x-factor 1250mg/levithan reloaded recomp with some twists!

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  1. Ahhhh, the HemodrauliX! Just wait, it gets better!

  2. I can't wait to get my Hemodraulix!!!

  3. I can imagine it will totally rock for biceps and tris, given how it feels for shoulders.

  4. Bobby wants hemodraulix!!..lol

  5. woke up at 196 today, and feeling a little beat, so decided to take today as my day off and do abs/cardio tomorrow (or just live with only 2 of those this week) some progress pics. whats notable here is that the shirt is a size M, its the first time i've even tried to put one on since high school. the pants are a 32 waist.

  6. looking good man! and like color iin your house too(in the least gay way) lol

  7. good Job E....I can definetly see the progress from a few month back....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    good Job E....I can definetly see the progress from a few month back....
    ditto...your looking great my man. Thats awesome!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    looking good man! and like color iin your house too(in the least gay way) lol
    last house I fought with my wife and avoided color at all cost. this time I said "**** it already" and we went with lively earthtones which sounds like an oxymoron. But it isn't, you can be lively even in earthtones.

  10. yea man that looks like some great improvement from the last time you posted some pics...keep it up
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  11. hemodraulix again

    wide grip pulldown 150x6, 160x6, 170x4, 150x6
    straight arm pulldowns 100x11, 100x12
    low rows 130x10, 130x10
    db rows 35x20

    bb curls 60x6, 60x6, 70x4 (3 clean, 4th was sloppy)
    alternating incline hammer curls 25x10, 25x10
    concentration curls 25x12, 30x10
    ez curls 40x20
    zottman curls 20x20

    wide grip pulldowns 100x25

    The pump is pretty interesting. Its not like pslin pumps, cause those I end up being forced to do lower than normal weights to just continue a workout. Here I hit new highs on some of the curls. Still quite a pump, on a few of the exercises I could feel the blood rush back into my forearms after the last rep.

  12. Easy-

    Jean shorts ?

  13. G unit shorts

  14. Because E's a gangsta!

  15. nice work easy. looks like youve leaned out a lot.
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  16. yuck i'm not doing that again....

    I took 2 full scoops of ragnarok as well as hemodraulix pre workout.

    It didn't quite work out. I basically went from warmup to painful pumps, and severely limited strength due to those painful pumps. Also, I had some joint pain, but just in my one shoulder that does that occasionally, but it was worse than usual. That may be the x-factor as well, so i dug up a bottle of super cissus, and will also be cracking into xyience xmotion today.

    flat bb bp barx20 (and had a pump at this point already) 95x6, 135x4, 115x4, 95x3
    Tried some flat db presses in case it was more the bb, no dice - 60x3, 40x4 (and its too depressing to go lower than that)
    incline bb 95x12, 95x8
    machine decline press 70x14, 60x12

    I did a prayer for tris

    Seated bb tri extensions 50x6, 50x6, 50x5
    standing db extensions 15x10, 15x9
    tricep pushdowns 70x14

    man did that suck and hurt. I had close to a normal end of workout pump on chest + tris at the end of doing the 20 flat with the bar as warmup. Way way way too much, I should have tried just 1 scoop of ragnarok. oh well. hopefully still got some hypertrophy in.

  17. Ouch! Yeah, you may want to limit how much more N.O. you take with HemodrauliX.

  18. leg lifts - bentx25, straightx10, bent x 20
    oblique twist machine - 100x15, 100x15
    decline crunches 25, 25
    side bends 25x15, 25x15
    leg pull ins 130x10, 100x10

    then 40 minutes of mid intensity cardio, heart rate at 140ish.

