All The Whey Protein Reviews

  1. All The Whey Protein Reviews

    I receieved over 2lbs of samples from Marc at ATW and figured I would write a review. There will be more to come, but I will review them as I try them. These will all be sampled in milk unless otherwise noted.

    Cinnamon Bun Whey Isolate: Taste was good, it did clump slightly. I wouldn't say its the best flavor I've ever tried, but it was very damn good.

    Cinnamon Bun Whey Blend: Tasted better than the isolate, however it clumped a lot more. I just ate the clumps as they tasted amazing. It may not clump in water, but I drink a shake in the mornings with milk and will stick to my normal whey brand post workout.

  2. sounds great, how did you get samples?
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. It was limited to the first 15 people who responded to a post.

  4. What is dymatize elite whey like?
    anybody know?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by harlan100 View Post
    What is dymatize elite whey like?
    anybody know?
    I could comment, but i'm going to keep this review in order.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by joebo View Post
    I could comment, but i'm going to keep this review in order.
    sorry man

  7. More reviews...

    Optimum Blend Strawberry: Can't say i'd recommend this one. While it did smell like strawberry, the taste was very, very weak. Wasn't a personal favorite and again a bit clumpy compared to my typical whey.

    Optimum Blend Chocolate: Great chocolate taste. Much more chocolaty than most brands which was a plus. I would def recommend this one. It seemed to mix well too, no clumping. I'm assuming whatever is causing the clumping in some flavors must be do to flavoring.

    Optimum Blend Chocolate Mint: Read review for chocolate and add a very good mint zing to it. Much better than other chocolate mints i've tried. There is one which I prefer better, but I will leave that out. I would buy this flavor as well.

  8. Ok, so I finished all my samples and I'll share the following with everyone on my experience.

    Whey type that had the best taste in order:
    *Whey Blend(Best tasting)
    *Optimum Blend(very bland and flavorless)

    Best flavors in order to my liking:
    *Chocolate - by far the best tasting chocolate I have tried
    *Strawberry - the flavoring system they use is flawed because in two different samples of strawberry blend, only one tasted like strawberry. The other didn't change the milks color or taste like strawberry, although it had a slight hint. Same kind, totally different flavor.
    *Cinnamon Bun - It was ok, but nothing to rub one out to like some users report. Did not mix well in any variety.
    *Choc Mint - Dyamatizes or ON's Choc Mint are much better
    *Banana - one of the better banana's i've tasted, but still not great.
    *Vanilla - No taste at all
    *Pinapple - don't even think about it!

    Overall thoughts:
    Some flavors were good, but none of them mixed extremely well with the exception of chocolate. While I real appreciate them sending me samples, I just don't think I will order any ATW products at their current pricing for two reasons.
    1. I can find a better tasting product cheaper
    2. I would rather order my protein with my other supplements rather than pay shipping twice.

    The chocolate was extremely good, but again, for the price, I can get a comparable taste for cheaper.


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