A different kind of HyperPump log

  1. A different kind of HyperPump log

    Instead of logging HyperPump's performance in the gym, I will be logging its performance in the dojo. I noticed HyperPump when AMS first joined AM.com, and thought the ingredient profile interesting.

    I just recently stopped working out at the gym, and started judo classes. I've been a soldier, avid mt biker, and martial artist in different periods of my life, and always worked out, but I've been away from martial arts for around ten years, and feel the need for personal growth beyond what the gym offers me personally.

    So I'm a complete n00b to judo or any throwing/grappling art, and I want to see how HyperPump performs in an intense endurance/strength atmosphere. AMS agreed, and sent me 12 bottles of HyperPump and some other goodies, including Nocturnabol and a sweet TShirt. Very nice!

    So my third judo class was last Friday. I had worked an odd night shift Thursday, so despite my nap Friday, I went in tired. I took a HyperPump on my way to class. Taste is pretty good, but glycerin has an unmistakeable feel and flavor to it. Not bad, just there. I enjoyed it.

    Class starts off with a 'warmup', which is more like a 40 minute hazing/calesthenics orgy of torture. It's high paced, and very intense, with 15 minutes or so being devoted to ab work. It was tough to judge from this class, due to the lack of sleep, but I was VERY thirsty halfway through the warmup. I probably didn't drink enough during the day, but I'll keep an eye on that in forthcoming workouts. My abs are the weakest part of my body, as I neglected them for a year or more. I still have a 6 pack, but they are untrained. They had a wicked pump, and failed in this class.

    After the warmup, we did groundfighting, i'm a noob, so I use too much muscle due to lack or knowledge of techniques. I fought 3 black belts and one white belt. All kicked my ass, but I put up a hard fight for 15 minutes straight, after which I was severely tapped. My hands were shaking due to exertion.

    Luckily, after this we practiced technique, which is easy physically, thEn the last hour is standup fighting/randori. This is demanding, depending on who you fight. The black belts stand up, and we are free to jump in every time the sensei says to switch up, every 4-5 minutes or so. I jump in as much as possible, so I end up sparring at least 30 out of 60 minutes. I get thrown around a lot, and its more painful than demanding.

    I ended the class a pile of quivering humanity. As I said, I was sleep-deprived and likely dehydrated, so I'll call it a wash this class. I'll know more on Monday night, my next class time.

    On another note, Nocturnabol ROCKS! I've been a fan of Custom Capsules Mega Sleep Aid for a while, and use it regularly. I just wish it had less melatonin: 6mg is a ton, and unnecessary, in my book. So I generally take 1 cap, or 3mg melatonin, but this isn't ideal either, as I'm halving the other actives.

    Nocturnabol gets it right: 750mcg melatonin, along with large doses of other actives. Sleep is great, and I awake refreshed. Two big thumbs up on this!

  2. Sounds good poison. Will be interesting to see how this works for you in that environment. Will be watching.

  3. A bit of a delay reporting back here. Monday's class was great. I took Hyperpump a half hour before, and I was well fed, hydrated, and ok on sleep. Class was tough, with less of a brutal warmup, but more really hard groundfighting, and a solid 45 minutes of stand-up sparring.

    I was not winded during any of this, endurance and focus were good, and it didn't make me thirsty. I had a strong forearm pump due to gripping opponents gi's (uniform) like a madman (my hands were sore the next two days, not skin sore mut muscle sore, really interesting, judo is hard on hands and feet).

    Can't wait til Fridays class.

  4. OK, I haven't been reporting back, because, as you'll see, I'm not a fan of HyperPump. I didn't want to post a long running negative review when, as it became readily apparent early on, the problem was with me, not the product.

    I've taken HyperPump an hour before class with gAtorade and without Gatorade, I've taken it just before class, I've taken it with food, and I've taken it on its own for no reason. There are three points I'd like to cover here.

    1) Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that yohimebine does NOT agree with me. It makes me anxious and moody, with elevated heart-rate, and though I never feel too much energy from it, in the end I crash (like a stim crash). Nothing I do negates that. The weird heart shenanigans were enough to make intense physical exertion more difficult.

    2) Pumps. The first part of my judo classes are, many times, a calesthenics and strength warmup. Lots of ab work. And when I take Hyperpump, I get such a wicked pump in my abs I can't even contract them. Same for gripping the gi (uniform). Judo relies on gi-gripping to throw, and if you can barely contract the muscles in the forearm, you're gonna have trouble. I get good hard pumps on it from dips and pullups.

    3) Thirst. It didn't happen every time, but MOST times it made me thirsty (even on days where I know I drank enough). I felt like a sponge. The only way to counter it was to drink a lot WITH the HyperPump shot. This is great for some purposes, but for mine, it simply interrupted my class-time. No big deal. It might be useful pre-judo-contest, to hyper-hydrate.

    In short, HyperPump lives up to its claims. The pumps are good to freakin intense, it tastes good, it's conveinient, and if you like yohimebine, you should try it. Incidentally, my buddy, who loves yohimebine, tried one, and LOVED it pre-workout.


    Nocturnabol. I can't say enough good about this product. The dosages of ingredients are awesome (unlike mega-Sleep Aid, which I also like, but am not happy with the dosages). I wake up perky and refreshed. My wife likes it. It makes us both happy. At Nutra's prices, I will be a steady customer for life. I HIGHLY recommend Nocturnabol to anyone looking for a sleep aid.


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