean was pitiful, had no explosion. hopefully I can change that over the next few weeks frontsquat felt really good, have not dont it for reps that high in awhile. my quads got a decent pump, I didnt feel to strong though.

    In general nothing real noticable to report from the drive/RPM although I didnt expect much to report.

    I took a sample of drive before and got wicked pumps, but thus far have not. This will probably change on my volume days though.

  4. DAY 3 04/28/08

    monday and back to work. I work a desk job so Im not highly active, but while im at work my diet is pretty much on lockdown.

    took two drive caps in the morning and two on an empty stomach after work.

    One thing to report. My muscles feel like they may be slightly harder. Other than that nothing else to report. No workout today however tommorow is my upper body volume training and I usually end up with sick pumps. It should be fun.

  5. DAY 4 04/29/08

    and now im all caught up.

    took two caps drive when i woke up, will take 2 more and 2 rpm an hour before workout

    At work right now will be heading straight to the gym when I leave.

    Muscles still feel a little harder than usual.
    When I woke up this morning looked in the mirror and I think I have leaned out a little.
    stepped on the scale and weighed in at 158.5

    Also wanted to add that my diet has been tested many times already over the past 3 days. saturday and sunday i was teased by pizza all day and monday when I got home there was a huge coscos bag of fritos jsut sitting on the counter.
    Im happy that I haven't given in at all yet.


    Popped two drive and two RPM 45 minutes before training.

    Incline dumbell press: 50 x 11 60 x 11 70 x 10 50 x 20
    parallel pullups bw x 11, bw x 10, bw x 6, bw x 6, bw x 6
    lateral dumbell raises 12.5 x 10 20 x 10 25 x 10 30 x 10left, 7 right
    decline close grip bench 135 x 12 for 3 sets.
    incline dumbell curls 20 x 10 25 x 10 20 x 10

    strength may be slightly up and I had a slightly better than average pump

    sittin here at the computer munching on shrimp half a banana, some natty pb, steak and eggs.
    my diet has been on lockdown so far through 4 days and i'm happy about that.

    unfortunately I won't be getting as much sleep as I would like tonight since I have to be at work early tommorow.
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  6. ill be followin. we have similiar mesaurements & stats in general. check my log of RPM/Neovar

  7. Hey my man.... may want to increase to 3 RPM pre-workout.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Hey my man.... may want to increase to 3 RPM pre-workout.
    I have been considering it. Think I need it at my weight? Will probably start dosing 3 preworkout on saturday when I really start to hit the weights hard.


  9. I think it would be worth a try to compare the feel to 2 caps. You may like it better, you may like it less.

    If you have any questions I can help you with, please feel welcome to PM me.

  10. DAY 5 4/30/08

    two caps upon waking and two caps of drive later on an empty stomach.

    Muslce hardness stilld feels slightly up and starting to feel a little tighter. possible slightly more vascularity and a little leaner aorudn the waist.

    Ended up eating alot more carbs than usual today...but I was hungry. every now and then i up the carbs for a day or so.

    Biggest news is starting saturday I will be at a new gym.
    Its a pretty good facility, bodybuilder/powerlifter oriented.
    Should be a way better atmosphere than the college gym I was lifting at.

    Thursday will be another lighter workout then when saturday comes it will be time to bust my balls.

  11. DAY 6 5/01/08

    Hellish day at work today. I didn't get out of the gym until 10 oclock because of it.

    2 caps of drive in the am

    2 caps of rpm preworkout on a semiempty stomach
    2 caps of drive right after workout(forgot the tabs in my car twice)

    Today was a lower body restoration day.

    My spinal erectors, hip flexors and med glutes have been very beat up lately and I wanted to get the bloww flowing to them before I start to hit the weights hard.

    Back squat(olympic style with long pauses on bottom)
    155 for a bunch of doubles and triples.
    have not used back squats for a very long time since I backed off on the powerlifting. I did however feel insanely strong in the position.

    I wouldnt be too surprised if I could break a 400 pound raw deep squat with a few months of dedication.

    Deadlift 225 for a bunch of singles. kept it light and focused on proper pulling technique and a good stretch.

    Barbell calf press. 185 x 20 185 by 20 185 x 20.

    Walked barbell lunges. 95 x 10 95 x 10 95 x 10.

    got a decent stretch on all my lifts. afterwards did some brutal stretching of the above muscles. My erectors are probably the loosest they have been in weeks.

    Tpoday aggression was slightly up, as well as a slight increase in vascularity and muscle density.
    Even though they are small, I am definetly noticing effects of the RPM/Drive. Hopefully over the next two weeks the effects wil start to skyrocket and I can set some new records in the weight room.

    I have a very positive outlook on the future right now, especially if my posterior chain heals up.

