MAN Blue Print Review

I am finally getting around to my final review (as life has taken a pretty busy turn for the past 2 months) of my 6 week run of Blue Print. This was a full 6 week unsponsored log. I want to thank the guys at MAN for their input and following along and advice.

When beginning the log I changed my diet to a CKD to begin my body recomposition instead of a full fledge cut. One of the benefits of Blue Print that I found very beneficial (although not listed and one) is the control of my hunger and blood sugar regulation. On low and no carb days I found myself craving food and if I went too long between meals I would begin to crash. While taking Blue Print I never had these problems and actually did not get any food cravings as before.

The muscle sparing and recomposition effects of Blue Print were also impressive. Through out my log I kept track of measurements on key areas that I lose muscle when dieting and they stayed the same for those 6 weeks. Muscle fullness was impressive even on non workout days and in calorie restriction.

Workouts were very intense and I never had any real problems with workouts due to calorie restriction or lack of carbs, even on no carb days. I was able to maintain or even increase strength, reps, and sets on many lifts.


Pumps: 10
Many times it was really intense and I had to back off the reps so I could finish the workout. Longevity of the pumps were long into the day when many NO products drop off.

Energy & Endurance: 10
Even on no and lo carb days I had plenty of energy and did not want to leave the gym. I even enjoyed cardio!

Strength: 10
Although I was recomping, I still lifted on days with calorie deficiency and strength was not an issue, lifts increased every week.

Price: 7
A little steep, but I have no problem paying that with the effects it has. If ti stayed closer to $30 I would be happier.

Overall: 9
A great supplement and I would recommend to anyone. Blue Print lives up to its claims and more!