3-AD; Hank's do over thread.

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  1. 3-AD; Hank's do over thread.

    so i'm starting a new thread since my last log was taken over by warewolves and gobblins.

    hopefully this one can be all fun and games until someone gives the recipe away.

    i'll just copy and paste the stuff that seems important.

  2. my initial post from my previous log:

    thank you AX for letting me test the much awaited 3-AD!!!!!!!!

    i was just notified that the product is shipping to me today! so should be able to start later this week.

    i heard rumors that this may potentially be an 8-week run since it is non-methylated ?? mace - any truth to this?

    about me:
    i'm 5'10" tall
    eat relativly clean
    work out hard 5-6 days/week.
    hormone free since July 2007.
    enjoy goat jokes.
    i'm also in love with rachel ray from the food network cooking show.

    some 1yr progress pics:
    1st pic: March 2007 @ 177lbs - kinda thick and fat here.
    2nd pic: August 2007 @ 166lbs - after a slow 6 month cut
    3rd pic: March 2008 @ 180lbs - my current build after a slow 6 month bulk. added approx 14lbs.

    i feel i'm starting from a fairly good base.
    recently i've stalled out on this current natural bulk i've been running since last fall.
    over the past month i've noticed when i up my calories i notice no increase in muscle mass or strength but instead my bf% wants to climb.
    so hopefully 3-ad can help give a boost.
    given my current starting point i'm not expecting dramatic changes but if it can do anything i will be impressed.
    i'll take some pics along the way to compare.
    let's rock!

  3. Attachment 20568 Attachment 20569 Attachment 20570

    just an FYI: i have signed an NDA and am not allowed to post the list of ingredients or any of the information that is contained in the insert and on the back of the box.

    i will however give honest feedback on the results experienced.

    Here are the rules and guidlines i'll be following on this run:

    1. Only protein powders, multi vitamins, fish oils and other healthy fats, joint support supplements and pre-workout stimulants (ie, caffeine, etc) may be used during your testing. Although 3-AD is non-methylated and non-toxic, please do feel free to use supporting supplements if you would feel comfortable doing so. If you are having blood work done however, then please abstain from using supporting supplements. Please do not use any products containing any form of creatine, nitric oxide booster, or any other muscle building products during this time. We want to see and show the power of 3-AD and 3-AD alone.

    2. To maximize the effectiveness of 3-AD, please consume each serving [two (2) capsules] with at least 15-20g of fats. Any fat will work. Peanut butter, fish oil, extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oils, MCT oils, etc.

    3. Spread each serving roughly 8 hours apart.

    4. On non-workout days, 3-AD should be taken at your 2nd meal, and then again at your 5th or 6th meal. You do not want to consume 3-AD with your first meal as 3-AD requires a high fat content to maximize absorption. Due to this fact, you need your 1st meal to absorb quickly to feed your muscles after a long night's sleep. A high fat intake will slow down the absorption of your breakfast and will be counteractive to breakfasts' anabolic effects.

    5. This same rule applies to post workout. Both breakfast and post workout are the two times out of the days that you want FAST absorption of nutrients. DO NOT consume 3-AD therefore with breakfast or with your postworkout meal.

    6. On workout days, ideally you will want to take 2 caps of 3-AD 45-60 minutes prior to working out with a high fat meal. The high fat meal will maximize absorption and will provide you body with fuel to power through your workouts. Everybody's schedule is different and sometimes breakfast is some people's first meal AND pre-workout meal. In that case, consume your servings of 3-AD at a later point throughout the day. You will still gain the full anabolic benefits.

    7. Please do not exceed the recommended serving size.

    8. Please make every effort to update your log daily and write a detailed and honest FINAL REVIEW when you are finished.

    9. Each and every tester has signed a legal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to release the ingredients and information listed in the 3-AD insert and on the box to the public.

    10. Participants must be over the age of 21.

    11. Have a blast you guys!!! We're absolutely ecstatic to FINALLY be able to bring this to the market for you, and THANK YOU for participating in our testing!

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

  4. in Hank.....Good luck playa

  5. damn....mace and mt are quick!!!

  6. ok, so here is a little more background on me before this all starts.

    current diet:
    6:30am either a bowl of cereal, oatmeal, or non-fat yogart
    9:00am 3 eggwhites + 3 whole eggs scrambled
    10:00-12:00 snack on unsalted peanuts, almonds or cashews
    12:30pm turkey/swiss/tomato on whole wheat bread, raw vegies (green beans, brocoli are typical)
    1:30-3:30pm snack on either egg salad, tuna salad or chicken salad, reduced fat triscuits, raw vegies
    4:00pm workout
    5:30pm protein shake mixed w/skim milk and natural peanut butter + berries, or banana
    7:00pm always have meat (turkey, chicken, fish, shrimp, beef) steamed vegies (brocoli, beans, asparagus, spinach or salad) sometimes i also eat sweet potatos, yams, brown rice or quinoa
    9:30pm snack on either cottage cheese, unsalted peantus or another protein shake

    i drink water, non-fat milk, crystal light and diet coke.

    i also go out to eat at least once per week where i get whatever i'm craving (usually a burger and fries type of meal).

