Ugab's Pro Anabol Summer Cut

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  1. DAY 18

    Barbell curls- buddy style(bar's never put down). 85x20, 85x17, 85x14, 85x11, 85x8, 85tilfailure(17)
    One Arm Spider Curls- 25sx20, Drop w/same weight 35x12, 35x10, 35x8, 35x6, 20(pumps)xfailure
    Crossbody Hammers- 2sets of 25 w/50s
    Incline Dumbell Curls- Drop of 40sx10/30sx20/20sx30
    Lying Reverse Cable Curls-warmup, drop of reps 8/12/53
    Rope Curls- warmup, 2sets of 25

    Incline Dumbell Extensions- 85x20, 120x31, 120x27, 50x109
    Overhead Bar Extensions- BuddyStyle - 85x30, 85x25, 85x20, 65x41
    Rope Pressdowns- warmup, drop of reps 10/12/16 followed by pumps(with hands 2gether) til failure
    Cable Rope Extensions- 2 sets of 20

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, first let's start with Diet change. Over the last 3 days I kept my carbs around 50 or less each day and I really dried out nicely. My strength(suprisingly) didnt suffer at all. From here on out, I will be doing carbcylcing. I dont like changing my diet halfway through my log, but Im only one month out from the beach and I really want to be as lean as humanly possible. If I feel that Im losing it too fast, I will adjust. Today, I was at 222 even, so we'll see how the weight goes. I have something new to report today. All night(as I was sleeping) my 'unit' was ready to go. My girl actually asked me if I was dreaming about sex or something. Im starting to notice an increase in libido. I didnt think PA was even supposed to do that, but it seems to be doing something. Im looking better everyday. I love seeing new little veins popping up and I really noticed them today in my left bicep and my right delt/bicep tie-in area. Im really liking everything about this run so far. It hasnt been anything drastic, I've seen good improvements in several different areas. Its really making my cut easier than it should be.

  2. DAYS 19-21
    off days. freaking work...

    DAY 22
    (I did back, biceps, and chest since Im only hitting the gym twice this week due to meetings at work)

    Flat Bar Benchpress- 135x15, 185x10, 245x20(PR, like I stated earlier, Im going after a PR and everytime I hit it, Ill up the weight 10lbs the following week. I wont go up until a PR is hit. This is really my only option since my injury hampers my heavy lifting of chest)
    Incline Flyes- 50sx20, 65sx15, 65sx12
    Hi-Incline End2End Flyes- 2sets of 20 with 35s

    One Arm Dumbell Rows- 100x10, 120x26
    One Arm Machine Rows- warmup, 2 sets til failure
    Superset of WideFrontPulldowns/StraightArmPulldowns- 2 sets of 20/20

    Standing Alternate Dumbell Curls- 35s til failure(43, I think)
    Lying Reverse Cable Curls- warmup, drop of reps 10/12/100
    Standing Bar Cable Curls- warmup, drop of reps 10/20/30
    Machine Preacher Curls- 1 set til failure with partials

    Overall Impressions So Far
    So far, Im shocked at how good my strength is holding up. Also, the vascularity is better than ever. My mood and libido are both great and best part is, Im not losing muscle and Im gaining strength. My waist is still way smaller than it was even after my cut down to 209 2 years ago. I really have no complaints. Again, I'd really like to try the 4 cap dosage, but I dont feel it would be needed. My next update will be on Sunday and next week, my schedule will be back to normal...

    DAYS 23/24
    off days

  3. DAY 25

    Dumbell Press- 50sx20, 65sx20, 85sx15, 100sx7
    Giant Set of LatRaise/FrontRaise/FrontPress/BackPress- 2 sets with 15 reps each
    Seated Laterals- 2 sets of 20 w/25lbs
    Standing Lateral Pumps- 2 sets w/50's til failure
    FrontRaise(botharms)/LateralRaise(botharms)/FrontRaise(all reps with 1 arm before switching)/LateralRaise(all reps with 1 arm b4 switching)/Dumbell Presses- reps of 20/20/20/20/30 with only 15lbs.
    (Basically, I tried to hit shoulders with a few heavy movements but mainly concentrated on blood volume. The pumps for this workout were phenomenal.)

