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  1. I was very dehydrated today. My workout suffered a little, as my energy level was very poor. I had a machine I had to fix today that took me four hours. I didn't drink all that time, but sweated balls. I hate it when that sh*t happens.

    Anyway, here's the workout:

    Push up:29, 22, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15=141 Next w/o: 150
    (supersetted with)

    Pull up: 12, 10, 8, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6=62 Next w/o: 70

    Freehand squats: 50, 35, 32, 30, 26= 173 Next w/o:180
    (supersetted with)

    Back extensions: 15, 10, 13, 14, 14=66 Next w/o: 70

    Wrestler's Bridge: 0:51 (went way down) Next w/o: still 1:20

    Leg Raise: 22, 16, 16, 15, 12= 81 Next w/o: 90

    Front Bridge: 1:00 Next w/o: 1:10

    Fingertip plank: 0:30 Next w/o: 0:35
    (a much harder version of the regular plank...very hard!)

    Roll outs (from knees): 10, 8, 6= 24 Next w/o: 35
    (a very difficult core exercise, will increase the sets slowly)

    Gorilla Hold: 1:00 Next w/o: still 1:20
    (this hold went down, but this w/o had already thrashed me!)

    Most things still went up, but damn am I tired...this stuff is athletic!

  2. Lookin' good, man. I work outside and I HATE when I run out of water. I carry a gallon jug with me but sometimes I'll be weedwacking for 5-6 hour intervals and run out. **** gets rough when I run out of H2O!
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  3. Looking good thrall. I'd say that was a great workout for being a little dehydrated. That's just a sick routine.

  4. Workouts are going well. As for the band I do enjoy me a bit of insane death metal but my preference is a mixture of "clean" and well the wacked out deep screams. You have any tracks mixing the 2 methods?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by spaceclown View Post
    Workouts are going well. As for the band I do enjoy me a bit of insane death metal but my preference is a mixture of "clean" and well the wacked out deep screams. You have any tracks mixing the 2 methods?
    Yes, we have two songs like that off the new cd, but none available on the net. We also have a completely clean vocal project, and it is a very tripped out, fun project for me to be involved with. We will be recording that in September. The new Beyond Fatal album "Universal, Diabolical" should be released some time around then I think (on Compton Records).

    Alright, I have been feeling under the weather lately due to sleep difficulties. I just haven't been getting much, and that jacks up my routines and energy. I have rested FOUR DAYS, which is far more than I intended. Frankly, I meant to workout yesterday, but various complications with life in general kept me out of the gym.

    I am starting with bodyweight this week, because it takes the most out of me. I actually started doing my weights a few days ago, got my first set of 310 DL no problem, but felt like hell and left the gym. I rarely do that, but man, I have not had any energy lately. I just need to SLEEP. Luckily, last night was better.

    Here was todays routine:

    Push up:31, 23, 17, 17, 16, 16,15, 15=150 Next w/o: 160
    (supersetted with)

    Pull up: 14, 10, 9, 7, 8, 7, 6, 7=68(close!!) Next w/o:still 70

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:25 Next w/o: 1:30

    Freehand squat: 50, 40, 35, 30, 25:180( ) Next w/o: 190
    (supersetted with)

    Back Extension: 16, 11, 10, 15, 10=62 (slightly down, but the squats made up for it) Next w/o: still 70

    Leg Raise: 24, 18, 13, 13, 13=81 Next w/o: still 90

    Front Bridge: 1:10 Next w/o: 1:15

    Gorilla Hold: 1:20 Next w/o:1:25

    Roll outs: 12, 3, n/a= 15 (I was feeling completely toasted at this point, so I skipped the fingertip plank)

    Well, I can say that the increase in reps, especially with the freehand squats (nearly 200 soon) has caused a lot of metabolic waste buildup. I can FEEL how tired I am pretty intensely. Really, I feel like a 23 year old man shouldn't be having this issue quite yet, but it is a lot of work. Perhaps a 3 day rotation, still alternating bodyweight with weights? I definitely need to move to some harder exercises soon, and I fear I won't be able to fit it all in. The progression seems natural to me.

    I'm going to think about it some more, but for now we have weights tomorrow. Should be light weight.

