Applied Nutriceuticals: IGF-2 & NeoVar Log

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  1. Yeah it definately is improving my recovery... it really helps with hitting bodyparts twice a week...

  2. Been feeling really good this week in the gym...its a stat week so i've really been pushing hard looking forward to thursday and friday to see if the weights have improved... my stamina has been up in the gym and my recovery time has drastically decreased... i've been sleeping better and am not as sore as use to be.

    Will keep you updated, as i wrap up week 4 on this stack. Hopefully tomorrow we'll see a continual increase with the stats!

  3. So ive def noticed the same thing about the improved sleep...i just reported the same thing in my log lastnight actually. Ive always had problems sleeping through out the whole night but sense i started this stack ive pretty much been sleeping like a baby.

  4. This is a GREAT log jlash04!! Lots of excitment in this thread i got excited reading it and i am 10 days out i dont get excited over anything haha!!

    You are having some awesome results i am gld you are loving it!! i cannt wait to start mine! as soon as my shows this month are over i will be on the same stack!

    Keep it up Baby!! Rock and Roll in the gym
  5. Talking


    Alright guys, huge update, i've been pumped about this all day today. I knew today was my max day for chest, so i'd been thinkin about it all day, getting excited for it. Well i blew it up today in the gym... my max bench jumped to 250!!!!! sick guys, this supplement stack is amazing...that is up 12 pounds from 2 weeks ago... i'm at the end of week 4 and i cannot wait to see where things go from here... i have such a great pump in my chest right now, its a great feeling...

    I also got a pretty good tri workout in today too, because of my enthusiasm from the chest workout...

    I cant say enough about this stuff guys...thanks for subscribing, i'm trying to make this as interesting as possible, but I wish you could see how interesting it is for my lifitng parters! haha, they are going nuts!!

    Well, take care! Keep checkin in. and thanks for all the motivating words!

  6. Thats awesome...congrats man! Thats one thing im really missing and not liking about my current w/o plan. My numbers are increasing, im getting more reps in 15 minutes and all that...but i just dont get as psyched about my body weight exercises. I started doing barbell rows instead of pullups (i have a barbell i can use with minimal weight, just no bench) and i just get more excited/aggressive about that workout. But anyway, congrats again...i know how excited you are...nothing beats that feeling of kickin the sh!t out of a PR. And as usual...reading your log has me excited for the things to come...keep it up bro!

  7. kickin pr's ass nice Deployed blogging

  8. End of Week 4...Stat Update

    Results: (Totals from beginning of stack)
    Bodyweight: 168 (+4)
    Bodyfat %: 13% (-.8%)
    1RM Bench: 250 (+20)
    1RM Squat: 295 (+20)
    1RM Deadlift 315 x 3 (+15 +3 reps)

    Very Satisfied overall with everything...the sleep is amazing, recovery, stamina, its all there, unbelievable product and unbelievable results so far.

    Heading to Florida tomorrow for spring break, so take care guys, i'll be back posting in a week when I get back!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jlash04 View Post
    End of Week 4...Stat Update

    Results: (Totals from beginning of stack)
    Bodyweight: 168 (+4)
    Bodyfat %: 13% (-.8%)
    1RM Bench: 250 (+20)
    1RM Squat: 295 (+20)
    1RM Deadlift 315 x 3 (+15 +3 reps)

    Very Satisfied overall with everything...the sleep is amazing, recovery, stamina, its all there, unbelievable product and unbelievable results so far.

    Heading to Florida tomorrow for spring break, so take care guys, i'll be back posting in a week when I get back!
    Have fun!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jlash04 View Post
    End of Week 4...Stat Update

    Results: (Totals from beginning of stack)
    Bodyweight: 168 (+4)
    Bodyfat %: 13% (-.8%)
    1RM Bench: 250 (+20)
    1RM Squat: 295 (+20)
    1RM Deadlift 315 x 3 (+15 +3 reps)

    Very Satisfied overall with everything...the sleep is amazing, recovery, stamina, its all there, unbelievable product and unbelievable results so far.

    Heading to Florida tomorrow for spring break, so take care guys, i'll be back posting in a week when I get back!
    Very impressive results in 4 week timeframe, Great job
    I plan on running the same stack in a couple of weeks.

  11. Back from spring break and back in the gym guys..

    Dediced to switch up the workouts in order to shock the muscles a bit and hope for some serious growth. So, today I did arms (bis, tris, forearms). Got a great lift in and felt a really good pump, enjoyed a strong boost in energy this morning because I had taken a week off from taking my IGF, so today when I took it I felt really energized.

