EasyEJL's Sponsored Shred-XS log - what can you do in a month

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  1. EasyEJL's Sponsored Shred-XS log - what can you do in a month

    So the question here is - given 2 bottles of Shred-XS and someone with obsessive compulsive disorder taking them, what sort of progress can we see in a month?

    Quick background - 39 yo 5'9", I hit 245# in late january. Desk life plus travelling for business had been adding 5-7 pounds a year on, and each year I was just a little too busy to do something about it right now. When I hit 245 I was wearing 38 waist pants and they were getting too tight to wear, and I was about to have to buy 40s. The only 40s I buy are Mickeys I had to make a change, and make it big and serious. I clipped calories significantly also going low fat + low carb. So majority of calories was protein, around a 65-25-10 mix for the first 4 months. I lost a little under 30 pounds in that time, but wasn't really putting on muscle, which I also wanted to do.

    On May 14 @ 216#, I decided to enter the Body For Life challenge, and started using their strength workout routine, but with my own cardio style, and my own diet. It took most of the first 4 weeks to really sort out my supplementation, but I'm pretty nailed down now, and will be sticking with what I am using the rest of the time on that challenge. My ridiculous goal is to reach single digit bodyfat, somewhere in the range of 180-190 pounds total body weight by Aug 6. Using my weight from sunday of 207, that means between 17 + 27 pounds of weight loss (2.4 - 3.9 pounds a week). By accu-measure calipers my current bodyfat is approx 23% (21mm) To reach the bodyfat % goal @180 still means converting 3 pounds of fat to muscle in those 7 weeks. To hit single digit body fat at 190 means converting 11 pounds of fat to muscle.

    Its farfetched, but not impossible, nothing is.

    How I'm going to get there


    Puritan's Pride Omega-3 Fish Oil with Policosanol 1 3x daily
    Puritan's Pride Time Release Ultra Vita-Man 1 2x daily
    Puritan's Pride Focus Complex(fish oils, ALA, ginko, etc) 1 2x daily
    GNC Pro Performance CLA 2 3x daily
    Schiff Glucosamine plus MSM 2 3x daily
    Amerifit Nutrition DHEA 50mb 1 2x daily
    bulk powerFULL 1066mg 3x daily
    MHP T-Bomb II 3 (to be replaced with T-Force on bottle emptying) 3x daily

    Shred-XS 2 2x daily

    V12 2x daily
    Betagen 3x daily

    NO Shotgun - 1x workout days

    The only change I know of outside of the T-Bomb to T-Force switch is that I was selected to log for Reset-AD as well. I'll definitely make a post when that starts, as raising my sensitivity to stims may make a significant change.


    I've decided to up protein intake. So basics are
    150g from syntrax nectar as 50g preworkout, 50g post workout 50g one other time per day, possibly split at 2 25g servings
    30-60 g from fish, chicken or beef daily
    50g mix of GNC TR whey / Muscle Milk Lite / EAS whey protein
    for a total of 250ish daily. I'm going to try to continue to press that upwards as well.

    The non bedtime shakes will all have phyllium husks or other vegetable based high fiber added (12g fiber), as well as 2tbsp of milled flax seeds. Oil supplementation will come from 1 tbsp each of cod liver oil, coconut oil, and flax oil per day

    Total calorie intake is around 1400 give or take 150 depending on details. As this is a modified CKD, there is a 1 day a week refeed, which is inconsistent on calories + details, so I'll try to be specific each time it happens.

    Water intake between 1.5 - 2 gal a day

    Strength workout
    M-W-F in a 2 week cycle alternating between

    Upper body

    Chest - Barbell bench press 12/10/8/6/12 - Barbell incline bench press 12
    Back - Wide Grip Lat pulldown 12/10/8/6/12 - One-arm dumbell rows(per arm) 12
    Shoulders Seated Dumbell Press 12/10/8/6/12 - Lateral raises(per arm) 12
    Biceps - Barbell Curls 12/10/8/6/12 - Concentration Curls(per arm) 12 - Hammer Curls(per arm) 12
    Triceps - Triceps Pushdowns 12/10/8/6/12 - Seated Triceps presses 12

    Lower Body

    Quadriceps - Leg Extensions 12/10/8/6/12 - Barbell Squats 12
    Hamstrings - Lying Leg Curls 12/10/8/6/12 - Dumbell Lunges 12
    Calves - Standing Calf Raises 12/10/8/6/24
    Abs - Cable crunches 12/10/8/6/12 - incline leg raises 12

    All are to reaching 100% on the muscle group on the last set.