  12. DAY 7 05/02/08

    2 caps drive in the morning
    2 caps drive on empty stomach in the afternoon

    Not much to report I feel pretty normal.
    thank god it's friday. I'm going to try to get a good nights sleep before I really start to bust my balls tommorow.

    Almost ate some pizza at work today. But I refrained.

    About to eat some turkey spinach and natty pb.
    I'll be leaving work in about an hour and then it's time for a weekend in my new gym!


  13. just ordered some RPM and i cant wait to start

  14. WEEK 1 in review

    Stats as of 5/3, cold, in the morning unflexed,
    I try to replicate conditions to be as consistent as possible
    158.5 lbs
    arm 15 1/16 +1/16
    forarm 12 5/8 + 1/8
    thigh 23 4/8 - 4/8
    calf 14 6/8 - 2/8
    waist 32 4/8 - 3/8
    chest 42 2/8 + 2/8
    shoulders 45 6/8 + 2/8
    neck 16 1/8 + 1/8

    Weight remained the same but measurements changed for the positive. I notived slight improvements in the mirror as well.
    It appears I had a decent recomp week.
    Training was okay, but I didn't really push myself.
    Diet was on point, only hiccup I had was one day when I had two bowls of cereal with milk. Othen than that all other food I ate was non-processed whole foods.

    This week I will probably try to slightly cut calories to lean out quicker.
    I also hope to start making some noticable gains this next week as the drive/RPM starts to really take effect.

    Starting today I will also up my RPM intake to 3 preworkout.

    I'm also going to wokr on getting pics uploaded, I have been very busy and my personal computer's hard drive died so its been a pain.

    I'm leaving for my first workout at my new gym in half an hour.

    I'll be making my post for day 8 when I get back.

  15. DAY 8 5/3/08

    Bent over row 115 x 3 125 x 3 135 x 3 145 x 3 145 x 3
    Bench Press 135 x 3 155 x 3 175 x 3 185 x 3 195 x 3 205 x 2 210 x 1
    Chins + 45 x 4 + 45 x 5 +45 x 4 +35 x 4 + 35 x 4
    Dips +45 x 4 45 x 4 45 x 4 35 x 5 35 x 5
    face pulls 40 x 10 55 x 10 70 x 10
    barbell curl 65 x 5 75 x 5 85 x 5 85 x 5
    pushups bw x 50 bw x 30 bw c x 20

    Okay workout I upped the weight but left some in the tank.
    my back is really bothering me in several areas and that affected my strength. my back exercises were tough to lockout and I was weak off the chest on bench.

    definetly felt increased energy from 3 RPM and got a pretty good pump. I also seem to be slightly more vascular., and have noticed a slight increase in aggression.

    Hopefully my back will stop nagging me and I can push my limits more comfortably.

  16. DAY 9 5/4/08

    2 caps drive in the morning
    2 drive 3 RPM preworkout.

    Dead hand power clean 95 x 2 x 5
    kept the weight light to keep stress of my posterior
    Front squat 135 x 3 155 x 3 175 x 3 195 x 3 215 x 1 235 x 1
    245 x 1 135 x 10
    dumbell calf press 40 x 10 50 x 10 60 x 10
    10 hard minutes on exercise bike afterwards
    and also rolled on a foam roller

    My legs felt powerful today but still under peak numbers due to my hips. I couldnt generate much power from the bottom position of the squat.

    After 10 hard minutes on the exercise bike I also noticed that lactic acid buildup was greatly reduced. My legs were fatigued but not sore. Not sure if this is due to drive, beta alanine starting to kick in or a little bit of both.
    I also used a foam roller immediately post workout today for the first time. I usually use them at home at random times.
    It feels heavenly right after a workout.

    leaness and vascularity are slowly improving and aggression may be slightly increased. No huge changes yet however.
    the next week-week and a half will be very telling. and I can't wait.

  17. DAY 10 5/5/08

    I woke up way less beat than I expected. I usually have trouble getting out of bed mondays after beating myself silly in the gym but I was relatively fine.

    Ended up having a refeed meal today that was about 1300 calories and afterwards my muscles were extremely full and dense.
    Energy levels are slightly up as well as aggression. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment and am looking foward to tearing up the gym tommorow. Mood and focus are slightly elevated.

    I also got in about 20 minute run today

  18. Day 11 5/6/08

    Incline dumbell press 55 x 10 65 x 10 75 x 8 75 x 2 55 x 14

    Thick bar parallel bar pullups bw x 15 bw x 8 bw x 6 bw x 3 bw x 4

    Close grip decline bench press 135 x 10 x 3

    Inline bench dumbell curls 15 x 10 25 x 10 25 x 12 15 x 15

    Incline flys 15 x 10 25 x 10 25 x 12 15 x 25

    lateral raises 15 x 10 25 x 20 x 10 25 x 10

    30 minutes on an exercise bike

    got a pretty wicked pump today. my arms feel like they were going to burst. strength levels were slightly below what I was hoping for, but were okay. focus energy and aggression were up as well as endurance. Im definelty starting to notice the effects of the stack.

