x-factor 1250mg/levithan reloaded recomp with some twists!

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  1. Never enough
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    today was abs/cardio. not sure if I can manage abs 3x a week at this kind of rate

    leg lifts straightx15, bentx15
    side bends 65x15, 65x15
    decline crunch 30x15, 30x14
    oblique machine 110x15, 110x15
    leg pull ins 150x10, 150x6

    then 30 minutes of HIIT on the treadclimber, heart rate from 150-185.
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  2. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post

    Please post a pic of your man jugs ;-)

    How much would you pay for TRT if you got it ? I've heard that it costs around 175-200/week.
    heres the info from their site


    I'm assuming that a normal vial lasts a month? not really sure. but its got an $85 sticker price, and the plan covers $75. so sounds like $10 a month so long as I can get a dr to write the script. they had cyp too as a covered med but I think the enanthate is better overall.
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  3. From what I hear, TRT is typically done @ 250mg of Sust. 250. This is each week.

    I'm sure some people have different protocols in place, but this is the most common I hear about.

  4. Never enough
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    hmm sustanon 250 isn't in their tool for prescriptions. so no telling whether it isnt' covered, or what. still, no reason cyp or enan couldnt be used. the enan is in 5ml bottles @ 200mg/ml, the cyp in 10ml bottles, also 200mg/ml.

    I think I will talk to my doctor about it, if its going to only cost $10 a month
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  5. Never enough
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    legs + shoulders

    I finally know that the sled is 80lbs, so these are total weights
    leg press 80x20 as warmup, 350x5, 440x5, 530x5, 600x3.5 (my vision started to go grey at 3, I made a clean negative but couldn't go back up), 440x5, 440x5
    seated leg extensions 140x10, 140x10
    lying leg curls 100x10, 100x7

    delt machine 100x5, 110x5, 125x5, 140x5, 110x5
    alternating front raises/lateral extensions 12.5x10, 10x10
    arnold presses 25x10, 25x10, 25x10

    and I feel like i'm forgetting at least one exercise. I guess I still did 4 on shoulders with the alternating front/laterals. my shoulders are all cranked right now. 600lbs on the leg press!
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  6. Never enough
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    Cardio and abs again

    Side bends 70x10, 80x6
    leg pull ins 150x10, 150x9
    roman chair russian twists 30x10, 30x10
    leg lifts straightx10, bentx10
    decline crunch 35x19, 35x8

    30 minutes HIIT on treadclimber, HR 150-180

    I was 198 today on the scale, and that was with a relatively late semi-cheatish dinner (brown rice pasta + mixed seafood with a sundried tomato alfredo sauce). So looks like its dropping off pretty rapidly now. noticeably leaner in the mirror, the bottom of my flAbs are changing shape, starting to get more of a cleft in the middle.
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  7. Keep it up easy! Looks like you're really getting where you want!
  8. Never enough
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    off day today, woke at 198.
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  9. Never enough
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    199 today, so still some fluctuation. I was retarded today, forgot to eat preworkout. didn't even realize it till I was partway thru hammer curls. when I did, it explained why I was petering out. so I took a bit more rest, and carried on!

    medium grip low rows (i do these with the bicycle handle looking bars btw) 80x20, 130x5, 150x5, 160x5, 170x5, 180x3
    wide grip pulldowns 130x5, 150x10, 160x10
    db rows 35x20 - I remember only being able to do 35 for 10, it wasn't that long ago.

    incline hammer curls 25x5, 30x5, (long rest here) 30x10, 30x7
    bb curls 60x5, 60x6, 60x5
    concentration curls 20x23, 20x17
    reverse grip ez curls 25x15
    ez curl 25x15

    wide grip pulldown 100x10, 100x9

    bicep pump was quite nice, almost a pslin grade pump man i wish I had eaten before, this would have been even better had I something to burn for energy. I was drinking my standard peri workout drink which is xtend + swell, so at least I had bcaas, but some eggs and a banana would have worked better. still I guess between the leviathan reloaded + DCP, I had fat loose in bloodstream to burn. not the same as some carbs tho
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  10. Never enough
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    197 on the scale today. I will try and up my cals slightly, as i'm not really trying to loose any weight right now.