    If you didn't think I was crazy from the diet, you probably will from the cardio. I use the Reebok 120 heart rate monitor and my daily goal is 1000 calories in the gym. on strength days, that means between 350-450 calories from cardio, on non strength days its all cardio. It appears to end up being the equivalent of about 5 miles on strength days, and 12 on non. I've been trying to split it some, and allow some "rest cardio" activity to occur. What I mean is that I'll do a 20 minute stretch with heart rate in the 140s, ramp up to 180s in the last 4 minutes, then do some casual walking for the next 5-10 minutes. My heart rate collapses within the first 2 minutes to the 120s, but doesn't reach below 100 throught that whole time. Primarily I have been using an arcrider (sort of ellipticalis), ellipticals and (mainly) stationary bike. I have arthritis worst in my knees so treadmill is out. Lately i've been trying to do more upper body involved cardio, so high speed clean and jerks as well as other upper body excersizes done with very light weights but very fast will keep my heart rate in the over 120 range. I'm considering buying a punching bag set (both heavy bag and speed bag) but I'm not quite sure, money is a wee bit tight.

    I've been running the above cardio for the last 2 weeks now (previously was approx the same strength days, but 500cal on non strength days), and oddly enough i'm not loosing any weight. I originally attributed it to the change to adding fat to make sure I was really in a ketogenic state, but now I believe its due to adding muscle. I can see the difference daily, a little more definition here, the love handles shrinking, etc. So for right now i'm not letting the scale disrupt or depress me, so long as the mirror still loves me

    Thats it in a nutshell (big nutshell). I wouldn't recommend that anyone else go quite so extreme. I wouldn't do it myself other than that I signed up for the Body for life challenge, and know how I want to look at the end of it. I believe that the powerFULL is starting to kick in, and that the heightened protein intake as well is making me get some moderately significant lean muscle gains. The mix that is in Shred-XS is unique so far as I can tell, and I am very interested to see how it supports my goals.

    Ok so the stats as a recap

    34" waist, 5'9", 208#, 21mm @ suprailliac for 23% bf


    And so it begins!

    I took 2 Shred-XS when I got home, so its been about 2 hours now. I can definitely feel the thermogenic effects, as i'm feeling a bit warm. It doesn't seem to have a high stim content, although I am getting a little bit of an ephedra like "fuzzy" feeling on my legs and arms (sort of the feeling when the body part has fallen partially asleep). No headche, no jitteryness, no stomach issues. I'll likely post again later if there are any other sides, otherwise not till tomorrow. Note that I am still going to update my complete log as well, and try to chronicle the Shred-XS specific details here (or what I believe are specific to it) and highlight on pictures / weight / bodyfat, but not go into particular more detail on supplements, diet (except for free days) or my workout unless they change significantly. All that stuff is in my other log. This way this will be clear and relevant for Shred-XS and less cluttered with other stuff, and also leave space if people want to ask questions.

  2. Very nice intro. Subbed!

  3. Very detailed but to the point intro. I like! Sick stack, also!

    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  4. Day 1
    The thermogenic activity is very noticeable. Took 2 on empty stomach (with other supps) and went for morning cardio with a Sans V12/Syntrax Nectar shake. Inside of 4 minutes on the bike at a heart rate of only 125, I was already starting to sweat noticeably. At 20 minute, still at only average heart rate in the 130s, i had sweat pouring off me like I had been on the elliptical for that long at high intensity. I had good energy levels, didn't notice any unusual side effects other than my heart rate was a little harder to control than usual.

    What I mean is that say that normally a setting of 4 on the bike at 70rpm would have my heart rate hit 130 within 3 minutes and stay there, it seemed that my heart rate would spike higher than normal on effort at first, but then come back down to what it should be for that effort within a minute. So in that scenario what happened is that as soon as I got on my heart rate spiked to mid 140s, so I lowered resistance, and within a minute I was in the lower 120s. So I raised resistance, fast spike to 150, lowered resistance etc until I decided to sit it out one round, and it lowered itself. Not sure if its related to the Shred-XS or if it even matters. I woke up a couple of times last nite (once was catching my 11 year old daughter watching tv at 2am), so it may be that i'm just a little beat. I'll keep an eye on this and mention whether I continue to see it.

