thesinner's CissusDrol Post Cycle Log

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  1. Yesterday was my last day of Cissusdrol. No more CD

    Final Measurements:
    Arm (bent) 15.75"
    Arm(straight) 14"
    Forearm 12.25"
    Calf 16"
    Thigh 23.25"
    Stomach 31.5"
    Chest 44"
    Shoulders 50.25"

    Bodyweight (as of yesterday): 183lbs

    Final Impressions:
    No net weight increase, I started @ 183, and ended @ 183. Strength has gone up, measurements have gone up; therefore, I think it would be safe to assume that BF when down. I could really give two sh*ts where the needle points when I step on the scale, if I get results in the gym or in the mirror, that's plenty good enough for me.

    Let's also not forget that I used this product after an oral steroids cycle. It would appear that I not only kept my gains, but added on to them. That's pretty tight.

    Pro's and Con's:
    Pro's: Great Recomp, strength increases, reduced bodyfat, minimal enough shutdown to be used for PCT or standalone (without PCT)

    Cons: Increased acne, my hair started to thin out at higher dosages, can become cost constricting at higher dosages where the results started showing itself like a drunk chick at Mardi Gras.

    Overall Score: 8/10

    All together it was a good product, and I would definitely use it again in the future. GL has done a great job with their products in the past, and Cissusdrol is no exception.

  2. Nice Review!



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