Sapper Attacks IntraXCell

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  1. Sapper Attacks IntraXCell


  2. The Facts

  3. Banner by the one and onlyAtownKing187

    About Me
    Name: John
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 210 lbs

    I started lifting weights and running in the summer of 1996, after being inspired by the Olympics in Atlanta. I am currently a Canadian Soldier posted here in Edmonton Alberta,Canada.

    What I expect out of AEN's IntraXCell:
    While taking IntraXCell over the duration of this log, I hope to receive increased strength and size. I also hope to gain energy and get better endurance throughout my training.

    Current Training:
    I have got a new workout program it has been made up from magazines, this site, books and personal experience. It is a 4/5 day split. Designed for 3 on 1 off. I will be posting each workout with weight and reps as the log goes on.

    Current Supplements:
    Dymatize - Mint Chocolate Protein/Chocolate and EAS Chocolate
    Jaimeson - Vitamin C
    Bio-X - Multi Vitamin
    Swiss - Glucosamine
    Steel Edge

    I don't have set meals for each day. I do try to count my calories. I do my best to eat fairly clean. My main sources of food will come from Oats, Peanut Butter, Whole Wheat Breads and Pastas, Eggs, Milk, Chicken, Tuna, Steak, Fruit/Veggies, and Protein Shakes.

    Water intake will be two litres or more per day hopefully closer to 4+.

    IntraXcell Dosages:
    On Training days: Take half a serving(3 capsules) 15-20 minutes prior to exercise and take the other 3 capsules post workout.

    On Non-training days: Continue to take one serving daily with food

    Before I begin, I would like to send a big Thank You! To the guys at Athletic Edge Nutrition for giving me the opportunity to test IntraXCell and for throwing in some samples of Steel Edge. I will provide you with my day-to-day results from testing and my honest opinion and review throughout the duration of this log.

    This log will offically begin when my shipment arrives
  4. 09 July 2007

    Banner by the one and onlyAtownKing187

    Weighing in at 210.8
    The Workout: Shoulders
    The Warm-Up: 7 minutes on the eleptical lvl 6
    The Cool Down: 6 minutes on the treadmill incline @ 9
    The time 13:46-roughly 14:58

    • Seated Shoulder Press 40x12 60x8 60x8 65x8 a new PR
    • Hammer Strength Iso Shoulder Press 150x10 200x8 200x10
    • Hammer Strength Shoulder Shrug 180x10 180x9 270x8 180x12
    • Sapper Raises!!! See Below! 25x6 25x6 25x6
    • Sit Ups 25, 25, 25


    Again this is just here for comparison purposes. I have yet to recieve my INTRAXCELL. Although I did set a new PR. With 65lbs in the seated shoulder press.

    SAPPER Raises- It is front raise and side raise combined. Grab a DB of equal weight in each hand. With the DB by your side raise them both to your front palms facing down until they are paralell with the ground pause, then lower. Imeediately then raise the right arm out to your side until it is parallel and pause then lower. Next raise your left arm out to your side until it is parallel and pause then lower.
    That counts as 1 rep!
    Repeat as many times as needed!

    Sappers Current Workout Playlist
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
  5. 11 July 2007

    Banner by the one and onlyAtownKing187

    Weighing in at 212.5 lbs
    Time of Workout 15:04-16:04
    Warm Up Boxing

    The Workout: Chest

    • Flat Bench Press 135x10 185x8 245x8 NEW PR FOR REPS 225x8 185x8
    • DB Incline Press 70x8 85x8 85x8
    • Pec Dec 220x10 220x8 220x8 220x8
    • Incline Pushups 20 .... 20 .... 15
    • Incline Flye 40x10 45x8 45x8


    I am still awaiting my IntraXCell ...

    Sappers Current Workout Playlist
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  6. GL brutha

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Sapper564 View Post
    I am still awaiting my IntraXCell ...
    just relax, it is coming...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    GL brutha
    Thanks man

    redhawk-- Im sure It im just waiting...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Skircus7 View Post
    That is what I will be doing when it arrives

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Athletic Edge N View Post
    and this is what I will do after my log!!

  11. Looking forward to hearing your experiences now that you have finally received your IXL.

  12. absolutely
    I will be updating everywhere at the same time!!!


  14. This is just a quick update I will have a better one tonight after I workout!

    I took IXC yesterday
    3caps morning and thought I was going to take the day off then a friend of mine called and said he wanted to start going to they gym again so i took him to my gym and got him a 1 week pass and ended working out arms. I also took 3 caps after my workout with my post workout shake.

    So far I have not noticed any tingles but my
    first serving was with breakfast which was oatmeal along with protein shake
    Second serving was with postworkout shake protein,milk,ice,oats

    So my guess is that the oats really limit the "tingles" I am going to take a serving today before I go to the gym without food and see how if affects me

    Today before I workout I will be using IXC and steel edge together for the first time Im very excited!!

  15. I will be posting full workouts/exercises/routines/weights used

    after every workout M/W/F

    plus I will talk about any noticeable sides/benefits!