    leg lifts bentx15, straightx15
    oblique machine 125x10, 125x10
    decline crunches 35x15, 35x15
    side bends 75x10, 75x10 - if I am going to continue doing these "heavy" I need to figure out something else. a 75 or 80lb db is awkward, I feel like I may drop it.
    leg pull ins 150x10, 150x10 just barely

    30 min HIIT, heart rate from 145-185. does it seem unnatural to anyone that I am hitting a high over 100% for my age, and still am able to sing along with a song playing on the zune? I mean i'm panting while singing but still able to speak.
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  11. Easy you lean mo fo..haha...god job bruv
  12. Never enough
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    forgot to mention that I started on sunday seeing a noticeable increase in forehead skin oilyness.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    does it seem unnatural to anyone that I am hitting a high over 100% for my age, and still am able to sing along with a song playing on the zune? I mean i'm panting while singing but still able to speak.

    Probably just from the stims. I know when I take a Basic Cuts, 5mg of Yohim HCL and 750mg of Green Tea Extract, my heart rate gets up there real easy. I think as long as your not getting shortness of breath ot tightening of the chest, your cool
  14. Never enough
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    bb bp 135x5, 155x5, 165x3, 145x6, 145x5
    incline bb 95x10, 115x7, 95x9
    decline press machine 70x14, 60x20
    some flies stretches

    lying triceps extension 60x5, 60x6, 60x4
    standing db triceps extensions 20x12, 20x11, 15x20
    cable tricep pushdowns 100x14, 70x30

    triceps were pretty lit up at the end
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  15. Never enough
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    interesting tidbit, i'm already starting to get increased doms. Its only day 12 as of today. It seems that a) all those eggs I ate last time didn't help worth a damn b) 1250mg/day vs 1000 really makes a big difference.

    Not that the doms are bad, but i've had none for a long time. They aren't sore at rest, just during a few spots in range of motion.
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  16. Wow. DOMS already! Nice!

  17. Easy - did you start it?
  18. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    No, today was abs + cardio, and I sure don't want abs pumps tomorrow I will.

    speaking of...

    decline crunches 0x30
    bent leg lifts to side 25, 25
    side bends 25x50
    lying "bicycle" 20
    shallow decline crunches 0x30

    Then 30 min of HIIT, heart rate from 150-180
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  19. Never enough
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    twist thrown in today, no ragnarok preworkout, took Hemodraulix and wanted to see it solo.

    standing behind the next presses 85x6, 95x6, 100x5, 85x5
    alternating front raise/lateral extension 12.5x7, 10x9, 7.5x13
    pec/delt machine 65x12, 65x12
    arnold presses 15x20, 15x20

    vsquat machine 190x12, 190x12
    leg press 440x5, 440x5, 530x5, 530x5
    seated leg extensions 125x12, 125x12, 125x12

    I started getting a pump just doing my warmups on the shoulders I don't tend to get much in the way of shoulder pumps in general so that was nice. by the end of the workout it was pretty intense. it faded some during the leg workout, but came back after. Will be interesting monday to use it with back + bis. I'll continue to use it solo the next 2 workouts, then add ragnarok back in.
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  20. Ahhhh, the HemodrauliX! Just wait, it gets better!

  21. I can't wait to get my Hemodraulix!!!
  22. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    I can imagine it will totally rock for biceps and tris, given how it feels for shoulders.
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  23. Bobby wants hemodraulix!!..lol
  24. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    woke up at 196 today, and feeling a little beat, so decided to take today as my day off and do abs/cardio tomorrow (or just live with only 2 of those this week) some progress pics. whats notable here is that the shirt is a size M, its the first time i've even tried to put one on since high school. the pants are a 32 waist.
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  25. looking good man! and like color iin your house too(in the least gay way) lol

  26. good Job E....I can definetly see the progress from a few month back....

