The countdown to abs - a sponsored LG Methyl Masterdrol V2 log

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  1. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    LOL more reasons not to do cardio!!
    He's trying isn't he Crader? lol THE THUNDERGOD

  2. call me bad, couldn't take it anymore, opened the 3ad bottle too.... So i'll bridge thru this week, lowering the mmv2 dosage back to 4/day, 4/day on 3ad as well, and once the mmv2 is out go to 5 on 3ad.

    flat db press superset with db flys 65x5-30x6, 65x5-30x6, 65x5-30x6 - I'd get it part way up for the 6th rep on those and just not be able to finish it, but was able to cleanly put down the dbs.
    incline db press superset with incline db flys 40x10-25x10, 40x10-25x9

    lateral db raises superset with front raises 10x10-10x10, 10x10-10x10, 10x10-10x10
    db shoulder press 40x6, 40x6, 40x6, 40x6
    bent over lateral raise 10x10, 10x10

    quite nice, I think i'll stick at 65 for the flat db presses for now. The 3ad felt good, but probably just placebo effect

  3. so also at this point, calories going up slightly to a lean bulk. today I was 189 on the scale, will do measurements tomorrow morning for comparison
  4. Thumbs up

    Bad Easy, bad!! lol Only bad, cuz' I don't have any 3-AD to do the same thing! I believe business is about to pick up on the tail-end of this cycle for you. That combo should be sickkk!! Your strength is really going to take off now IMO!! You are going to feel totally jacked!! Go get 'em!! THE THUNDERGOD

  5. oh snap!! Easy, Im jealous!!
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  6. just....can't ......resist.....opening.....t his.....bottle......of.....3ad !
    it was tempting and teasing you ever since you got it. lol.

    also, i call no fair to having kids that sleep through the night!!!

  7. its 2 out of 3 that did that. #1 made up for the two that did sleep however.

    Hank, did you notice anything like a lethargy off the 3ad? i'm trying to decide whether its the Placebol i'm feeling

  8. i felt kind of weird and lethargic the first couple of days on it.
    but then it went away and i felt great for the remainder of the cycle.

  9. I have plenty of RPM here anyhow and I sort of like that feeling, odd as it sounds. Its almost enough to motivate me to do cardio later

  10. You planning on getting any blood tests done while on this stack. I'm interested in both ph's but scared what it might do to my lipid profile. Also, I have a hard time buying all the additional supplements to run with a PH to keep everything in check. You end up paying more for the additional supps as you do for the PH.

    Yeah, I'm cheap

  11. I am due for my regular annual blood panels, so will likely get them after PCT. comically with the level of fish and fish oils I take in, I have no worries about my HDL, and my LDL tends to stay low. My total cholesterol has been below 130

  12. ok, I broke down and did 24 min of HIIT

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  14. I got my bulks in, and with a gram each of glucuronolactone + dl phenylalanine plus rpm in me, I was so wound I had to do something

  15. If only there were was a tredmill that came equipped with VR glasses that simulated a hot chick doin deadlifts in front of you.
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  16. just christines idea of the laptop powered by the treadmill or bike would work

  17. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    just christines idea of the laptop powered by the treadmill or bike would work
    haha forgot about that one. yeah that ones a better idea.
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  18. LOL Ahh the joys of cardio! Hows the sweet little angel today?

  19. he's doing well, woke at 4am for a couple minutes, then went back to sleep. eating well, pooping well, i haven't had to actually change a diaper yet, but did get peed on during an assist. damn those boys, they get some serious distance at that age

  20. I request new pictures, pretty please!!!

  21. lemee go take some

  22. You are so lucky, you can just go snuggle him!

  23. he was busy having late lunch, i'll put up some more pictures later. He's nice and warm

  24. just for christine

    Here is a picture of #2 when she was that little

  25. Congrats easy!

  26. He is so cute!! He resembles his sister quite a bit!!

  27. did a late bis/tris, quite the exercisey day man my forearms hurt!

    ez curls superset with db triceps ext 73x7-50x6, 73x7-50x6, 73x8-50x6
    incline hammer curls 25x10, 25x13
    seated triceps cable extension 35x10, 35x10
    lat pulldown bar "upsidedown curls" 35x25
    triceps pushdown 70x22
    ez curl 53x24

    we'll see how I feel in the morning after a day like this nothing like really torturing 3ad its first day

    i've got a hellacious bicep pump

  28. Ok, heres some semifinal measurements. the new ones are done with one of the self measuring tapes, so it could be a little different than previous (measured by my wife) think the new ones are more accurate

    Starting stats
    Weight 186 190 +4
    Chest 42 41.25 -.75
    Shoulders 48 47.25 -.75
    L Bicep 14 3/4 14.25 -.5
    R Bicep 14 14 0
    L forearm 11 3/4 11.25 -.5
    R forearm 11 3/4 11.5 -.25
    L calf 15 1/4 15.25 0
    R calf 15 15.25 +.25
    waist where I wear pants 35 3/4 34.75 -1!
    @ belly button 35 3/4 35.75 0

    Bodyfat estimate = start 15%, end 14%

    So how do I go up 4lbs while everything shrinks? i guess I must have added 5-6lbs of muscle mass in that time, loosing a little fat Now starting the 3ad, we'll see where I go

  29. so did some more bis/tris since i've neglected them so long

    ez curls with 10 sec negatives 83, 83, 83, 83, 83, 83
    ez curls 83x6, 83x6, 83x6
    standing triceps ez bar extension 63x10, 63x10
    hammer curls superset with triceps db ext dangit forgot the weights already
    concentration curls forgot these too
    triceps pushdown 70x24
    ez curl 63x18

  30. Excellent on the fat loss muscle gain.


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