  19. DAY 12 05/07/08

    No workout today, and not as sore as I thought I would be when i woke up this morning.
    Muscle density is definetly up
    Had another carb meal today, and overall my calories for this week have been higher than I would like to have.
    Going to be interesting stepping on the scale saturday.

  20. DAY 12 5/8/08

    olympic style back squats
    135 x 3 155 x 3 175 x 3 195 x 3 215 x 3 235 x 2 255 x 1
    barbell calf press 135 x 20 135 x 20 135 x 20 185 x 20 185 x 20
    lunge walks 75 x 10 x 3
    then i spent 30 minutes on the biek watching the celtics beatdown the cavs.

    Second time I did back squats in almost 1.5 years. Not bad I felt. Pretty much dropped them altogether when I stopped powerlifting.
    Im pretty sure with 3 months or so of training I will put up a 405 plus squat. It did feel pretty good to squat again.

    I definetly notice effects on endurance, muscular endurance, and energy on this stack. My muscles do also seem to be more dense and vascular than normal. However I haven't quite been blown away by this stack yet, its been good, but not great. The next weeks workouts will be very telling.

    Also got a nice package from nutraplanet today which is always nice. Stocked up on fish oil and ZMA. I also got a sample of golden finish by controlled labs and it was absolutely delicious.

  21. DAY 13 05/09/08


    DAY 14 05/10/08

    crappy day all around
    weighed in at 188.5 and measurements were almsot identical.
    Maybe a slight reduction in the waist.
    went to the gym and had a horrible workout.
    My strength just wasn't there and my CNS was definetly fatigued. Ended up doing some higher rep work then spent some time on the bike and jumping rope.

    DAY 15 05/11/08

    Mothers day and I ended up driving almost 300 miles.
    Also forgot to bring food with me so my diet got thrown out of wack for half of the day. I wanted to get my workout in but I got home at 10 and was exhausted, ended up going straight to bed.

    I had a rather crappy weekend all in all workout and healthwise.

    DAY 16 05/12/08

    Today i'm ready to go and am heading straight to the gym after work.

    I will write a halfway update with some of my thoughts on the stack when I get home.

    Starting today I will be making several changes and will get into that in my next post.

  22. DAY 17 05/12/08

    Powerclean 95 x 5 x 5
    strict standing overhead press 95 x 10 x 3
    lateral/front/ rear raises 10 x 20 15 x 20 20 x 20
    scap pushups bw x 20 x 2

    Diet was also perfect today.

    Starting today I changed routines to the following

    Monday shoulders then steady state cardio
    wednesday arms the HIIT
    friday legs
    saturday chest/back steady state cardio
    sunday HIIT

    My body adapted to my current program very quickly and my cns is definetly strained. Im very surprised this happened as I barely pushed over 90 percent max effort in many lifts.
    I also noticed that RPM/drive seems to have little to no effect on maximal strength levels. Under 8 reps it doesnt do much but when you go into the hypertrophy range it adds alot of muscular endurance.
    This seems to correlate to other peopls logs as well, those on maximal strength based programs seem to have much less success then those on bodybuilding based programs.
    Therefore for the remainder of the log I will work in the 8-20 rep range and see how far I can push it.
    I got a sick pump roday in my shoulders and seemed to actually get stronger the more sets I did. I will be on a slight deload this week then I will push myself to the limits and hope to set some new 10-15 rep personal records.

  23. DAY 18 05/13/08

    Diet was solid except for a little too much natty pb.

    Also went for a 20 minute run on the treadmill.

  24. DAY 19 05/14/08

    Arms today

    Chins BW x 18 slow reps with emphisis in bi's
    Close grip bench press 135 x 10 x 3
    standing ez bar curls 30 x 20 40 x 20 50 x 20 40 x 20
    bench dips bw x 20 bw x 20 bw x 30
    various farmers walks for the forearms.
    20 minutes HIIT on an exercise bike.

    Decent workout. One thing Drive/RPM makes you do is just keep on going in the gym. I just didn't really want to stop. Also got a pretty decent pump.

    My diet has been pretty much spot on and i'm feeling very healthy, can't wait to step on the scale and take measurements saturday morning.

  25. DAY 20 05/15/08

    2/3 of the way through.
    Off day today and i've been enjoying the natty pb with raisins wayyy too much today.


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