  5. I'm in.

  6. Thumbs up

    Nice details so far, man. Lookin' good.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  7. Day 2

    I theres a good bit of an energy boost with Shred-XS, but not huge. Its nicer that way actually, as the bigger the boost, the worse the crash afterwards, and I haven't noticed any crash with Shred so far.

    Last nite (lord I wish I wasn't so compulsive) I dragged the couch and coffee table (3" pine with african slate laid in it, and cast iron legs, heavy as crap) out of the way in the living room and proceeded to watch and do a Body Sculpting with Gilad @ 9pm. We've got FitTv on Fios plus a DVR so I'm recording those. About 350 calories later and a lot of sweat I was done. When I went to bed I remembered that the following morning was as lower body, and wished I hadn't gotten the thighs + glutes aching so bad.

    Well, I had enough energy to not only make it through my workout, but post a few personal bests on it

    Lying leg curls [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] + 12 dumbell lunges per side @ 25/pounds per hand

    Standing heel raises [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]

    and still do 50 minutes of cardio after for my 1k calories in the gym. If the weights dont seem that impressive, consider that the whole bunch of sets between the two of those takes under 18 minutes including setup, so its pretty high speed. So now if I can do the body sculpting or other similar nightly, I'm up to around 1400 calories burned in excersize daily, and about 1400 calories in food intake Forgetting the other 22 hours I'm awake I'm already neutral caloriewise.

    I feel better than I normally do on low carbs without a heavy stim, and I'm not getting any of the ickier side effects of the heavy stims I've taken in the past.

    As my (hopefully) final dietary changes, I'm trying to get more than 1 meal from a solid protein high food to help keep a more even protein level in the bloodstream, so maybe 2 out of 7 eats will be solid, but not significantly different overall protein/fat/carb profile. Also, I'm going to add some BCAA dosing as well, but it will partially replace powdered protein. I think I'm going to do 5/5/5 pre/during/post workout + major cardio, maybe 5 during the minor cardio. The nice part about the split cardio will be that I can use the evening cardio as high intensity, and then just drone on for an hour and a half at low fat burining intensity on the main cardios, and get the best of both worlds.

  8. Impressive workout, to say the least. Best of luck in achieving your goals. It looks like you're on the right track!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  9. Day 3

    Cardio day, 1000 calories burned this morning from 30 min bike, 15 min calisthenics + low weight high speed excersizes, 36 minutes arctrainer. A little lighter than usual foodwise today too, not on purpose, just not particularly hungry, and yet still felt good. Possibly went a little heavy (for me) with dinner, had a half rack of ribs and some collard greens.

    Started taking Reset-AD lunchtime, and although when I took that I felt all the usual stimulant side effects (slight lightheadedness, tingly feeling, etc) that was because I took it with a Monster Energy drink. When I later took the Shred-Xs and second Reset with just water, I felt energetic, but none of the common stim side effects. I'm liking the Shred so far, I can tell I have some support there, but I don't feel overwhelmed by it either. Evening cardio was only 220 calories, but felt good. Right now tho i'm ready to pop some powerFull, maybe some tryptophan, have a pro-pudding, rub some lipoderm all over my fat abs, and pass out.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Right now tho i'm ready to pop some powerFull, maybe some tryptophan, have a pro-pudding, rub some lipoderm all over my fat abs, and pass out.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  11. This morning I was completely on fire. For my upper body workout, I had higher weights for about half of the sets. If you are interested in details, you can look at my high detail log. It was hard doing the cardio afterwards as I was a little sore and worn out from the extremely strenuous strength workout, but I managed to survive through to my 1000 calorie goal for the morning.

    I ended up deciding to bring carbs back into the fold, but to try not to raise calories by much in the process (so maybe sticking in the 1500 area) by clipping fat. I had a small burger on a whole grain bun for dinner, with some baked french "fries". I took my evening Shred XS a little later than usual (around 7:30pm) and had a nice energy boost from it. Again, not a set of strap on jet thrusters, but a nice feeling. I ended up doing 2 sessions back to back of cardio starting at 8:30, for a total of 620 calories this evening, so 1620 total burned in excersize for the day, 540 during upper body strength training, 1080 in mixed cardio... I'm still feeling good now, not wiped out, but also not all hopped up. I think I may start purposefully holding the 2nd Shred dose till after dinner (i generally take the other supps before dinner).