  16. Engineer?

  17. Guess whose here!

  18. The one and only AtownKing187?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    The one and only AtownKing187?
    How'd you guess?!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by AtownKing187 View Post
    Guess whose here!
    Hey buddy! Welcome..

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Military Engineer

    We deal with explosives like IED EOD and such

  22. That is what I did in the Army before doing the police thing. There's nothing quite like blowing **** up!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    That is what I did in the Army before doing the police thing. There's nothing quite like blowing **** up!
    You got that right!! Its pretty sweet at times!


    Weighing in at Only Monday weigh ins
    Time of Workout .....
    Warm Up 10 minutes on the Eliptical

    The Workout: 3+/3

    • BB Curls 60x10 85x10 90x10 90x10
    • DB Curl Seated 35x10 40x10 40x10
    • Machine Preacher Curl(Hammer Strength) 70x10 70x10 75x10
    • Seated Tri Ext. 40x10 85x10 90x10 90x10
    • Skullcrusher 75x10 85x10 90x10
    • Rope pushdown 90x10 90x10 Drop set 90x10 70x8 50x7 30x6

      Fridays WO
    • Seated DB Press 40x10 60x10 65x10 65x9
    • Standing Lat DB Raise 20x10 20x10 20x10
    • Hammer Strength ISo Lateral shoulder press150x10 210x10 210x10
    • Seated Rear DB Raise 25x10 20x10 20x10
    • DB Hammer curls across chest 35x10 35x10 Drop set 35x10 25x10 20x10


    I have included 2 workouts. Thursdays and Fridays!
    My routine now consists of M/W/F workouts but I was with a friend and ended up going thursday so I modified Fridays.

    Well I said I would be honest maybe even brutally honest when I did this log/ review of IXC and SE.

    So after 3 days of IXC, I cannot notice anything yet, I am under the impression it takes about 2 weeks to notice.
    As well I have not noticed any tingles from using IXC I used it with meals and wothout, Im cool with this though!

    I have used one sample of Steel Edge, Here is a quick rating

    Taste- I rate it 7. I have only used one sample but I do not like taste. I am going to try using more water next time. I used 14oz last time the reccomended amount is 12-16oz. One thing I can say is that I do not like the taste of WF and this is much better than WF!

    Mixability - I give this a 8.5 most of it mixed up right away. Just with the contact of the water. I noticed some small little bits would not mix but I just drank it down.

    Effect!!!! - 10/10.. I know this is the highest rating it can get but well it worked. I had a awesome workout great focus great endurance and was just feeling good in the gym.

    I will be adding mini reviews like this each time I use Steel Edge. So everyone including myself can tell how the effects of SE are helping me out.
    On friday beofore I went to the gym, I had a busy day missed meals nutrition wasnt great but after the Steel Edge I felt great in the gym.

  25. Well things have been going good for me.
    As i have stated earlier the routine i am on now is a 3 day split.

    I have 3 workouts and each week after I repeat the workout. While adding more weights hopefully

    I will be unable to get to a computer Monday Night and all of tuesday, but will be able to on Wensday.

    This will not change my routine and will not affect this log. I only take Steel Edge on workouy days (obvious) and I will continue to use my IXC daily!

    I will have todays workout on here later.

    I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend!

    Below is my split!

  26. Workout 1: Bench Press, Db incline Press, Dips (if you can do 10 add weight), Cable crossover, Pull-ups (more than 10 add weight), Underhand BB rows (at 45 degree angle), Db rows, DB pullovers

    Workout 2: Squats, Deadlifts, Smith machine front squats, Lying hamstring curl, Standing calve raises(both claves), Standing calve raises(1 leg at a time), Cable crunches, Hanging leg raises, Russian twist

    Workout 3: Military Press (or Db shoulder press), Lateral Db raise, Db rear lateral raises, Close grip bench press, Skull crushers, Reverse grip Tricep pulldowns, EZ curl, Db hammer curl, EZ reverse curl

  27. WORKOUT 1 Week 2

    Weighing in at 213.2 lbs
    Time of Workout 08:30-09:53
    Warm Up 8 minutes on the Eliptical

    The Workout: 1

    • Flat Bench Press 135x10 185x5 225x5 235x5 230x5 235x5
    • DB Incline Press 70x5 80x5 90x5 90x5
    • Dips 10,8,8
    • High Cable Cross Overs 80x5 90x5 100x5 100x5
    • Pull Ups 5 8 10
    • Bent Over DB Row 80x5 105x5 105x5 105x5
    • DB Pullover 65x5 70x5 75x5 75x5


    I think that my workout went ok, It was about 3-6 hours earlier than when I usually workout so I think that was why my strength was a little low on my Bench Press. My strength was not really down but just not as high as I would have hoped.

    I love these types of workouts because I can lift more weight without having to worry about going for 8-10 reps.

    IntraXCell Update...

    During the first 3 days of IXC I did not really notice any effects, Since than however I have been noticing some slight tingling mainly in my face and ears.. BTW I got big ears.. Anyway it is alright and does not affect daily routine or workouts.

    STEEL EDGE - Well it absolutely works I have used it twice and i have had better energy and endurance through out both workouts.
    The taste- Again I am not a really a fan of the taste.



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