Jungle warfare and Mass FX log

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  1. Jungle warfare and Mass FX log

    Just completed week one of this cycle. I have been in somewhat of a rut with everything regarding the gym and felt i needed a change. I am 26 years old my last PH cycle if you even want to call it that was in 2000 when i used Andro and nordandro.

    Training looks like this

    Monday Chest, HIT cardio
    Tuesday Back, ab work
    Wed Shoulders, hit cardio
    Thursday Legs, ab work
    Friday Arms, hit cardio

    Sat and sunday off.

    Diet Not extremly strict with my diet but i do consume 300-350 grams of protein a day.

    My body doesnt hold much fat even when bulking.

    Stats 6ft3 currently 210 pds, 9 % body fat. Have been bulking from 195 to 210 since October of this year.

    Notes on my first week. I definatly started to feel something kicking in Yesterday. The weights seems lighter and i was able to kick out 10 reps at 285 on squats when last week i was stuck at 7.

    Mood. Noticed yesterday and today i am in a very pleasant and happy mood. No increase in agression or anxiety.

    Negative sides- On tuesday i came down with a very bad headache. Added more carbs and increase water intake and didnt have the problem since.

  2. Good log, pretty informantive. Like the combo as it's something a little different then usual. I'll be watching.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. Today was an amazing workout did arms.

    Notes i was up since 7am-shoveling snow until 11am. Headed to the gym with little expectations.

    Close grip bench started with 225 for 10 PR !!! 235 for 8 pr 240 for 8 even better ! and finished with 275 for 2 !!!!

    My arms became so pumped it was almost painful while doing biceps. Ive never seen this many veins even when i cut down to 6 percent body fat.

    My mood is still great. Only weird side im getting is that at the gym i feel hot and am sweating alittle bit more. Also my muscles are ALOT sorer than usual the day after working out.

  4. looking good so far!

  5. O3/20/07

    Weight this morning 212---- Up 2 pds.

    Appearance Very vascular right now. Muscles are very pumped and hard almost all day. Stomach feels somewhat full all day.. maybe this is from the excess water im drinking but first thing in the morning im seeing my abs.

    Mood- Still in a very good almost euphoric mood. Im looking forward to everything which is a nice change from my state of mind a month ago.

    Strength. Strength is continuing to climb every weight i touch seems lighter.

    Endurance. Getting better. I didnt do cardio for a few months before starting this stack. I just recently started back up and i am getting back into sprinting shape faster than usual.

    Negative sides No headaches at all anymore. I am starting to notice that i am somewhat lethargic during the day. Looking for some advice on combating this. I currently take 2 amp before working out.. should i up this alittle.

  6. Try upping the carbs. JW is suppose to be a great glucose disposal agent, and could be causing the lethargy. Are you doing the standard dosage of each?
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. 03/23/07 Day 17 of cycle. Weight this morning 213 pds!!!

    I have been doing a ton of sprint work and am seriously amazed that i am gaining weight. Whats even more amazing is that my abs and more visible than 3 years ago when i cut to 185 pds.

    Mood- My mood is still great... i dont mind going to the gym, dont care about work, traffic or anything its almost like an increase in focus with everything that im doing. I do not notice any rage or bad aggression at all.

    Strength- Is going through the roof!!! Weights that i wouldnt think about touching 3 weeks ago are now going up for reps.

    Endurance is up, i am breezing through hill workouts and sprints. I am also noticing more endurance rep wise.

    Appearance. I am loving this! Veins are running from my chest area to my shoulders and down my arms. I even can see veins in my triceps and quads. My forarms and calfs are insane right now. My body is very hard and tight right now.

    Sides I am feeling very hot when i workout and even when im lounging around the house. Im definatly sweating alot more.

    When i go to sleep im out cold until the alarm goes off, dreams are very vivid.

    My muscles are very sore the day after working out and they stay sorer longer than usual while on this stack.

    The headaches are not a problem anymore and the lethargy isnt a problem as long as i take some amp and caffeine throughout the day

  8. Why the cross brand combo?

    I am trying to decide which to get-BAM/JW or Hyper/MassFX because Nutra has great deals on the combos.
    I am hoping to purchase soon and have been searching a lot latley, your insight would be great.
    Wht did you choose JW over hyperdrol or why not add hyperdrol to the mix?
    Nice log and great gains so far!!

  9. Why NOT?

    MassFX can be stacked with ANY AI!

  10. I like this log alot. Somebody should try some X2 with BAM. Also the extra carbs needed to combat lethargy/headaches on JW; is that for everybody or just people who consume average amounts of carbs? Because I eat a ton of carbs already and I'm about to start JW.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    Why NOT?

    MassFX can be stacked with ANY AI!
    My WHY is concerning the fact that Nutraplanet has such a good deal on the AX combo or the ALRI combo, I would be inclined to do one or the other... I was wondering his personal reasoning for choosing JW w/ Mass Fx.

    I've got a lot of options and hearing my bro's opinions is a welcoming concept to me.

    Since you are around Mace, it seems that Mass Fx has something like twice the 25-r as BAM and the amount suggested per day is quite a bit more, but I thought I had read that ALR had stated that his is formulated to be more effective per mg.

    What's your opinion Mace?

  12. My opinion (since you asked):

    Is it the same? No, Mass FX is based on 25R-diol. The BAM formula does not appear to be. It is a different analog.

