Distilled Water does Cissuc-Dol 8 weeks

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  1. Day 18

    Great Leg workout last nite

    New PR on deep squats (@ss to heels) 315 @ 12

    I feel pretty good today. Training at nite the last few weeks is makeing me sleep like a baby, im sleeping 12hrs a nite now I feel worthless when I wake up between 10-12.....lol.

    Even with upping my carbs my weight hasn;t gone up its just leveld off.

    Notes: Skin is really oily, its the only negative i'd say with this product, but is that really a negative (its increased Test so you know it's working). Any way all is good, test is stil increased and my boys are flopping like bowling balls

    Hitting Tri's 2nite, Im going to try to hit 225 for 6 on close grip bench. My PR is 225 for 10
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  2. Day 21

    3 weeks down!!!!! Another good week, other than some brots and beer on saturday night. My farts were sooo bad my wife made me sleep on the couch...lol

    I didnt get to try for my PR on CG bench as I was the only person in the gym and had no one to spot me...o' well I'll give it a go this thursday.

    Notes: I'm looking alot harder in the morning, oily skin and acne are stil there. Libido is good. Everything is going well thus far and Im thinking after the 4 weeks if I want to kick it up to 4 a day and see if there are any added benifits. Seeing how im pretty happy with 3 caps right now
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  3. Day 23

    Great chest workout monday followed by a solid back/traps day yesterday. I'm takeing 2day off to give my legs a rest.

    I felt really powerfull on monday. I went 3 sets Incline/flat/decline 15 @135, 12 @155, 10 @ 185.

    I know I could have went heavier but I my reps were perfect 100% controlled reps, 5sec down....1sec pause...3sec up. I was getting perfect contraction on every rep.

    For a strength test I'll incline 225 (232lbs) until failure at the end of my incline/flat/decline routine.

    I hate training back/traps. I have a hard time really feeling my back get worked so I try to go light and really focus on form and it doesnt seem to do much. I'm going to look into some straps for next weeks back day.

    *If its okay with Generic Labz I'd like to bump to 4caps a day after the 1st 4 week mark, so I'd be doseing 4 as of day 29. Its working great for me @ 3 a day, Id just like to see if there's any added benifit of 4 a day for me.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    *If its okay with Generic Labz I'd like to bump to 4caps a day after the 1st 4 week mark, so I'd be doseing 4 as of day 29. Its working great for me @ 3 a day, Id just like to see if there's any added benifit of 4 a day for me.
    Not a problem, bump it up bro!

  5. Thanks GL,

    Its been crazy the last few days for me, some personal/famliy things that needed tending too. So my diet wasn't very good, but I stil maneged to get in all my trining sessions and good pre/post meals.

    Notes: Test is til flyin' high.....Recovery and strength are great libido is stil normal, but slightly elavated. Acne is stil the same, but it's not getting any worse
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  6. I will also be taken more pictures in a few days and posting them by the end of the week. I will also include my new measurements
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  7. Day 30

    I took pictures the other day and just have to drop the card off at Walmart to get the CD.

    We started fall ball and wow, im sore. Its from beeing dehydrated and not haveing any posiedon but i'll get some tonite. Work outs are stil going well but I havent done any morning cardio because we are ending each practice with an HIIT type running program. Last I checked I was right around 186lbs.

    Notes: SInce bumping to 4 caps on monday I have more acne on my chest and back but I dont know if this is from sweating my ass off for 3-4 hours at ball everyday. Either way I think its contributeing. Weights are stil increaseing each workout which im really happy about. I usually hit some type of pleatue in somthing after 5 weeks of training.

    Im takeing today off lifting because I threw a 70 pitch bull pen session yesterday and my legs are a little winded. Also my right lat and shoulder feel like I just did about 100 sets of lat pulldowns and side/reverse raises. I'm going to mega-dose BCAA/Glutamine/Posiedon over the next few days to get hydrated again. I'm always thirsty
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  8. subbedd keep it up man nice work(check my log if u get a chance) would rep u but gotta spread it......
  9. Day 33

    Dont worry, its all good wheezy

    Since bumping to 4 this week I think I have leaned out alot more. When I was doing reverse wrtist curls I looked out at the mirror and seen my shoulder was striated as hell. Somthing I have seen since last summer.

    Notes: Skin is more oliy this week which has lead to a little increase in acne. Explosive strength really went up this week, but endurance hasn't improved much. I'm stil getting harder and more vascular while stil staying around 184~187lbs.