  6. Are you strictly a recording artist, or do you have a different job which makes you so tired??
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    Are you strictly a recording artist, or do you have a different job which makes you so tired??
    No, I have a 9-5 fixing copiers at various businesses in the quad-state area. It is frustrating, mentally taxing work sometimes, but not physically demanding. Actually, I do find all the driving to be tiring mentally, but thats about it. I run all over the friggin' place getting parts and then putting them in machines made mostly of plastic that run like turtles. <sigh> Oh, the mediocrity...

    I just have low energy right now because I cannot seem to get enough rest. I always wake up at the 6 1/2-7 hour mark. I'm just never rested, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I also have a new gf, which takes up a lot of energy and sleepy-bye time. Perhaps I just need to find a way to sedate her...

    More soon, going to the gym within the next few hours...

  8. I felt really strong today. I think that rest time was necessary for my CNS, because I lifted like a champ today (at least, by my present personal standards).

    Dead Lift: 310 x 5, 280 x 5, 250 x 5 Next w/o: 315

    Side Press: 70 x 5, 65 x 5, 57 x 5 Next w/o: 72

    I felt like this weight was light (and it is), and I could never lift the 70 lbs. with my left arm 5 times before. I am getting alot better at the side press. Eventually, when it gets really heavy, I think I will probably turn that lift into more of a bent press. As it stands, it is working well for me. I feel solid and rooted with both of these lifts, and I am slowly learning that "rooting" your whole body in the ground is where power starts.

    I am starting to get to the point where I will soon be breaking new personal ground on the side press. The most I ever got on dead lift was 350 x 3, and that was when I slightly tweaked my lower back. I was lifting at a new gym, and with admittedly poor form (though I didn't know it then). That is why I started with such light weight, to work back to a heavy weight slowly. It is working well, my form is WAY better, and my pain is gone. I have never tried 315 x 5, just for 3, but it won't be hard for me at this rate. Can't wait to hit those HEAVY weights!

  9. Solid workout! Nice DL numbers, too, whether you think so or not! Now get that 315x5!
    Quote Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
    I just have low energy right now because I cannot seem to get enough rest. I always wake up at the 6 1/2-7 hour mark. I'm just never rested, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I also have a new gf, which takes up a lot of energy and sleepy-bye time. Perhaps I just need to find a way to sedate her...
    LOL! I hear ya, bro! My lady takes up usually 3-4 hours PER DAY. It drives me crazy sometimes, but I love her to death and she hates being apart so it's all good.
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  10.'s how time has passed...

    July 4: Rest (gym was closed)

    July 5: Here's the bodyweight workout (some of my stuff actually went down, but I will tell you why in a minute)

    Push ups:33, 23, 15, 15, 15, 15, 13, 14=143 Next w/o:160
    (supersetted with)

    Pull ups:12, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 4=63 Next w/o:70

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:20 Next w/o: 1:30

    Freehand squats: 50, 42, 36, 32, 26=186 Next w/o: 190
    (supersetted with)

    Back Extensions:13, 5, 11, 14, n/a=43 (WAY DOWN, but those squats actually work my lower back a lot) Next w/o: 70

    Front Bridge: 1:15 Next w/o: 1:20

    Leg Raises: 25, 19, 14, 14, 15=87 Next w/o: 90

    Gorilla Hold: 0:55 (yeesh) Next w/o: 1:25

    Roll outs: 8, 8, 4=20 Next w/o: 25

    Some minor improvements, but the movements felt harder today. Why, I asked myself, why? Then, I weighed myself. I now weigh 185.6 lbs., a new PR for me. I have NEVER weighed more than 184.5 lbs. Interesting that I have gained weight from doing bodyweight movements. I think my new weight may affect the difficulty of some of my movements. It is something I will overcome, and with plenty of strength to show for it.

    It doesn't hurt that stim free Ragnarok was by my side to do it either! Thank you MST for the use of this product, I am doing better than ever in the gym!

    July 6: Rest due to reasons mentioned prior in this thread

    I'm getting ready to hit the gym in about an hour for weights. Will post full update post workout.

  11. Congrats on the weight gain! Have you upped your caloric/carb intake?
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    Congrats on the weight gain! Have you upped your caloric/carb intake?
    Well, to tell the truth, I don't count like a lot of you guys do. I really didn't have a goal of weight gain, but I always eat plenty every 3-4 hours. I have been eating a lot just because the bodyweight workouts are demanding.