  27. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    good Job E....I can definetly see the progress from a few month back....
    ditto...your looking great my man. Thats awesome!
  28. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    looking good man! and like color iin your house too(in the least gay way) lol
    last house I fought with my wife and avoided color at all cost. this time I said "**** it already" and we went with lively earthtones which sounds like an oxymoron. But it isn't, you can be lively even in earthtones.
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  29. yea man that looks like some great improvement from the last time you posted some pics...keep it up
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  30. Never enough
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    hemodraulix again

    wide grip pulldown 150x6, 160x6, 170x4, 150x6
    straight arm pulldowns 100x11, 100x12
    low rows 130x10, 130x10
    db rows 35x20

    bb curls 60x6, 60x6, 70x4 (3 clean, 4th was sloppy)
    alternating incline hammer curls 25x10, 25x10
    concentration curls 25x12, 30x10
    ez curls 40x20
    zottman curls 20x20

    wide grip pulldowns 100x25

    The pump is pretty interesting. Its not like pslin pumps, cause those I end up being forced to do lower than normal weights to just continue a workout. Here I hit new highs on some of the curls. Still quite a pump, on a few of the exercises I could feel the blood rush back into my forearms after the last rep.
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  31. Easy-

    Jean shorts ?
  32. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    G unit shorts
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  33. Because E's a gangsta!

  34. nice work easy. looks like youve leaned out a lot.
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  35. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    yuck i'm not doing that again....

    I took 2 full scoops of ragnarok as well as hemodraulix pre workout.

    It didn't quite work out. I basically went from warmup to painful pumps, and severely limited strength due to those painful pumps. Also, I had some joint pain, but just in my one shoulder that does that occasionally, but it was worse than usual. That may be the x-factor as well, so i dug up a bottle of super cissus, and will also be cracking into xyience xmotion today.

    flat bb bp barx20 (and had a pump at this point already) 95x6, 135x4, 115x4, 95x3
    Tried some flat db presses in case it was more the bb, no dice - 60x3, 40x4 (and its too depressing to go lower than that)
    incline bb 95x12, 95x8
    machine decline press 70x14, 60x12

    I did a prayer for tris

    Seated bb tri extensions 50x6, 50x6, 50x5
    standing db extensions 15x10, 15x9
    tricep pushdowns 70x14

    man did that suck and hurt. I had close to a normal end of workout pump on chest + tris at the end of doing the 20 flat with the bar as warmup. Way way way too much, I should have tried just 1 scoop of ragnarok. oh well. hopefully still got some hypertrophy in.
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  36. Ouch! Yeah, you may want to limit how much more N.O. you take with HemodrauliX.
  37. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    leg lifts - bentx25, straightx10, bent x 20
    oblique twist machine - 100x15, 100x15
    decline crunches 25, 25
    side bends 25x15, 25x15
    leg pull ins 130x10, 100x10

    then 40 minutes of mid intensity cardio, heart rate at 140ish.
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  38. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    so today went with 1 scoop ragnarok + hemodraulix. now that was nice! that will be the recipe for here forwards

    Behind the neck shoulder presses 45x20 as warmup and started a pump, 95x6, 105x6, 95x6
    bent over lateral extensions - 10x12,10x12,10x12
    wide grip vertical rows 60x10, 60x10, 60x10
    alternating front raises + lateral extensions 10x12, 10x11
    arnold presses 15x25

    vsquats 150x20 as warmup
    leg presses 350x6, 550x6, 650x1, 350x6
    leg extensions 125x12, 125x12
    vsquats 200x20

    Quite nice the pump on the rag/hemodraulix combo, particularly considering that its hard for me to get good shoulder pumps. this should be a sweet combo monday for back/bis.

    Tried muscle delight pwo. The smell in the bottle is totally awesome. First sip taste was almost disappointing compared to the smell (as expectations were high) but it was still a great taste. I hit the bottom of the cup and wanted more Had just the right amount of sweetness, and a good mouth feel. The chocolate taste was about on a par with EAS whey, which is pretty damn good.
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  39. I'm glad you liked it!

    Side note: package arrived - thanks!


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