El Cid's Mass FX / BAM log

  1. El Cid's Mass FX / BAM log

    I have just ordered some Mass FX and BAM which should be getting in tomorrow. I'm looking forward to starting these two products as I currently training with Twin Peak's TP-PT. Long days ahead...

    If there is any interest, I can do some before/after pics. I am looking to add some more 'clean' weight to my frame. I'm not a calorie counter, so I mostly go by feel. I try and eat good foods every 2-3 hours.


    Weight: Fluctuates between 192-195
    Goal: 205

    Height: 6'1
    Training Experience: 5 years
    Age: 21
    Diet: Bulking
    BF: ~12-14%?? If I post pics maybe I can get an opinion

  2. I will be incorporating some kind of cardio on off days (HIIT, 2 mile, distance jog). I like to vary my cardio to prevent boredom. I just graduated from a military college so running is nothing new to me.

    Training: Twin Peak's Tri-Phase Progressive Training

    As of today, I just finished workout B3.


    Barbell Rows (superset)
    Calf Raises

    Barbell Shrugs (superset)
    EZ curls

    Lat Pulldowns (superset)
    Leg curls

    Hammer Curls (superset)
    Ab crunch


    Incline Dbell Press (superset)

    Close Grip Bench (superset)
    Leg Extensions

    Military Press (superset)
    Cable Crossovers

    Tricep Pushdowns

    Rotator Cuff work with broom (need to strengthen my rotator cuff. Right shoulder gives me troubles)

  3. You're taking both MFX and BAM at the same time?

  4. that was the original plan. Would this be a bad idea?

  5. I've never seen anyone stack the two before, as they're very similar. I think you might be better off picking one and then stacking it with some type of AI such as HyperdrolX2 or Jungle Warfare.

    It would be interesting to see the effects of stacking the two together though, so it's your call.

  6. i say go for it! i dont think it can really hurt u!?!?

  7. I've been looking more at it, and since the MFX and BAM are somewhat similar, I will simply take 1 bottle at a time and then move on to the next after I finish that bottle.

    I will start with the MFX, complete it, and then move to BAM. At this point, I will run BAM with Jungle Warfare.

  8. sounds good

  9. Ok, here's Saturday's workout. It wasn't that bad, but left me exhausted

    Incline Press 185x9 185x7 175x8 175x7
    Squat 235x9 235x9 235x9 225x9

    CGBP 165x8 165x6 155x7 155x8
    Lunges 90x9 90x9 80x9 80x9

    Military Press 115x9 115x7 105x7 95x7
    Cable Crossovers 45x9 50x9 50x9 40x9

    Tricep Pushdowns 110x9 120x9 120x9 120x9

    I added in Rotator Cuff work with a broom in between sets when I felt my shoulders getting tight. Definitely helped, as there wasn't a pain in my shoulder towards the end of the workout.

    I ended this with around 30-35 minutes of cardio at a slow jog.

    Took 1 BAM around 9 that morning and then at around 7:30 with my meal.

    Today is an off day, so I will be doing a run around my neighborhood as soon as it cools off some. Charleston humidity is hell


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