    B.A.M -
    60 caps per unit @ 2X Per Day
    4 ingredients per cap

    Mass FX -
    120 caps per unit @ 4X Per Day
    535mg per cap with 250mg of 25R-diol alone in each cap (it's the fist ingredient).
    Over 1,000mg 25R-diol per day
    1,000mg of the 95% 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran

    The Mass FX daily dosage (4 caps / day) delivers 1,000mg+ of 25R-diol into your system which is the optimal amount for it to work well. Any less and the results from this ingredient are marginal. This is not a bash just my observation. So my guess (and Dr.D's) is that the product works it's magic via the first two listed ingredients not the 25R.

  13. Sorry for not getting back right away. Before i bought the combo i read over several stand alone logs of each supplement. I found that over all more people had a more pleasant reaction to Mass Fx over hyperdrol. I was trying to avoid any mood swings. I had a very bad experience running a Anti estrogen stack this summer. I was constantly paranoid, very agressive and seriously felt like i had no control over my emotions. So far other than slight lethargy my mood and emotions have been wonderful.

  14. Thank you both!

    Mace, very informative my friend.

  15. No problem!

    i wasn't trying to be a D!CK but it seems people think they can only take certian companies products with that SAME companies other products! I love the versatility of the product and wanted to get that across!

    But i also see your point about great pricing on stacks! I assume most people are like me and develop a huge STASH of supps and then decide one day that they want to take a certian product and look for something else to stack with it....


  16. I've got a stash................ of hormones!

  17. March 26, 2007 Day 20

    Did not feel good at all today. Think my girlfriend woke me up every hour last night to tell me i was taking all the blankets on her!!! Got to the gym at 8 am and decided to test myself today. My PR for 225 pounds was 14, 3 years ago when i was 225 pds. This morning i weighed in at 212 on the dot. Managed to rep out 16 !!!! What was freaky was i think i could have gotten more.. i didnt fail. I just got alittle to light headed on the last rep and figured id stop before i passed out on the bench. Once i got into the workout i felt great again !

    Mood- Still great! Only time i seem angry or upset is when im trying to sleep and a certain someone keeps bugging me !

    Strength- I never thought id break through my sticking points like this. I have set PR on every lift i have done since starting this stack.

    Endurance- Increasing the intensity on my HIT cardio every session. Getting winded is getting harder and harder to accomplish.

    Appearance- The vascularity has peaked but is still wonderful. What i am definatly noticing is that my waist is getting smaller by the day. Abs are getting more visible as i progress with this stack.

    Sides- As the day goes on i get hot and tend to sweat more. I am also getting some very minor cramps, nothing that an bananna wont fix.

    Notes: This weekend i was reading some people that had concerns about blood pressure and it alarmed me alittle since i have a very reactive blood pressure reading. When on ephedra ive hit 150/110 and when not on stimulants im always around 130/60. I checked my blood pressure 2 times over the weekend. once when i first woke up reading was 120/58 And once after i had taken my days worth of mass fx and JW, reading was 130/65. In my opinion this stack isnt raising my bp at all.

  18. March 29, day 23

    Felt pretty good this morning, had a very good nights sleep last night.

    Mood. Starting to notice i am having moments where i am on edge. Still not anywhere near being a problem. Overall my mood is still great.

    Strength. Every single workout gets better. Weights continue to climb. I am definatly able to get more reps with a much larger amount of weight.

    Endurance. No complaints here. I am feeling great every cardio session. Only problem is sometimes when sprinting my lower back cramps up abit.

    Appearance Im loving this i am definatly starting to get alot more definition. I am not losing any muscle or strength. The vascularity comes and goes depending on my carb intake.

    Sides. Not sure if its from the stack but the last 2 days i have had major headaches in my sinus area. Could be that spring is finally here and my allergies are acting up. Towards the end of the day my entire body is hot. I also notice that im getting a few heart palps... Nothing as bad as my days on ephedra.

    QUESTION. As the stack ends i was thinking about running anabolic pump as i get off jungle warfare. Can a rep help me out. Would this be a good idea. Im thinking running them both together may be overkill because i already feel like im carbed out.

  19. What is your dosing scheme?

    Did you start both simultaneously?
    I will beginning my stack soon, I ordered 2 BAM, 2 JW and 1 MFX for good measure (thanks NutraP), so I'll prob start the BAM/JW first.

    Your log was that last needed push to get my order completed and stack scheduled.

  20. DTOWN, no i didnt start them at the same time. I got my jungle warfare a week prior to my Mass fx ( backordered) I took 2 JW the first week to acess my tolerance. The next week i upped it to 3 a day and recieved my mass fx which i started at 4 a day. I have run that scheme every since. I will taper down my last 2 weeks of my cycle. going to 2 JW and 3 Mass fx the 2nd to last week and the last week going to 1 jw and 2 mass fx. I love this stack ! My libido has not suffered at all which was a major concern comming into it.

  21. there is no need to taper down on the FX at the end.....

  22. Thanks Mace, i will keep the FX at 4 when i end my cycle.

  23. Looking forward to following this log. Have you noticed much leaning out yet? How long you running this for?

    Going to be starting the same type of cycle in about 2 weeks with the following:

    2FX/1JW (Day 1-2), 3FX/2JW (Days 3-4), 4FX/3JW (Days 5-7) - Week 1
    4FX/3JW - Week 2
    4FX/3JW - Weeks 3-6
    4FX/2JW - Week 7
    4FX/1JW - Week 8

  24. Fatburner i have def noticed leaning out. Whats amazing is that i have not lost overall weight. Im still heavier than when i started but i am alot more vascular and lean right now.

  25. Good to hear man! How long you running this for?

    Quote Originally Posted by machine528 View Post
    Fatburner i have def noticed leaning out. Whats amazing is that i have not lost overall weight. Im still heavier than when i started but i am alot more vascular and lean right now.


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