Ugab's Pro Anabol Summer Cut

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  1. DAYS 30
    Deads- 135x20, 225x15, 315x6, 405x6
    GiantSets of LegPress/LegCurl/LegExtension/CalfRaises for 12 reps each

    Chest(light pump sets)
    Supersets of InclineMachinePresses/PecDec- 3 sets of 20/15 and 3 sec hold at peak contraction on pecdecs
    Cable Lying Straight Arm Pullovers- 2 sets of 20

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Pumps were amazing. Im late for work, so full final review will be coming this weekend.


    Starting Weight:222
    Ending Weight: 223(+1lbs)
    Starting BF%: 9.23%
    Ending BF%: 8.97%(-.26%)
    Strength: 3 new PRs on BenchPress

    Well, my diet was spot on. I kept my carbs around 40-60gs a day with a slightly higher intake on workout days. Im sure this contributed to my leaning out, but it is important to note that my vascularity(new veins, YES!!) and stamina were much better than the previous 6 or 7 times I've followed such a lowcarb cutting diet.

    I really feel that PA improves mood. Normally I feel very fatigued and irritable when my carbs are so low, but I had almost none of those effects with this run. My libido seemed to be elevated slightly as well. Im not sure if PA is even supposed to do either of these, but Im sure it did for me. I normally like to just do my log and not pay any attention to what a product 'says' it will do, so I can give a fair evaluation with no bias.

    I loved it!!!!!! I had no negative sides. Im more veiny than ever. My weight ended up being one pound up with my bodyfat being slightly decreased. Thats huge!!! Ive never looked this good in my life. Im not saying that PA did all of this on its own. I am, however saying that PA helped this process greatly. It did what it was supposed to do: it SUPPLEMENTED my diet and training program and helped me to reach my goal. I loved that I was able to keep all my strength while being on such a drastic cut. My stamina was comparable to megadosed BCAAS or Cordygen5. I really felt that I could go for days on certain workouts.

    First, try it solo. Also, it would be great for a recomp stack or as part of a solid PCT program. This is probably how I will use it next. Im also very interested in trying a double dose for a 30 day run.

    Thank you all very much!!! I was very impressed by your product as I have been from all of the ALRI line. I look forward to testing for you in the future. Im beach ready!!!!

    My beach trip is coming in about 9 days and then its bulking time. Yeah buddy!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome log bro. I'm glad the PA helped you to achieve what you were after. Go rock that beach!

  4. Great review, U! Nice results!
    Have fun at the beach!


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