  12. You are all dialed in man. You are feeling exactly what Shred-XS is all about. Nice smooth energy with good appetite suppression without a crash. I'm glad to hear that it agrees with you. I think the Reset-AD combined with the Shred-XS is a great idea. The more adrenal support you get the better the fat burner will work.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Look's like your well on way to getting Shredded! XS style.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  14. Good stuff man!

  15. I think i'm loosing my mind. As crazy as my morning cardio is, this evening I had plenty of energy and just let the Total Body Sculpting with Gilad episodes run one after another. I made it through 3 before it was too much, so a total for the day of 1960 calories in cardio alone in 2 hours 40 min by the heart rate monitor (so not including BMI), and only 1200 calories in intake so far. I think i'm only going to have another 150-250 for the day, another protein shake maybe plus a pro pudding before bed.

    What I could really use is some good alternative to ben gay, I'm already getting tired of the menthol smell. Someone told me aspercreme is a good alternative, i'll have to try that.

    Tomorrow morning is my next "official" weigh in (doing 2 week increments now) and re-caliper measure, I'm pretty interested to see. I've cheated and been checking so I'm pretty sure the weight will be 205-206. We'll see for sure in the morning Although its only 2-3 pounds in the 2 weeks, its actually pretty good as from 6/10-6/18 I had stagnated at 208, and since starting Shred-XS it looks like i've restarted loss, and lost 3 pounds in 6 days!

  16. Ok, we're at 205, and between 19-20mm on the calipers, so going with the low end 21.8% bodyfat. That still leaves me a couple of pounds behind on expected progress to this point(as the week of the 10th-17th I stayed pretty stable), but it does put me back in downward motion. Target weight for today would have been 201 (considering even weight loss over the 12 weeks), so i'm 4 pounds behind, with 6 weeks left. I think thought that i've got everything really dialed in, so a pound every 2 days isn't out of line, and will put me where I want to be. Only real risk now is the hawaii trip, Theres no way i'll be able to work out like my new norm that week. I'll still make sure I do strength workouts, and at least 30 min of cardio on non strength days, but I think thats all I'll do. Then again, my wife will likely sleep a lot, so I may have time mornings

    Today is my off day, so the most strenuous thing i'm going to do is lay in the pool, or maybe flip chicken breasts on the grill.

  17. You are well on your way to hitting your goals, bro. Just keep your mind on the prize and you'll have it in no time. Make sure you enjoy your vacation. A few days setback is no biggie. I hear Hawaii is an awesome place. I was planning on going to school there (moreso for the vacation instead of the actual schooling) but they don't have my major.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  18. Well this morning wasn't the best ever, but not all bad. I was all horribly constipated from a psyllium husk accident (check the detail log if you want to laugh about it) plus for no good reason decided to see how a workout went without taking NO shotgun. I lived thru it, still had some new highs, but had very little energy left for cardio at the end. I still did 20 minutes worth, for a total of 620 calories burned, but by that point it was late and I was wiped out. In the evening I did another 420 calories worth of cardio at home for 1040 for the day, and I think my intake for the day was under 1000, just wasn't all that hungry and had a bit of salad greens too.

    Found out an interesting possibility of forskolin (which is in Shred-XS)


    The tanning part isn't quite as interesting to me, but what was interesting was something I had noticed - some of my hair being darker. I'm 39, and have had some increasing amount of grey since I was in my early 20s. Over the last week or two I thought that I saw less grey in my facial hair, but I couldn't quite pin down what would have caused it. Then I saw that article, and it made sense

    The most common origin of red hair and pale skin in humans is found in a tiny pouch-like receptor, called MC1R, on the surface of melanocytes. When the hormone MSH for Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone drops into the pouch, it causes a surge in the melanocyte's production of the chemical cAMP. cAMP then stimulates melanocytes to turn on a large number of genes, causing a pigment called melanin to be produced. If cAMP levels are low, the melanocytes make red/blond melanin. If cAMP levels are high, they make brown/black melanin. The melanin is eventually discharged from melanocytes and taken up by keratinocytes. MC1R is shaped differently in red-haired people, so that MSH cannot stimulate it strongly. The result is that cAMP production stays at low levels. Less cAMP means less red/blond pigment production, which results in fair skin.
    so an interesting and also positive side effect, which is always nice. That is if I'm reading it right, and if that is actually whats happening and i'm not just loosing my mind from lack of food and overexcersize

  19. Quick question: Are you burning more calories than you're taking in?
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  20. Oh for sure, i'm usually burning more in the 2 -2.5 hours of daily excersize (1000-1600) than I take in all day most days. Average intake seems to be in the 1400ish area. The other 22 hours of body rest rate calorie burn is all bonus.

