skircus7; Inhibit-E/Reduce-XT Review---->

  1. skircus7; Inhibit-E/Reduce-XT Review---->

    Strength (7/10) I did not have a huge jump in strength during my log, but I did set a few PR's. I went up 5lbs on most of my lifts, AND 30lbs on squats.

    Endurance (8/10) I noticed that after the first week or so, my endurance went up considerably. Most of my workouts contain at least 2-3 supersets, so the boost in endurance was welcomed with open arms

    Weight/muscle/BF (8/10) I gained 3 lbs in the 30 days on this stack. I also dropped water weight, so I may have gained 4lbs and lost a pound of water....which would give me a net 3lb gain. This stack would benefit those bulking or cutting. It looks like I lost a little bit of fat too....though I cant be sure of it, because I started working out my abs again during this log. I have a six pack again!

    Libido (12/10) WOW Let's just say that my libido DID NOT go down during this log! Honestly, sometimes it was annoying.....for example, waking up EVERY night when you roll on your stomach.....or having a random boner on the elliptical (and having to flick your boys until they were numb).....ok....I did not go "limp" during my log....LOL

    Acne (10/10) I had ZERO acne during my log....but I am not really the kind of person who gets pimples often, so I cant say whether or not my experience is the norm.

    Sore joints (8/10) My elbows were a little sore during week 3, but other than that, I had no problems with sore joints.

    Agression (10/10) My aggression was high.....VERY high during this log. If I started thinking about going to the gym, I got all excited and couldnt wait to start lifting. I never lost my temper though....It was weird how that worked, but I was very hyped/aggressive when I was lifting, but the rest of the day I was completely normal.

    Overall Grade (9/10)

  2. Nice Very Nice! 9/10 thats pretty damn good! And you suck Mr. I have a 6 pac again!!! Im starting to get a 4 pac lol!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PumpYouUp View Post
    Nice Very Nice! 9/10 thats pretty damn good! And you suck Mr. I have a 6 pac again!!! Im starting to get a 4 pac lol!
    Very nice! I had been really lazy and stopped working out my abs for about a year So it may be the fact that I started working them again....i dont know for sure.

    You will no doubt get there if you keep working as hard as you are man.

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