    Diet has been pretty good this week, but I'm pretty sure I have been a little hypo caloric. It's hard to eat real food with school + ball, also Im walking for 15min Post-Workout now and our HIIT style practice is helping me burn more calories also. Im doing my best
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  10. Day 38


    I lost 2lbs over the week. That makes sense because since bumping to 4 caps I am alot harder looking. Although I dont really think Im loseing anything at my waist. This could be bloat stil and it may subside when Im done with my creatine in 2 weeks.

    Notes: Ance is stil bad, oily skin. Strength is stil riseing and close to the stongest I've been "natural" that I can remember. I got the 105's for 5 reps on incline DB monday. I have been on a lower protein diet the last 2 weeks, not by choice but by chance to eating and getting full. My diet looks like this about every day

    2whole eggs, 4 whites
    1/2cup oats w/ fruit
    2 peices Whole Wheat toast

    40gr whey
    50gr Ground Oats

    5-6oz Chicken
    1/2 cup Brown Rice (60-70carbs)

    5-6oz chicken
    1/2cup Brown Rice (60-70carbs)

    Whatever I can get
    -atleast 30gr protein
    -atleast 60gr carbs
    -Fat I dont care
    *usually healthy choice dinner or somthing like that

    1 1/4 cup 1%coattage cheese (40gr protein)

    Yea I know its rough, I've been useing Yellow Gold (~500mg) for that meal @ 8pm.

    Lifes just crazy w/ wife and kids and school and baseball and my buisness. Sometimes I dont know how I do it
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  11. I got the CD back with the pictures but the ones I took last week are all blury and the lightings bad

    Does anybody just want me to post my org/ pictures so you can see me 1/2 naked and just wait in antisipation for the final pics
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  12. Day 40

    I have exactly 2 weeks (14days) left until my pills run out.

    2maro im dropping my creatine as I have been on it for ~10weeks now. I imagine I'll drop maybe 3 more lbs when comming off. I weighed in 2day @ 183.7lbs.

    I traind arms this morining on an empty stomach and it went really well. My explosive strength is great as I pumped out my first 6 reps on CG bench like nothing and then hit a wall and only for 2 more good ones and a ****ty 1. My DB curls were off the chart this morning as I got 55's for 6 reps thats a new PR I think. After I did my workout my arms almost filled my XXL t-shirt which was cool, lol.

    Notes: Backne is stil bad, face is ok hasn't gotten worse or better. Libido is stil real good. Hardness/vascularity is doing real well. Ecspecially in my legs. I have calf veins running across my shins, I have trimmed leg hair but that stuffs comming off to floss my shin veins, lol.

    I got 2 weeks left and im gonna try to not have one single cheat meal from here on out. I can really feel Cissus-Drol in my workouts. I have slipped up with a cheat meal or somthing every few days. I told the wife this morning " Do not give me any of your food. Every time I eat something cut off the late night cardio sessions" .....lol. And with this libido thats real torture. I see her in her tank top with booty shorts and its like im a 7th grader watching porn for the first time
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  13. Right on bro, sounds really good...

    Keep up the good work!

  14. I Got Pic's Up From The Start Of The Log On Post#1 and here

    .......imo Im In Way Better Shape Now

    *These are taken between July 27 and 30th*
    Attached Images Attached Images       
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  15. Day 41

    Feeling good today. With the little kiddies at g ma's & g pa's I got some late night sessions and early morning sessions of cardio in....with the hlep of Cissus-Drol :bruce3:

    Notes: My joints are starting to ache a little. I notced my elbow last week, shoulders last nite, and knees this morning. Nothing terrible just when I get up after sitting for a while my knees will hurt. Libido Oily skin stil and feeling full and vascular.
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  16. Day 43

    Trained back 2day.

    I started doing deads a few weeks ago and dont really go heavy, I just really focus on slow and controlled movement because I havent done them in a while. I did 225 for 16 reps. Hows that stack up? I have no real clue.

    Notes: My knees are stil pretty dry, oily skin. I wish i could take some oil from my skin and put it in my knees. Libido

    Got shoulders 2maro and im looking to set some PR's on shoulder presses
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  17. Day 44

    No one has anything on my physique? Common guys let me have it.......I know the lighting/quality is a little bad. I was noticeing in my most muscular pose you can see the outter abbs but then it blurs into a white skin blur.....You can see abbs I promise, lol.

