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  1. i today i played with the dosage since i missed a few doses on the weekend i used alil more today.

    i took 1 cap when i woke up around 8:30 it gave me a boost
    @ 2 pm lunch time i took 2 caps i felt good.
    after that i was @ work everything was fine i got home like @ 6:30 then i made a preworkout protein shake @ 7 pm i took 3 caps i was looking for a extra boost.
    a few hrs later my monster sized Lilttle Zombie thats not so little looked like a shrinked nekid mole rat , also i felt a some anxiety no jittery feeling just mild anxiety, during my workout i was feeling tired i was able to do do my work out. i did chest and shoulder with high reps. even that i took some big doses of caffeine with those 6 caps of SDNG i think im going to sleep well since i feel tired al ready and sleepy.

  2. today i had a great workout it was back and leg. i used 4 caps today i felt a bit of anxiety today. i didnt fell tired even after only sleeping like 4hrs. i think that my sweet spot is 4 caps. 6 caps was too much i dont know if it was just coincidence with the day or what. i might try 6 caps in a few days to see if it happens the same thing.

  3. well ih avent been updating alot. i have just a few days left of SDNG.i took my doses too close to each other(4 caps). today i didnt went to the gym but i went to a trail here were people go to walk cause its nice and it has alot of hills and downhills places. its like 1/4 mile, i runned the first 3 laps i was sweating like a pig. then i did 4 laps jogging and a last one walking. i felt great. it did help with my endurance since i dont do cardio often.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    well ih avent been updating alot......
    NO MORE TEST FO YOU! (said in my best Soup Nazi voice!)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    NO MORE TEST FO YOU! (said in my best Soup Nazi voice!)

    soo your not going to let me pin ????

    today i did the same thing like yesterday but this time i took some water and i did 1 more lap but i felt sick @ the end, i did it whit an empty stomach, when i got home i cooked 2 cups of oats and i put half a banana on top and i ate it and i started feeling better. Its been a while since i did empty stomach cardio and in a sunday lol. but other than that it was all good

  6. a BANANA?

    Poor little banana!

  7. Hows it going ?

  8. endurance is up, acne is gone, i still have oily skin. strength hasnt increased in the last week. overall feeling is ok i feel great, some times i feel a bit of anxiety a few minutes after my preworkout dose (2 caps) but like an hr after its over. Im getting my weigth and measurements tomorrow or the day after since i have 5 caps left and tomorrow is going to be my last day.

  9. all good things must come to an end

  10. today was my last day of SDNG and MassFx, even that i didnt put alot of effort with this cycle and my diet wasnt in check, i had alot of stress and personal problems, and i started doing cardio almost everyday the last week. i lost like .25-.5 from the belly .

    weight 196

    Neck: 17
    arms 17
    shoulders: 54
    chest: 45.5
    belly: 40.75
    waist: 38.5
    calves: 15.5

    Now that this has come to an end, do i have to do for post cycle therapy AdvancedPCT stand alone or i can add things? ? ?

    if i can add things
    how does this look

    Fist thing in the morning
    2 Drive
    1 Lean Xtreme

    1 Advance PCT
    1 MassFX

    1 Lean Xtreme


    3 Drive
    1Advance PCT
    2 MassFX
    1 HyperdrolX2
    1 Lean Xteme


    1 Lean Xtrme
    1 AdvancePCT
    1 Hyperdrol X2

    i dont know if 4 Advance PCT +2 hyperdrolx2 are too much 6-bromo(thats 200mg of 6-bromo)

  11. You did a good job bro, I'm impressed.. and soo proud of you.. (LOL jk) anyways man, seriously..


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