    (Just throwing in some ISO ex's after all my shoulder work was done. The meat of my arm workout will come later in the week)

    Superset of CableCurls/BW dips- 3 sets of 20/25 with last set of dips going to 35.
    Cable Rope Seated Tricep Extensions- warmup, stack for 31 reps(failure!!!)
    Rope Bicep Curls- 2 sets of 20
    Machine Preacher Curls- 1 set of failure and extended w/partials

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, Im still really enjoying this product. PA is doing all its said to do and more in some areas. I still cant believe how many new veins I have and the stamina on such low carbs(right now, Im down to 50 or less per day with carb ups only when I feel I need them). My weight is at 222 today, so not much of a weight or strength decrease which means recomp is occurring. My waist is still down size. Oh yeah, I noticed several veins in my lats and my huge vein down the center of my right bicep is much more pronounced now. Yeah buddy!!!! Well, I hate that this has to end in 5 days, but its certainly been a good ride. Im not sure how my schedule will end up this week, but I do know that Chest is next. Ive hit 2 PRs in my last 2 chest workouts, and again, I havent been hitting Bar presses for a while now. Im very excited to see what I can do this week on chest. Ill be staying with my plan of a ten pound increase each week if I can continue with my PRs. My chart shows that my PR for 255 is 15, but Im thinking thats a little low. Im hoping for 17-19 reps and obviously, Ill die b4 I get any less than 16. 3 weeks left of prebeach cut. Its ON NOW!!!!

    Im testing RAGNORAK and cordygen5 next for MillenniumSports. I say you guys should go ahead and let me continue with Pro-Anabol and throw the 2 MS products in the mix after the solo run ends. Im not sure if MS would be cool with it or not, but I think I might could convince them and do you the huge favor of logging your product for another month. Ahh, Im such a great guy.

    DAY 26
    off day

    DAY 27

    Flat Barbell Press- 135x20, 185x15, 225x6, 255x18(PR BABY!!! YEAH BUDDY, LIGHTWEIGHT!!!), 185X41(not bad either)
    Triset of HiIncline/LoIncline/Flat FLYES- 40s x 10each for 2sets

    Incline Dumbell Extensions- 85x20, 120x25(again, Im waiting on my 160's to get here to really test my tri's), burnout 50lbx101

    Overall Impressions So Far
    I freaking shocked that Im continually hitting new PR's while having cut 30lbs and having little to now carbs each day. This is officially the best cutting experience I've ever had. My previous log was with RPM and now PA is working great as well. My cutter dream stack for next year will be RPM, AN's new anabolic(stimFreeRPM, kinda), P-Slin, AP, Pro-Anabol, ThryogenX(6caps dosage), RebReloaded(just to really dry out at the end of the stack) and maybe some MassFx or BAM to really get crazy good results. Again, this would be only once per year, and would break me to run that much yearround, but for my prebeach super stack, thats my dreamteam. Ok, back to the log, I hit a PR on bench AGAIN today. My waist is probably the smallest its ever been and Im at 223 today as opposed to 209 for last years cut. This means that I've put on at least a SOLID 14lbs in one year. For anybody thats been training a while, thats huge. These supplements that are coming out these days are really beginning to narrow the gap in my mind. I know most will disagree, but I have gotten more from 2 different nonhormonal stacks than I ever did with 'designers'. Man, I've got so many ideas for supplement stacks and even a few supp's Ill be making on my own. I've got a whole journal of just random things Ive thought of combining to really see some synergy. Basically, somebody just needs to let be a rep or something(hint, hint...) Seriously, though I've had no negative side effects and I cant wait for my next PA run which will probably be at double the dose. I will also be adding it to my "SUPER PCT" protocol that I normally use. Anyways, thanks again ALRI. 3 days left. Update coming tommorrow....