    I noticed that the week off was probably good for me, because it allowed my muscles to fully recover (which they havn't done for a while). So when I was doing arms today I felt really good, really loose, and just felt like I got a great lift in.

    Tomorrow will be a chest only day so we'll see how that goes. Keep checkin in for updates guys, and thanks for the support!

  12. Got a good chest day in today. Noticed an increase in my stamina for sure. I'm trying to switch up my workouts now, as i am halfway through my stack, in order to keep shocking my muscles into growth. I started off with flat bench and did 6 sets of 6 reps to mix things up... i got the first 3 sets with 205 and the last 3 with 185... then moved onto some heavy incline dumbbell sets... followed by some flies and some pushups...

    Since i'm concentrating fully on chest on specific days it will be good to see how that energy keeps up with only doing one bodypart. I think it will be a good change of pace for me because these products have kept my stamina up alot so far, so hopefully it will be even better now that I am isolating only one part.

    With the great recovery that I've been getting I'm really pumped to see where these new workouts are going to get me, because i'm sure my body has gotten use to the workouts i've been doing.

    Overall, today I got a great pump on my chest and my energy and stamina were both through the roof, we'll see how things go for the rest of the stack and hopefully my bench keeps climbing!

    Take care guys!
  13. Thumbs up

    Great week in the gym this week. I've really seen a difference since I switched up the workouts and I feel like it was a good call at this stage of my stack. My recovery has been great for how hard i've been lifting so I'm definately impressed. Still getting great sleep (i noticed a difference for the week i was on spring break, the sleep wasnt as good).

    Today I hit arms hard. It felt good and I feel like I got a great pump out of them. I think it was a good idea to dedicate a whole day to just arms, because I feel like i'm really able to isolate them now. My weight has been consistantly increasing on tri-pressdowns and the curls are even increasing at a consistant pace.

    Yesterday I hit back and shoulders and got a good workout in. Did alot of chinups (more than usual) and feel like things are really improving.

    Tomorrow will be my second chest day of the week and I'm going to concentrate mostly on flies and other toning excercises, cause I dont want to have 2 heavy days a week for it, but feel like I will be better off for my body to hit it twice. It has worked so far, so I think the trend will continue.

    Take care guys, have a safe St. Pattys day weekend!

  14. Looks like you're on a good path to winning a contest! Keep up the good work.

  15. Here's hoping Don! I'm busting my ass to win that thing!

    Today was my first arm day of the week. Feeling so great with these arm isolations, and i'm totally mixing up the weight, excercises, and order of excercises. Trying to shock as much as possible. Alternating bis and tris every few excercises. It was a great day though, i really felt energized today because i went to sleep really early last night and slept all the way through the night. I feel like i'm really putting some size on, but I dont want to do measurements until the end of my 10 weeks on the stack...although i am really pumped about the results already.

    Overall, up to this point I couldnt be more impressed with the results... the end of the week marks the end of week 6 for me, so we will see how the new workouts have improved my strength...

    One other great aspect of this product was how fast I recovered since i switched up the workout completely... i was really sore the day after my chest workout, and felt like there was no way that I could possibly be un-sore by the time my second chest day came, but what a surprise when I felt perfect when the day came around... it was honestly a shock at how fast my muscles recovered with these products, cause typically i woulda been sore for a week after totally mixing up workouts... very legit improvement...

  16. Shoulder/Back day today.
    Felt really good this morning when i woke up. Definately not as sore as I was last week after my chest day, so the recovery was definately a plus. I felt like I got a great workout in today, mixing up alot of different shoulder and back excercises. Alternating between bodyweight excercises with pullups and then rows and dumbbells and cables, so it was all in all a good day. Went heavier than usual on shrugs and tried to bust out a few more pullups than I typically do because i want to make sure i'm hitting these muscles with the same intensity that i'm hitting chest with. I'm already feelig a bit tight so i'm hoping that it means i hit these muscles hard enough.

    Yesterday was the chest-only day. I felt good thoughout that workout and really tried to go as heavy as possible. Although i think that by doing arms on monday, my tris are still a bit sore and that hampers my bench and I lose a rep because of it. But it might be a good thing as well, b/c now i am relying soley on chest for bench, instead of using tris too. It felt good working out and I was really happy today that I wasnt as sore as last week.

    Overall, feeling pretty good, started running too cause the weather is finally becoming bearable, so will now be getting some outside cardio in. Which is much more enjoyable than running inside.

