JW/Ebol/Anagen/Xtend Review

  1. JW/Ebol/Anagen/Xtend Review

    CYCLE LENGTH: 30 days

    Beginning weight: 206
    Ending weight: 210

    Beginning Fat %: don't know
    Ending Fat %: don't know, but I lost fat


    JW: 2/1/2
    Anagen: 2/0/2
    Ebol: 2/2/2
    Xtend + bulk BCAAs + bulk EAAs + bulk Beta Alinine: 20/20/10/10


    Centrum multi: x 2
    Kirkland Fish Oil: x 4
    NOW C-100: 1000mg x 2
    NOw NAC: 600mg
    NOW Saw Palmetto: 550mg x 2
    GNC B-Complex: x 2
    Puritan Maximum Antioxidant: x 2
    Puritan Hawthorne Berry: 565mg x 2
    Purtitan Policosanol: 10mg
    Sundown Ginko Bilboa: 60mg x 2


    BAC bulk Damiana: 500mg x 2
    BAC bulk Tribulus 45%: 500mg x 2
    BAC bulk Macuna Puriens: 500mg x 2
    BAC LJ: 100: 100mg x 3, 5 days on, 2 off
    Nutra Planet Epimedium 40%: 400mg x 2
    BN Catuaba: 500mg x 2
    BN Avena Sativa: 1g x 2
    Root of Matter Maca: 4g x 3

    NOOTROPICS (not all these are taken every day):

    Nutra Planet Piracetam: 3g x 2
    Nutra Planet Subultiamine: 300-900mg
    Nutra Planet Na-Rala: 100mg x 2
    Nutra Planet Phenibut: 3g (no more than 2-3 times per week)
    BN L-theanine: 300mg
    BN Alpha GPC: 500mg
    BN Idebenone: 300mg
    Custom Nutrition ALCAR: 2g x 2
    Custom Nutrition Centrophenoxine: 100mg
    Unique Nutrition Picamilon: 400mg


    Custom Nutrition Taurine: 3g
    Custom Nutrition Glucronlactone: 1g (won't buy this again)
    Custom Nutrition Caffeine: 500mg
    Custom Nutrition Di-Arginine Malate: 2g (prob. won't buy this again)

    DIET: 2800-3200, 200 above maintenance, 50P/30C/20F

    FOODS: chicken, tuna, steak, salmon, eggs, milk, greens, oats, ON whey, etc.

    LIFTS, ALL +:

    flat bench: 20 lbs
    decline bench: 15
    db flat bench: 10
    db incline bench: 10
    bb curl: 10
    lat pulldown (btn): 30
    lat pulldown (chest): 20
    t-bar: 30
    fly machine: 40 (can't do db flys because arthritis)
    db sh. press: 10
    db pullover: 10
    leg press: 110
    leg squat press: 130
    h. strength machine: 80
    calf raises: 45
    hamstring curl: 60

    Note: no dead lift, squats because of lower back problem.


    Jungle Warfare: B
    Ebol: B+ (180 caps, proper dosing)
    Anagen: C+
    Xtend + bulks: A

    CONCLUSION: I was happy w/ results of this cycle. No sides, gained 4lbs, gained strength, lost fat. I may run Ebol again w/ future X-factor/Anabolic Pump. Xtend has been a staple but I'm going to bulk BCAAs + Beta alinine + flavoring because of cost.

    I start sole Pheraplex cycle next Monday. I'll log results.

  2. So why did Ebol get B compared to the Anagen's C?

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