Got my sample of RPM last week, up to this point I've had mixed results, had 4 workouts so far with it.
33 y/o
14% BF

Currently taking
IGF-2 9 a day (3 - 3x times daily)
Reset AD (2x daily)
Neovar (3-2x daily)
SAN Fierce Pre-workout

I've taken both 4 and 5 capsule doses, 5 seems to be the sweet spot, 4 is leaving me wanting a bit more it seems.
Most of my workouts have included a combination of lifting and HIIT, definately seem to have more in the tank and am more motivated, particularly with the HIIT training. I feel like I'm running a little bit warmer during my workouts. I have had absolutley no noticeable undesireable side effects, I'm a caffeine junky and take a prescription for ADD so stimulants seem to mix well with me, though I have tried to keep a solid time buffer around mixing RPM with the ADD meds.

Might go with 6 next time, just to see what happens, haven't had that conquer the world feeling some seem to have, but thinking I will definately make a purchase Friday.

Thanks AN and Dirk for the samples...