  17. subscribed

  18. Keep up the great work man!

    Those rep points.... you've earned em'

  19. Thanks Lanbane, I appreciate it bro!

    Week 6 Update
    Bodyweight: 170 (+6)
    Bodyfat %: 12.5% (-1.3%)
    1RM Bench: 255 (+25)
    1RM Squat: 300 (+25)
    1RM Deadlift 325 x 3 (+25)

    Amazing results so far guys, can't say enough about what this product has done for me. I've got 4 more weeks of the stack so i really plan to hit the gym as hard as possible in those 4 weeks. Get as much outa this as I can.

    Have a good weekend!

  20. Great progress...
    Godd luck with the contest...

  21. Chest day...
    Had a pretty good day today. Went as heavy as possible on pretty much everything... doing low reps now and high weight, keeping the reps between 3-6 on flat bench and the same on dumbbell presses as well. Also hit inclines, and some decline presses, and to finish things off and stretch things out did some flies.

    Trying to keep the weight up in order to pump more out... on flat bench i hit 205x 6... 210 x 5... and 225 x 4 to finish up... not a bad day...

    Also did some runing today for a bit because the weather was so nice... i'm trying to do alot of cardio these days in order to cut up for summertime...

    Yesterday did arms and felt realy good.. got a great pump... although i feel that doing tris the day before i do chest somewhat hinders my chest workout in terms of weight pressed...but i guess that it helps to isolate my chest a bit because i'm not using my tris to help as much with the weight...

    Take care!

  22. Back and Shoulder Day

    Was feeling really good today, although my chest is a bit sore... Started off the day with 50 pullups (took 4 sets so i was pretty pumped about that)... then i did some barbell shrugs 185x12.... switched things up and did some rows on the machine... then moved back and did some closegrip pulldowns... tried to mix it up pretty well today.. 4 excercises each for back and shoulders... keeping things effecient because my energy is high... and my recovery has been amazing, due to the supplements, vitamins, protein intake, and great sleep im' getting at night.. so everything is working at full speed right now...

    Take care.

  23. Arm Day

    Definately enjoyed the weekend, but since the weather is improving, that is all the more motivation to bust ass in the gym. Worked bis and tris really hard today. Did 3 sets of weighted dips, which i had never done before, I usually just do normal dips, but I figured that the additional weight would only help me out. They really gave me a great pump and it set my workout off on the right foot for sure. I then moved into alternating bis and tris for the rest of the workout and it seemed to really do the trick.

    I'm also starting to do cardio every day outside, going for a run to drop some excess fat pounds. Although its going to be difficult to gain weight and lose fat at the same time, i'm working hard to try to find that balance where i can maintain everything and really tighten up.

    Summer weather is here, and the fest and famine contest is well underway, so its time to really buckle down with these products and get maximum results.

    Overall, very pleased with how i've been feeling both inside the gym and outside. I really get awesome pumps while i'm in, and soreness is at a minimum afterwards. My energy is up, sleeping is up, all in all I have no complaints.

    Take care guys.
  24. Thumbs up

    Shoulder and back day today...

    Felt really good about it today, cause it only took me 4 sets to get to 50 pullups, so that was definately positive...

    Also upped the weight on DB shrugs and barbell shrugs... slowly working my way up the rack, eyeing up those 125's, haha...

    All in all, got a great lift in, i was really happy with the endurance, and since i am doing 2 large bodyparts i really need the extra stamina that i'm getting, so its been really good for me...

    Yesterday I had an excellent chest day as well, did alot of sets to failure on the bench as heavy as i could go, so it worked out well, but i'm paying for it today as my chest is really sore...

    Trying to eat really clean these days, cutting down on the bad calories while upping my good ones, trying to take in as much healthy food to my body as possible to get down to single digit bf%. So we'll see how that goes, because I'm definately not going to sacrafice size or strength...

    One other thing about this supplement that I havent mentioned is "mood"... I know some people go through mood swings when taking supplements, but it hasnt affected me at all, i mean besides increased sex drive, however, thats not a bad thing... but mostly all it does for me psychologically is make me want to be in the gym lifting heavier and harder all the time, so its all good in that department..

    Thanks for checking in guys. Have a Happy Easter...

  25. Got alota rest over the holiday weekend and went right back to the gym this morning. Felt really refreshed because of the weekend of relaxing and eating, just alot of much needed R&R.

    Chest day today, really felt like doing chest today so decided to switch up chest and arm days.

    Been doing alot of bench pressing lately... Did 6 sets of low reps and high weight today. It felt good, did 3 sets of 225x4 and really feel like my strength is increasing. Then did some heavy dumbbells on incline. Finished up with cable crossovers just to loosen up a bit and stretch out. But overall felt really good.

    Nearing the end of this stack and i'm trying to realy maximize what i've got left.


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