    Day 21:

    This post is for the workout I did on July 7 (yesterday). It went as follows:

    Dead Lift: 315 x 5, 285 x 5, 255 x 5 Next w/o: 320

    Side Press: 72 x 5 (felt hard), 65 x 5, 60 x 5 Next w/o: Repeat

    I'm not moving up on the side press next time because it was pretty difficult for me today. The dead lift still felt comfortable, but the side press is definitely getting harder. One more go at 72, and then I'll move up to 75.

  13. I truthfully am not counting right now, either. I've been eating a lot of **** foods lately because I work outside and otherwise I can't keep anything on me.
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  14. If you remember in September email/pm so I can hear the new songs. Diabolical I always think of Bloodhound Gangs "something diabolical". Those fawkers crack me up.

  15. 7/8/07: Rested (house sitting, must STOP resting so much)

    *DAY 23*

    7/9/07: Bodyweight workout was good, but REALLY tiring. Some dudes I know in the gym were actually talking sh*t about me while I was pumped. They were whispering "Roids" and staring. They were also criticising my training style. I only weighed 185.9 lbs. today, another personal record though. I was annoyed at first, but who cares? I have used only legal things, just like them. They were big 1-AD users, and they think they never used anything anabolic. Morons.

    Here's how good I looked today:

    Push ups: 33, 25, 20, 17, 18, 15, 15, 16=159(close!) next w/o:160 still
    (supersetted with)

    Pull ups: 13, 12, 9, 7, 8, 7, 7, 7=70 (yes!) next w/o: 75

    Wrestler's Bridge:1:38 Next w/o:1:45

    Freehand Squat: 50, 50, 40, 35, 30=205 ( ) Next w/o:210

    Leg Raise: 25, 23, 20, 14, 17=99 Next w/o:105
    (supersetted with)

    Back extensions: 15, 13, 13, 13, 14=68 Next w/o:70 still

    Front Bridge: 1:51 ( ) Next w/o:2:00

    Gorilla Hold: 1:13 (still low) Next w/o: 1:25

    Some of my stuff went WAY up (205 squats!) Other stuff wasn't quite as good. One thing is for sure. I am f*cking TIRED! I am going to separate this into two different workouts from now on. Sometimes it takes me 1:45 hr to complete this workout! That's a little long, and I want to add exercises, not keep cutting them.

    After tomorrow's weights, the split will look like this:

    Day 1:Bodyweight A
    Day 2:Weights
    Day 3:Bodyweight B
    Day 4:Rest

    I will repeat this continuously. I think this will work better for the volume I am doing now. We shall see.

    Progress so far with this supplement has been EXCELLENT. I have been taking it faithfully every day and have only good things to say about it. Good job MST!!

  16. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you're enjoying it.
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  17. 7/10/07

    *Day 24*

    Dead Lift- 320 x 5, 290 x 5, 260 x 5 Next w/o: 325
    Side Press-72 x 5, 65 x 5, 60 x 5 Next w/o: 75

    All this felt easy today. Some old dude *****ed at me about letting my dead lift reps drop a little bit. Sorry, I'm not going to injure my back or lower my weights because your ears hurt.
    Personally, I feel it is of minimal training effect to control your dead lift on the way down, and I sure as hell am not going to absorb the shock of the fall with my forearms. I have trained that way before, and it is just not functional by my way of thinking. I COULD slow my reps on the way down with this weight, but f*** that.


    *Day 25*

    Rest day. My split is changing tomorrow. I am excited, as I have added a few movements and kept the ones that have been effective for me so far. Tomorrow has more of an upper body focus, then weights the next day, and finally a lower body and core focus on the third day, followed by a rest day. I'm stoked!

  18. people always b*tch at me for making too much noise. i feel the same way you do. i'd rather make some noise than hurt myself.
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  19. if they don't wanna hear noise there b1tch asses can go to the library!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by sdmf45 View Post
    if they don't wanna hear noise there b1tch asses can go to the library!
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  21. 7/12/07
    *Day 27*

    For the first time since I've been doing the bodyweight stuff, I had a genuinely bad workout. I only got 1 hour of sleep last night, and I just felt like dog sh*t. Terrible, horrible workout. Sleep is my biggest problem right now, I just can't get a regular amount. Here's what today looked like:

    Push up:34, 20, 16, 18, 18, 15, 16, 16=153 Next w/o: still 160
    (supersetted with)

    Pull up:14, 10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 8, 6=72 Next w/o: still 75

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:15 (very low) Next w/o: still 1:45

    Gorilla Hold: 0:55 (also low) Next w/o: still 1:25

    Front Bridge: 1:24 (very bad) Next w/o: still 2:00

    Handstand Hold: 0:29 Next w/o: 0:35

    I didn't make any advancements, but I absolutely will next time. I may tweak this day a little, but we will see how the next upper body day goes.