  19. so today went with 1 scoop ragnarok + hemodraulix. now that was nice! that will be the recipe for here forwards

    Behind the neck shoulder presses 45x20 as warmup and started a pump, 95x6, 105x6, 95x6
    bent over lateral extensions - 10x12,10x12,10x12
    wide grip vertical rows 60x10, 60x10, 60x10
    alternating front raises + lateral extensions 10x12, 10x11
    arnold presses 15x25

    vsquats 150x20 as warmup
    leg presses 350x6, 550x6, 650x1, 350x6
    leg extensions 125x12, 125x12
    vsquats 200x20

    Quite nice the pump on the rag/hemodraulix combo, particularly considering that its hard for me to get good shoulder pumps. this should be a sweet combo monday for back/bis.

    Tried muscle delight pwo. The smell in the bottle is totally awesome. First sip taste was almost disappointing compared to the smell (as expectations were high) but it was still a great taste. I hit the bottom of the cup and wanted more Had just the right amount of sweetness, and a good mouth feel. The chocolate taste was about on a par with EAS whey, which is pretty damn good.

  20. I'm glad you liked it!

    Side note: package arrived - thanks!

  21. have you had that "Nectar" protein easy? All i can say is it is the most amazing tasting protein every. Doesn't even taste like protein at all WOW!!!!!!

  22. I keep some of their lemonade here ALWAYS, and like the Crystal sky a lot too. didn't like the carribean whatever too much, and the apple was pretty decent. I need to try the remaining flavors

  23. The strawberry kiwi is amazing man you have to try it. IO never want to stop drinking it.They need to make it cheaper though What does the crystal one taste like?

  24. I was just looking at nutra and they have a nectar flavor called chocolate truffle.

  25. the crystal is sort of a fruit punch, tropical style. its really a nice punch

  26. Nice progress E! Skank

  27. was kinda bored, and missing the gym, so I went and worked out in the community gym this evening. Used 1 scoop ragnarok + hemodraulix

    flat smith bp 125x6,155x6, 165x4, 155x5
    incline smith press 115x10, 125x9
    decline db press 35x15, 35x13
    machine press 75x14

    standing triceps extension 50x6, 50x6, 45x6
    machine triceps pushdowns 62.5x10, 62.5x9
    pushdowns using lat machine 50x14, 35x14

    incline db flies 15x19

    pretty good feeling workout! my triceps are completely cranked to where its hard to type even. my chest is pretty pumped too. I think I have to switch to db chest presses, its really almost entirely right shoulder limiting me. after the 2nd or third rep over 100lbs, it starts to hurt. Doesn't hurt with dumbbells.

  28. went for anothe evening workout, back/bis. One scoop of ragnarok on a not empty stomach + hemodraulix.

    wide grip pulldowns 100x20, 150x6, 160x6, 170x4, 150x6
    close grip rows 120x10, 130x8
    db rows 40x20, 40x20

    bb curls 60x6, 60x6, 70x3, 60x5
    incline hammer curls 25x10, 25x10
    concentration curls 25x15, 25x12
    ez curls 40x17, 35x16, 25x19 (dang well couldn't reach 20)

    QUITE nice. really really nice. best pump in a long time. Good vascularity too for me, could see the major vein on each bicep, and a few more were visible on the forearm than usual.

    I had some moderate doms from yesterday too, expecting tomorrow to be even moreso

  29. forgot to update this morning

    leg lifts bentx20, straightx15
    oblique machine 100x10
    decline crunch 25, 25
    side bends 35x20
    leg pull ins 100x15, 100x13
    decline crunch 25

    and then 24 min of mid intensity cardio heartrate from 130-145. I'm now 24 hours into a slightly modified velocity diet (cant use fish oil while on x-factor) and its going decently. Hunger is down already, and i've had solid bowel movements so I must be adding enough psyllium husks. Not quite sure how long I will do this for, at least a week, possibly longer depending on progress and how I feel. Then 2-3 weeks transitioning back, slowly adding 1 solid meal a day every few days. I should be able to hit 185lbs and be at maybe 12%ish bodyfat within a couple weeks like this was 193 this morning. I'm using the diet tracker too now just to have it all be in there

  30. seems i've go that bug now thats going around so no worky outy. darn, i'm missing a leg day hopefully i feel good by monday


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