    I didnt do shoulder presses today my labrum(sp?) was kinda tender. So I did smith machine behind the head presses. Threw around some nice weight on my last set. 165 for 12.

    Notes: No change

    Hitting arms 2maro (can't train friday ). Weight is staying right around 183~186. Man am I pale. but looking leaner and full.
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Also for whoever tired of regular Oatmeal and likes peach cobbler has to try this

    -2/3 cup dry oats
    -1/2-whole peach
    -1tps Splenda Brown Sugar (1/2 the sugar as reg.)

    1.)Grind up oats on coffee grinder
    2.)Cut up peaches into small cubes or big slices whichever you prefer.
    * Add both to boiling water as makeing regular over oats.
    3.) Stir in cinnamon, all-Spice and a bit of splenda and stir for a few minutes on Low-Heat.
    4.) Turn off heat and let sit covered for about 3 minutes
    5.)Add 1tsp splenda Brown Sugar stir in.
    6.) Let it cool for about 5~10minutes and enjoy

    Fat: 5
    Fiber: ~10gr
    Protein: ~10gr
    Ummm, that does look good! I just started slobbering a little bit actually. I bet that would be good with an apple too maybe?

  19. Yea good call D, I'll try it 2maro.

    Arms went great, in fact my bi's are sore(good) stil 2day. Which never really happens. Didn't see much of a drop off in performance without the creatine this past week. I did lose some water weight in my belly and chest though.

    Notes: Ance/oily skin is starting to subside, or maybe im getting acustomed to it? Joints are achey but it may be due to the cooler weather as of late (I have low/mild arthitis in my knees from catching and flairs up a lil when seasons change) Nothing else has really changed.....stil pluggin along.
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  20. great log so far bro keep it up

  21. Quote Originally Posted by edwards View Post
    great log so far bro keep it up
    Why thank you.

    Stil pluggin along. This is my last week of Cissus-Drol . All good things must come to and end, right? I'm going to go extra heavy this week to see my progress over the last however many weeks it has been.

    Notes: Diet has been dialed in 99.9% the past 10days or so like I said and I feel great. I'm going to add an extra shake this week for a little extra boost about 1hr 15min before I workout (25p/25c/3f) . I've been real hungry about 1hr after breakfast and have to add this to keep my saneity (sp?)
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    ... I'm going to add an extra shake this week for a little extra boost about 1hr 15min before I workout (25p/25c/3f) . I've been real hungry about 1hr after breakfast and have to add this to keep my saneity (sp?)
    That's what shakes are good for alright. I know what you mean, but I can't spell it either.

  23. Strength test for the week. I'll update in this post as they have been attempted. These are mostly all PR's or close. I think inlcine bench (1 @ 365) is the only exception. I stil may try somthing close to it though if my shoulder is feeling good. My explosive strength has been crazy on Cissus-Drol.

    Monday: Chest....Incline Bench @ 245
    Goal: 6reps
    Obtained: 5reps, 1 assist @ about 10%

    Tuesday: Back....Wide Grip T bar row @ 135
    Goal: ?
    Obtained: 6reps

    Wednesday: Legs.....Squat @ 365
    Goal: 8reps

    Thursday: Tri's.....CG Bench @ 205
    Goal: 6reps
    Obtained: 6 reps!!!!!

    Friday: Bi's.....Barebell Curls @ 95
    Goal: 12reps
    Obtained: 14 strict reps!!!!

    Saturday: Shoulders.....Barebell Press @ 155
    Goal: 8reps
    Obtained: 155 for 10, 165 for 8!!!!

    Sunday: Crying because my test levels will be going back to normal w/ no more Cissus-Drol
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  24. Day 49

    I weighed in @ 183.9lbs

    I went heavy today on everything to get a good measure. I'm alot stronger than week 2. I did get 245 for 5 reps on incline bench, but I got a real nob to spot me because he was about the only person in there at the time. I really dont know how much was me on the 6th rep but it felt like it went up real easy.

    Notes: All is well, nothing new to report I feel the same. After my workout 2day I was veiney as hell after my workout.
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  25. Day 50

    Back day kicked my ass. I had a good workout, but Im really tired now. I didn't know what to test my back with so I decided to to t-bar rows. I did them right before I got hurt and I think I did 2 45's and a 25 for 6-8 and 2day I did 3 45's for 6 good reps. I fell I gained a good amount of strength.

    Notes: All is well. I feel good recovery's good. Chest is a little sore after going so heavy yesterday on all my sets.
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