    I haven't been focusing as much on the pros/cons of the supplement I've been taking as I have on my actual training effects. The stim free Rag is very good for:

    -Excellent taste (Warrior Melon, yeah!)
    -Excellent pumps (best pumps I've had, in fact)
    -I believe it has aided my recovery and endurance
    -The product has helped me gain nearly 1.5 pounds

    The only issues I have with this product are:

    -There doesn't seem to be exactly 40 servings in the container, as I think I am going to run out before the 40th day. I guess that with powder supps, you can expect this sometimes.

    -If I don't drink enough water with this product, I get VERY thirsty. Of course, water consumption is noted on the label, and I have had that problem with other powder supps as well.

    I can't really think of any other real problems I've had. I like it, just as much if not more than other pre workout supps (I've tried only a few). So far so good, today was one of those days that just happen sometimes when you slack on your sleep. Stressful day on top of that, so we'll just chalk it up as experience.

  22. Damn, I can't imagine trying to workout with only one hour of sleep in the bag! Kudos for even being able to get to the gym!
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  23. Alright, I took two days (7/13 and 7/14) off to regroup from my miserable failure the other day. That long night threw me off, there can be NO doubt. My training split has to be more uniform now, I think it will help me organize things better. Here is the split I've come up with:

    Workout A:
    Standard Pushup x 8
    Pull up x 8
    Wrestler's Bridge x 1
    Gorilla Hold x 1
    Front Bridge x 1
    Handstand Hold x 1-3

    Workout W:
    Deadlift x 3-5
    Side Press x 3-5
    Jump Rope 15-30 min. (work up to 30 eventually, using 3 minute rounds)

    Workout B:
    Freehand squat x 5
    Leg Raises x 5
    Back Extensions x 5
    Roll Outs x 3
    Wall Walking x 3

    Sunday- Workout A
    Monday- Workout W
    Tuesday-Workout B
    Wednsday-Workout A
    Thursday-Workout W
    Friday- Rest
    Saturday-Workout B

    Today, I will be starting over with the upper body workout again because my last one was such a turd. This program can take me to a level of fitness most people would envy, I just have to be consistent. I may take an extra rest day in emergency situations, but I am going to try and keep this thing as strict as possible. If I have to skip a day, I won't let it throw off the schedule. All of these workouts have a little bit of the entire body in them, so it won't make much difference.

    So far, I really enjoy the body weight training. I want to work my push ups somewhere near the 250 per workout range. Then I will move on to a harder variation (most likely one legged, which is harder than you think). My pull ups, well, I'm not worried about them yet. I'm still not very good at those.

    I want to get up to around 500 squats per workout before I start doing variations of those (either weighted or a one legged variation). As far as the leg raises go, I don't have a number of them I really want to get done, but there are so many good hanging ab exercises that I eventually HAVE to move to one of those.

    Some of these exercises I will pretty much always do, like back extensions. I can add weight to those and they will work great. They are still hard for me to bang out, so we can keep them the same for now. I am content with doing just 1 set per hold, as all of the holds/planks/bridges are difficult.

    In case you are wondering, wall walking is taking three paces away from a wall and then bending backwards and walking down the wall, then back up again. I have never tried it before, but it sounds hard.

    Alright, it's time to get my ass kicked by this split!

  24. Time do some work, man! One legged pushups are definitely rough. As are one armed!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  25. 7/15/07
    *Day 30*

    Alright, I am doing the numbers as I write this, so lets see how this workout went today:

    Workout A (Bodyweight upper body day)

    Push up: 30, 25, 17, 19, 18, 18, 17, 18= 162 Next w/o: 170
    (supersetted with)

    Pull up: 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 7, 7, 8=70 Next w/o: still 75

    (I tried pacing myself better with the above two exercises. Pushups got better, pull ups still need work.)

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:24 Next w/o: still 1:45

    Front Bridge: 2:00 Next w/o: 2:05

    Gorilla Hold: 1:00 Next w/o: still 1:25

    (As usual, my grip was fried from all the pull ups. It may take a while to muster up the grip to get better at the gorilla hold after all of that.)

    Handstand Holds (on pushup bars): 0:41, 0:25

    A much better feeling workout than the other day! Weights tomorrow baby!


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