JJ's 6 week Epistane Review

  1. JJ's 6 week Epistane Review

    This will be my review of IBE Epistane. It was my first DS/PH cycle. Gains were to increase muscle mass and minimise bf increase whilst doing so.

    Epi was run for 6 weeks


    Originally I intended to do a 4 week cycle but I couldnt bring myself to stop in the midst of the gains so extended by 2 weeks.


    +~1-1.5% bf

    Arms +0.625"
    Legs +1"
    Chest +1.5"
    Calves + 0.5"

    I added extra calories and protein to an already calorie dense diet. My diet was not particularly clean, I'll be the first to admit I eat a lot of pizza and chocolate.

    Sizewise I'm happy with this compound. Gaining 0.625" on my arms was great being as it was one of the main gains of the cycle. Although my chest measurement increased my chest doesnt look that much, if any bigger so most of my gains here must have been due to my back which is noticeably bigger.
    I should add that my legs grew an inch even though i could not work them out! I got a knee injury and had to stop and although I havent worked them for 6 weeks they've grown 1". I've always been able to get my legs to grow but this was ridiculous!

    I found that my weight shot up in the first 2 weeks and gradually tailed off after this not really increasing much in the last 2 weeks of the cycle. I attribute this to either getting used to the compund and thus gains slowing down or gaining more fat at the start of the cycle than later (although calories were constant) or a combination of both.

    Strength Increases (DB values are total for both side increases)

    Bench + 0lbs
    DB shoulder press +10lbs
    Rows +25lbs
    EZ bar curls +20lbs
    DB curls +20lbs
    Hammer Curls +20lbs
    Decline skulls +20lbs
    Power shrugs +30lbs
    Hack squat calf raise +30lbs

    Strengthwise I found this strange. On some exercises I made no gains whatsoever, not even 5lbs increase e.g. benchpress. Increasing my bench was the other reason for the cycle so this was annoying. Other exercises went up good amounts.
    I was surprised and pleased by the amount I gained on bicep/tricep exercises. However I expected more on other exercises. Overall I'd say strengthwise it provides small gains but nothing out of this world but then plently of logs have said otherwise.

    Side effects:

    I've had only minor sides throughout the cycle. The main one was acne increase on my face which occurred after 2 weeks and stayed for the whole cycle. I noticed that when i bumped up to 50mg the acne got worse.
    I noticed that it dried my joints out mildly giving me slight stiffness in my left shoulder.
    My libido increased first but started decreasing after 3 weeks and is very low right now. There may be slight tesicular atrophy but nothing too noticeable and I have tried to monitor it.

    Gyno reduction:

    The other reason for using Epi was to reduce my gyno that i picked up from XF/Activate and also hyperdrol/MassFX cycles. Clearly i'm sensitive to estrogen. I'm very pleased with Epi in this department, the lump under my left has 100% gone and 75% gone in my right. Unfortunately my nipples still protrude more than i like, but its due to a soft substance now which i assume is fat and will have to be dealt with a cut.

    Extending the cycle:

    I decided to do this at the end of week 3 whilst not feeling shut down and having the best of my size gains. I would have run 20/30/30/40 but instead did 20/30/30/30/40/40/50. I made no gains in the 4th overall week which was my third at 30mg and little in the 2 weeks at 40. Gains were more noticeable again at 50 (and some days during this week i dosed 60mg).

    I do not believe that extending the cycle was a good idea in hindsight. I believe I would have made gains in week 4 at 40mg but extending had me at 30mg again. I think being on 4 weeks made me accustomed to the compound shown by the slowed gains and only gaining at 50-60 after that. I didnt gain a lot of extra weight after week 3 but my lifts did increase. The only bonus of extending was that i was gaining about 1/8" per week on my arms so i got another 1/4" on my arms. However considering the extra shutdown and possible lipid profile probs etc I dont see it as a good decision. Bloodwork after post cycle therapy will tell.

    Support Supps

    Cycle Support
    Liver Longer
    Supercissus RX

    Overall I see epistane as a fine compound for 1st time users. It gives mild strength increase, moderate size increase assuming diet is rich in protein and calories and has only minor sides even up at 50-60mg. I think this Epi is best dosed for 4 weeks, maybe 5 if the scale is still moving but not more. Gyno reduction was great on Epi, I cleared out the lump in my left mipple completely and the one in my right is 3/4 gone. Hopefully it remains stays gone after PCT.


    Mass FX
    Lean Xtreme

    Bloodwork will be posted when i get it after PCT.

    Any questions lemme know!

    Next planned cycle is Mass Tabs or P-Plex. Prob Mass Tabs.

  2. hey man i was just wondering if you knew where i could get my hands on epistane or if it is ever going to be back on the market

  3. Sorry mate, got mine here at AM. Also had a store here in the UK but both seem to be out. I believe it is coming back out tho.

  4. its all back in stock

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