  4. DAY 28
    Buddy Style Barbell Curls- 85 for reps 20/18/16/14/12/10/24
    Incline Dumbell Curls- drop of 40sx10, 30sx20, 20sx30
    Standing Alternates- 2sets of 12 w/40s
    Crossbody Hammers- 2sets of 20 w/50s
    Giant set of: InclineDumbell/SeatedDumbell/Barbell/SeatedDumbell Halves for reps of 10 on each of 2 sets.
    Giand set of:
    InclineDumbell/Barbell/Concentration/OneArmSpider Curls for reps of 10 on each(1 set).
    1Arm Preacher Dumbell Curls- 2 sets til failure
    Rope Machine Curls- 2 sets of 20
    Lying Reverse Machine Curls- warmup, drop of reps 10/15/100

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, as you can see, I felt like I could've curled for days today and I basically did. Stamina and pumps were both unbelieveable today. Update coming following tommorrows workout...

  5. DAY 29
    1 Arm Dumbell Rows- 100x12, 120x24
    Barbell Pullovers- 65x30, 115x15, 185x11
    1 Arm Machine Rows- warmup, 2 sets of 15
    Superset of WideFrontPulldowns(on floor)/StraightArm Pulldowns: 2 sets of 15/15
    StraightArmPulldowns- drop of reps 10/15/201(holy motherfluffer!! I have no use of my hands or lower lat insertion point)

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, I dont want it to end. Thats for sure. Again, stamina, stamina, and more stamina. My strength has been maintained and my vascularity has gotten much better with really no change in weight from day 1. This is definately my top ecdy product, but really its much more than just ecdy. Tom. will be my final day. Expect final thoughts within 2 or 3 days.

  6. DAYS 30
    Deads- 135x20, 225x15, 315x6, 405x6
    GiantSets of LegPress/LegCurl/LegExtension/CalfRaises for 12 reps each

    Chest(light pump sets)
    Supersets of InclineMachinePresses/PecDec- 3 sets of 20/15 and 3 sec hold at peak contraction on pecdecs
    Cable Lying Straight Arm Pullovers- 2 sets of 20

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Pumps were amazing. Im late for work, so full final review will be coming this weekend.


    Starting Weight:222
    Ending Weight: 223(+1lbs)
    Starting BF%: 9.23%
    Ending BF%: 8.97%(-.26%)
    Strength: 3 new PRs on BenchPress

    Well, my diet was spot on. I kept my carbs around 40-60gs a day with a slightly higher intake on workout days. Im sure this contributed to my leaning out, but it is important to note that my vascularity(new veins, YES!!) and stamina were much better than the previous 6 or 7 times I've followed such a lowcarb cutting diet.

    I really feel that PA improves mood. Normally I feel very fatigued and irritable when my carbs are so low, but I had almost none of those effects with this run. My libido seemed to be elevated slightly as well. Im not sure if PA is even supposed to do either of these, but Im sure it did for me. I normally like to just do my log and not pay any attention to what a product 'says' it will do, so I can give a fair evaluation with no bias.

    I loved it!!!!!! I had no negative sides. Im more veiny than ever. My weight ended up being one pound up with my bodyfat being slightly decreased. Thats huge!!! Ive never looked this good in my life. Im not saying that PA did all of this on its own. I am, however saying that PA helped this process greatly. It did what it was supposed to do: it SUPPLEMENTED my diet and training program and helped me to reach my goal. I loved that I was able to keep all my strength while being on such a drastic cut. My stamina was comparable to megadosed BCAAS or Cordygen5. I really felt that I could go for days on certain workouts.

    First, try it solo. Also, it would be great for a recomp stack or as part of a solid PCT program. This is probably how I will use it next. Im also very interested in trying a double dose for a 30 day run.

    Thank you all very much!!! I was very impressed by your product as I have been from all of the ALRI line. I look forward to testing for you in the future. Im beach ready!!!!

    My beach trip is coming in about 9 days and then its bulking time. Yeah buddy!!!!!!!!

  8. Awesome log bro. I'm glad the PA helped you to achieve what you were after. Go rock that beach!

  9. Great review, U! Nice results!
    Have fun at the beach!


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