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  1. SuperdrolNG as simple as that. . . . SPONSORED by FrankJ's GF! ! !

    well yesterday i got back from vegas spend like 5 days overthere i drank, danced and ate alot. i didnt had much sleep . It seems that i went catabolic overthere. when i left i was @ 196 lbs. today i got on my scale and i was 189.5 lbs, almost sh1t my pants(thanks god i didnt if i had i would have been like 188lbs )

    I got my dirty hands on Some SDNG/MassFX/AdvancedPCT thanks to the folks of AX, (BigSmith,Mace) i got my stuff one week ago but since i had to go to vegas i didnt start till today.

    Yesterday that i got back i was feeling kind of lethargic and i sure was cause of the things i did over the weekend so i decided to give it a try. I took 2 SDNG/ 2 MassFX caps preworkout. I had a mild boost well not mild since i was all tired from the trip when i got home, but when i took the dose of SDNG and MassFX like 30 min later i felt like going to the gym. So i went didn my chest/shoulder workout . My shoulder workout was kind of weak but if felt good and i didnt felt tired. i just couldt move the weight i usually do, but with chest i didnt had no problem.

    Today is my fist day whit full dose. I already took 2 doses, my last dose is going to be my preworkout dose since i workout @8 pm.

    Im going to try to update this when i get back from the gym.

    As a note also i had some trouble to get some sleep. i got some sleep finally like @ 4 am but i was able to wake up @ 9 am fine and i wasnt feeling tired

    SOme stats

    weight :189.5lbs(this morning)
    height 5'8"
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  2. gl zombie!

  3. subbed!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cellardude View Post
    gl zombie!
    thanks i need to get back my 6.5 pound i lost in vegas

  5. Wishing you a good run here!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BigSmith View Post
    Wishing you a good run here!
    thanks. what whould you recommend taking it with food or empty stomach. i been taking it with food and i did noticed the mild stim effect wich i wouldnt call it stim effect more just like motivation.

  7. Good luck brotha!!

  8. zombi mind if i ask starting body fat? good luck bro!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigschmidt821 View Post
    zombi mind if i ask starting body fat? good luck bro!
    i have no clue. im fat right now my waistright now its like 39. that a guess compared with the last time i measured. im going to try to measure in a few minutes when i get home. I live like 5 min a way from my office so in a couple of minutes im going to post the measurements

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    thanks. what whould you recommend taking it with food or empty stomach. i been taking it with food and i did noticed the mild stim effect wich i wouldnt call it stim effect more just like motivation.
    I would take it without food before pre-workouts doses.

  11. Good Luck! SuBBeD

  12. Zombie you dirty man HAHA!!! Glad to see the trip to Vegas was good!

    Lets get this log going baby!!!

  13. Subbed!!!!!! Good luck Bro!

  14. good luck zombie!

  15. well today was my second day i took SDNG/MassFX preworkout today it was the most boring and dificult day(Back/Leg). I didnt took my Wms+Lecuine Shake, to see how does it help on recovery, usually on leg days if i dont take Leucine(6g before and after) i end up all sore for 2 to 3 days. leucine has helped to reduce the soreness. But i want to see hows this on recovery.

    im not tired right now. i hope i can sleep today. im not taking Lipotrophin-PM either and im not going to take it till i finish this cycle. Im only going to use my staples(multi,fish oil, i only have a few days worth of Cycle support)

  16. You didnt think you could hide this log from me did you ?

    Good luck !

  17. gluck subbed

  18. I been lurking on the site this morning since i had alot of things to do. Im already @ my office. I woke up and my legs werent sore not even my back, lets wait till tomorrow to see if they get sore. Yesterday i was able to sleep without any problems i passed out like @ 2:30am. without any sleep aids and i woke up @ 9 am and i didnt felt tired.

    EDIT: i also got on the scale today and i was 192.5 lbs i thinking that i got dehydrated with all the alcohol that why i dropped 6.5 pounds in 5 days.

  19. hahaha that crazy alcohol........good luck man!
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  20. sub'd!

    can you please put SPONSORED in your title?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post

    can you please put SPONSORED in your title?

  22. Well today is a day off, so i dont do sh1t. i been from one place to another tring to look for things to do and nothing. i might go to the movies later today or something like that i dont want to call/see/Text/IM/PM my drinking buddies

    On a side note i been like 2 days on SDNG and MassFX and no signs of acne. Im not prone to it but MassFX makes it come out but this time i havent seen any yet. My skin is a bit oily a lil more than normal. but not like when i was on 3-ad. When i was on 3-ad i could rub my face on a pan then do some eggs and they woulnt stick. Now i could wipe the oily stuff off my face and it would take time to build up again.

  23. Sunday i forgot to take 1 dose and today i took 3 caps of SDNG prework out. I sweat a lot my tshirt was completely soaked, i forgot to take my water bottle and im not drinking from the gyms water it doesnt has a filter.
    Note to self: if taking 3 caps of SDNG preworkout drink lots of water and bring a water bottle.
    I didnt got tired, i had really good recovery between sets, i still have a really good mood and no acne. Mild oily skin.

    things are looking good, and i feel great.


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