Applied Nutriceuticals: IGF-2 & NeoVar Log

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  1. Yeah buddy!

    Arm day today. Going all out from here on out, so after 4 sets of weighted dips we moved to closed grip on the smith machine. after a set of 185 and a set of 205, we threw on 225! I pumped it out for 5 reps!!! PR for me, I'd never done that before in my life, although it might be a little easier on the smith machine than on the flat bench, it was still an amazing feat for me and I felt great about it. Finished out tris with some pressdowns and kickbacks (which I supersetted with bis), but the big thing for me was the closed grip.

    Bi's today went awesome too, after the supersets and preacher curls we moved over to the cables. I did the overhead curls with each pin on 7! Another PR for me. To finish up we got onto the seated preacher curl machine and put the pin as low as we could so that we could still get 5 reps then just held that last rep and let it down as slow as possible, got an amazing burn with it! After 2 sets of that I had one of the best pumps since I've been working out.

    Thanks for the check in buffhunk! Going to slam chest tomorrow, so we'll see how that workout goes!

  2. Bro this has been amazing to see you progress like this! I am so proud of you!! I love to hear all these new Pr's you are hitting 225 CLOSE GRIP is a feat for anyone you have joined an elite class my friend!!

    I can express how happy i am to hear how well things are going for you!! Awesome Awesome!!

    Crush the chest!! and let us know how it goes!!

  3. Thumbs up Serious PR Ass Kicking

    Buffhunk, it means alot man, and thanks so much for the encouragement!

    Man, just knowing that you guys are supporting me on this adds alot of extra motivation in the gym.

    And I busted some serious PR ass today! Flat bench 275lbs! Incline 245x3! Decline 255x5! Just went all out today, got a good night rest cause I knew this day was coming up and man I nailed it! Took my IGF-2 this morning with my multivitamin and absolutely had the best day I could have dreamed of. These results don't lie guys, its sick!

    Tryin to finish out as strong as possible and so far its working. I never imagined that I'd see results like this... A huge thanks to all the guys at Applied Nutriceuticals!

    Take care

  4. Man this is awesome!! Your results are nothing short of amazing!!

    Keep it bro we are behind you 100%!!

    Guys these are real world results!! They dont lie!

    Keep it up jlash!

  5. Good job jlash...

  6. Thumbs up Here it is guys! End of Stack Results!!!!!

    Alright, after 10 weeks on the stack lets wrap it up with some awesome results!


    Bodyfat %:

    1RM Bench Press:

    1RM Squat:

    1RM Deadlift:
    Result- (+65)

    Fat lbs Lost= 3.82lbs
    Muscle Gained= 10.82lbs

    Overall Evaluation:

    Obviously I've seen some great results from this stack guys, I ran it for 10 weeks and got great results. Sleep and Endurance improved. Strength clearly improved, as well as recovery time. Very legit product, personally I didnt see any negative side effects or have any negative experiences. Just want to take the time to thank Applied Nutriceuticals again for the opportunity.

    Thanks to everyone who was checking in on this log, it meant alot guys and I hope that its been helpful to you. I appreciate all the encouragement and the kind words.

    Take care, and good luck with everyones goals!


    ps. buffhunk, thanks for everything bro, you've really been an inspiration!

  7. No PROB BRO!!!!

    YOu SHould be an inspiration for many other and yourself bro!
    These are great results!! This truly shows the hard work and dedication you have put into your training and your everyday life!!

    I am so HAPPY AND PROUD to have you USING AN PRODUCTS!!!
    You need anything at all PM me!!!

    Bro you are doing AWESOME!!!
    DID you get some of the RPM SAMPLES??!! IF NOT PM ME AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOU DO!!!

    Keep up the outstanding progress!!

  8. Look At The Differance In Your Chest!!! Looking Thick Bro!!!!

    Man Outstanding Work!!!

  9. Dude, awesome results. When I read your final results, I was immediately sceptical. I thought, well he must be a newbie or a veteran who's taken some time off. But according to your opening post your neither. I must give it up to Jlash and the AN crew. Those % increases are almost anabolic like. I'm currently on the same stack now and hope to see the results you did. Although I only have a 1 month supply of both.

  10. Yes Blu jlash has done an Exceptional JOB!!! And the Stats prove it!!
    I am sure you will get the same effects from your stack as well!!!

    Blu did you pick up some of the free samples of our new product RPM! The most innovative product to hit the Market in YEARS!!! If you need to Pm me and i will get D your info so he can send you out a sample!!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29 View Post
    Blu did you pick up some of the free samples of our new product RPM! The most innovative product to hit the Market in YEARS!!! If you need to Pm me and i will get D your info so he can send you out a sample!!

    Yea, I received my sample from Dirk on friday. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet but will post results when I do (probably tomorrow). Got to give props to a quality company, their few and far between these days.

  12. no samples for me yet!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  13. Thanks guys, I appreciate it, and I'm glad that you were all paying attention to the log.

    bluedevil, good luck man, you wont be dissappointed at all with this product. Let me know how it all goes!

    buffhunk, Yeah I received a sample of the product this morning and got to take it before i hit the gym, it was really impressive so i'm hoping to grab some more of it asap.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    no samples for me yet!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    It'll be there Mace

    PS Awesome results J- way to work your ass off!!!!


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