  7. current workout split:
    1. Back/Bis
    - 4 sets of pull ups
    - 3 set of dead lifts
    - 3 sets of rows
    - 3 sets of bent bar curls
    - 3 sets of db hammer curls

    2. Legs
    - 3 sets bb squats
    - 3 sets (either lunges or hamstring curls)
    - 3 sets calf raise

    3. Shoulders/Arms
    - 3 sets overhead presses
    - 3 sets upright rows
    - 3 sets lateral db raise
    - 3 sets front db raise
    - 3 sets straight barl curl superset w/bent bar skull crushers
    - 3 sets incline db curls superset w/cable tri extension

    4. rest

    5. chest/tris
    - 3 sets flat bench
    - 3 sets incine bench
    - 3 sets cable flys
    - 3 sets close grip bench
    - 3 sets dips

    6. rest

    7. repeat cycle

    * i do 1-2 warm up sets prior to all working sets
    ** rep ranges alternates each week. one week i focus on the 10-15 rep/set followed by the next 5-8 reps/set.
    *** weight workouts never last longer than 1-hour. most take roughly 45min.
    **** every wrokout is finished off with 10-15 minutes light cardio.

  8. other things worth noting
    - i'm not getting laid frequently enough these days so i'm fairly horny.
    even the fatties on the elypitical look good to me recently.
    i'm a little worried what 3ad will bring.

    - i love placebos. they always work great for me.
    in my mind i'll belive a sugar pill is a steroid and truly believe i'm getting huge from it!
    so i'm going to post measurements, pics, and big 3 lift stats to show any actual changes here.
    but remember i feel i've already hit a sort of plateau of natural development here so i'm not expecting anything miracoulous but any improvement i will take as a huge success!

    - despite the recent changes to the rep system, i still give out reps for no-reason-what-so-ever!
    in fact, if you post something completly stupid i'm likly to rep you for it. lol.

  9. POSTED 3-21-08:

    ok, so i've successfully logged my first workout with some 3-ad in my system!!!

    worked shoulders and arms.

    here are my starting measurements -
    height: 5'10"
    weight: 180lbs
    hips: 34"
    waist: 32"
    shoulders: 51"
    chest: 43"
    quads: 23.5"
    calf: 15"
    arms: 16"
    forearm: 12"

    so far i haven't turned into a monster...........YET!
    but i feel that 3-ad has been giving me some negative side effects even before i started it.
    it has really amplified my obsessive/compulsive disorder of repetitively clicking on all these 3-ad logs going around recently!

  10. In twice!

  11. subbed-this is a warewolve and goblin free log right?

  12. POSTED: 3-22-08

    Day 1:

    dosed 2 pills of 3-ad around 9am w/fish oil and sesimin oil and a handfull of almonds.
    dosed 2 pills of 3-ad around 4pm w/natty pb.

    supps i'm taking while on this run include:
    ON 100% whey
    fish oil
    sesimin oil
    opti-men multi

    so far not really feeling anything etrordinary yet.
    but it is to be expected since i've only taken 3 doses of 3-ad so far since yesterday evening.

    i did however have a great leg workout today.
    no personal records but the workout felt great!
    i felt strong and didn't really feel fatigued following my routine.
    but remember i'm susecptable to the placebo effect and it could be in my head for now. lol.

    per easy's request, here is a leg shot i took today right before my workout.
    damn my chicken legs are white! if you happened to see that bright white flash around 5pm today it was my legs reflecting the camera flash into the atmosphere.

  13. POSTED: 3-22-08

    heavy squats are on the menu. well, as heavy as i can go while still getting a deep squat.

    today's lift #s:

    135 x 20
    135 x 20
    225 x 14
    295 x 10
    295 x 8

    body weight x 30
    holding 50lb dumbbells - 3 sets of 10

    standing calf raise:
    one leg at a time - body wieght + 45lb plate x 20 (5 sets) - ooooohhhh the burn!!!

  14. POSTED: 3-22-08

    Originally Posted by TripDog
    Hankie, any immediate effect on intensity? If not don't lie, i'm just currious....*cough- McDonalds dumpster*
    not really sure.
    if i had to pick an answer i'd say no real change in intensity so far.

    although i'm a little nervous trying to answer this correctly.
    even though the mcdonalds dumpster doesn't scare me the getting shanked with random sharp objects in the alley does. lol.

  15. Day 2:

    so far this cycle i've taken five 3-ad servings of 2 pills each.

    i feel it's FAR too early to report feeling anything and i kinda feel silly saying this, but i feel it!!!

    i know it's probably all in my head but i'm feeling it!!!

    i believe this stuff is the real deal! i now think it's going to be a great run!

    it's hard to describe how i feel exactly but i felt charged up for a few hrs after each dose today.
    also had some mild lethargy mid-day before i took my second dose.
    also felt a slight headache - high blood pressure type of feeling mid-day.
    i'm going to get my bp checked this week as i am susecptable to increased bp at times.

    my workout was good. nothing amazing but a solid workout.
    worked back and bis.

    but i did have that feeling where you can feel every muscle contract when you lift.
    like an extreme focus and ability to force all the load on a few muscle fibers in the target muscle type feeling.

    also not sure if i'm just a horny bastard or if 3ad is influencing this, but i really wanted to tear the clothes off this one girl at the gym today.
    lucky for her there were other people in the gym at that time and the lights were on.

  16. i'm giong to get some bloodwork done following pct.
    denver is running a health fair from april 15-20 that makes it really cheap to get bw done so i may as well take advantage!

    yes, i'm planning on logging my pct as well.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by JayCut View Post
    does anyone know if M-Drol is gonna be banned or show on test
    dude your jacking another thread??..you did this in a MFX thread too..

  18. T1 in!!! Good luck my 3-AD brutha!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  19. Wow the the guy above me...

    Im in on this one bro!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  20. Play nice guys!!!! Don't make me moderate this thread...sheesh I didnt make him behave in the last thread and here we are ..had to start a new one

  21. Quote Originally Posted by snookl187 View Post
    subbed-this is a warewolve and goblin free log right?
    so far so good.

  22. Still following Hank, good luck once again bro.

  23. Im in, good luck bro


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