  21. This evening I did some more at home, just 2 episodes, but for whatever reason I ended up at 710 calories burned, so with the 1020 this morning, thats 1730 for the say. Chow wise i'm really really freakin low today, around 1000 as of right now. I think I'm gonna go down a nice 120 cal protein shake. Feeling good though, I'm a little surprised that I am managing to keep the energy level high enough to do 45+ minutes of relatively hard aerobic excersizes at night. A lot of it is mental motivation, this is the only way I'm going to hit my goal by Aug 6, also I am seeing in the mirror day to day progress, which helps keep me going. Plus I'm pretty sure the Shred-XS is contributing its part as well, whether its encouraging the lipolysis so that my body has something to burn to do it, or just giving me the energy from the adrenal support stuff.

    But I am sure looking forward to August 6 and being able to take this down to a more sane level.

  22. Something interesting I found. May want to take a look at this. I'm not saying you're doing things wrong, because if it's not broke then don't fix it. Anyways, here ya go:

    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous
    too few calories are not necessarily going to make you gain weight initially if you are consistent. the thing with eating too few is that your body will prefer to burn muscle for fuel than fat (since muscle burns more calories per day, as opposed to fat which is next to none)... if you're not giving it enough calories to just survive it makes sense to remove the more metabolically active tissue.

    so you end up with a higher body fat % and essentially are 'fatter' than you were before.

    starvation mode is the slow-down of your metabolism. the less you eat, the slower your metabolism. if you go from eating something like 300 calories per day to the bare minimum / more 'normal' amount of something like 1200, your body will store as much of it as fat as possible.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  23. Yeah, I understand the starvation point idea. Thats a part of how I ended up at my ridiculous whole package of supps and activity. I'm taking in around 1300 calories a day which is near but according to most sources above that starvation threshold. I'm taking loads of CLA, plus thermogenics and the forskolin from Shred-XS, plus now some additional lipolysis help from berberines, so all of that supports the body burning fats before going to muscle. I'm also doing significant hard strength workouts, so even if a small amount of muscle mass is being taken along with the fat, i'm rebuilding it as I go. Visually its pretty obvious that its fat going, and strength is rising. Man I wish I was doing a bulk instead

    Thats why i'm doing the really high levels of excersize instead of trying to clip down to 500 calories of intake. I'm probably blowing through somewhere between 3600-4200 calories a day total in excersize + ambient. so with 1300 intake vs an average of 3900 burned, i've got a 2600 calorie a day deficit (which does sound crazy). So i should be at a 3 pound a week loss, maybe a bit more.

    I only tripped myself up and stopped my losses when I tried to do a ckd and started taking in high fats, but couldn't quite force enough in to stay in a ketogenic state. i ended up flat for a week that way weight wise. I had sort of figured i'd go this route from the beginning (on my 12 week odyssey), that I'd manage to accelerate my loss over the span. There was no way when I started that I would have been able to do this much cardio.

    I'm definitely monitoring myself closely in all aspects, weight, heart rates, exertion levels, even blood pressure. I'm definitely shooting for an extreme here, but when it does stop working i'll know it right away

  24. I gotcha. Sounds like you know what you're doing. I was just making sure you weren't trying "too hard" to lose weight. I see where you're coming from, though, and it does make sense. Like I said earlier, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! :bb2:
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  25. Well, yesterday I only got in a total of 500 cal of excersizes for the day. In the morning I had a meeting to go to, so I didn't have time, and in the evening I got stuck on the computer till near 10, and didn't want to get all hot + sweaty that late.

    So this morning (a cardio day) I did 1350 calories worth of cardio, bike, high speed clean and jerks and other whole body weight lifting with light weights, arctrainer and then bike again. I plan to do some more tonite. I'm feeling good about how the weight loss and recomping is going this week. I'm betting on hitting sunday at 202, which will make the next week really exciting, as it would be the first time I've seen the low side of 200 in more than 10 years.

    I'm also already carrying more muscle I think than I've ever carried. I'm not posting huge weights when I work out, but I'm also never getting more than 1 day of full rest in. The evening cardio i've been doing is all full body stuff, including things like tricep kickbacks, curls etc. Sure they are done with light weights, and more as aerobic, but it means i'm always a little sore all over. The fact that i'm still posting gains is pretty incredible to me.

    I can't wait till i'm down to target and can do a 2 month bulking run


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