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  1. it is a nuisance more than a terrible thing!

    jjohn, i think it is the increase of NATRUAL test that causes the acne, thus why you would get it in PCT, because you are increasing your own levels again.

    i could be wrong, though.

  2. Well, I guess no one really know the exact cause, so I will wash it up very often before starting mine, so I get the least possible

  3. THAT is a good idea! I have a 4% benzoyl peroxide solution prescription from the Doc and it helps quite a bit! I try to bump its use up to 2 times per day and i use it on face, shoulders, and chest!

  4. Day 11

    Took yesterday off and carbed up I knew that today's workout was gonna be sick, and I was right:


    1x385# (+20# PR!!!)

    170# (+55# band tension) 3x2 Safety Bar Good Mornings (+15# PR)*
    180# (+55# band tension) 3x2 Safety Bar Box Squats
    3x5 Finger Rolls, 75# DB per hand (+10# total PR)
    3x5 Glute-Ham Raises off the lat pulldown
    3x6 Trunk Twists (per side)
    3x5 Dragon Flags

    Finished up with weighted quad and ham stretches and took a contrast shower.

    *Note: These felt just as light and explosive as the 160#+50#'s I did on Day 6.

    Just like the last max deadlift workout, this one ran too long: almost 90 minutes. But this time, I felt aggressive and energetic to the very last minute.

    Stay tuned, there will be many more PR's to come

  5. how much do u weigh now?

  6. Gym scale read 184 today, so without shoes and clothes, about 183. I'm only going to put up my weight every 7 days or so. Since I'm eating just at maintenance and timing my carbs, my scale probably won't be moving much during this log. But measurements and PR's will.

  7. Day 13

    About an hour and a half after my first dose today I felt a gentle but perceptible rush. Pretty euphoric ... mild, but just enough to be noticed, and I didn't expect it to happen at all. Also, throughout the day I've been feeling more upbeat and aggressive. Lovin this MFX. I couldn't wait to get to the gym and bang out my workout:

    95# (+27# band resistance) 3x2 Standing Military Presses

    These were a lot harder than I expected. I really have to keep up speed and apply more force throughout the top of the lift, and that's exactly where I'm weakest, so I know they'll help out there a lot.

    Worked up to a max single in a Standing Rack Military Press (pins set my sticking point, mid-forehead): 170#

    65# 2x2 DB side presses (+10# total PR)

    Dropped the side presses down to just two sets because of the extra shoulder work I put in maxing out. Once again, my left side presses were real grinds.

    135# 3x12 Incline Bench (+2 reps PR)

    The first set of 12 was easy, the last two not so much, but I rest-paused their last 2-4 reps out because I was hungry for another PR.

    70# 3x3 Russian Twists
    30# 2x10 DB Lateral Raises
    120# 3x12 Kneeling Rope Pulldowns (+2 reps PR)

    Finished off with DC-style weighted chest, shoulder, and back stretches.

    More notes: I know it looks like my volume is creeping back up again, but I'm taking days off in between and ultimately going by feel. I'm listening to my body and mental fatigue levels, and this seems to be working well. I've always found it better to be flexible and intuit your body's reactions rather than anally adhere to a set routine.

    As far as side effects, just the acne. Hasn't gotten worse, but hasn't gotten better despite keeping my skin clean and exfoliating, etc. If I can find it locally I'm gonna try out some Nizoral on the broken out areas - people have reported that stuff working magic on higher test-caused acne.

  8. SWEET! nice to see the PRs!

  9. Day 15

    250# 3x2 Good Mornings with the Olympic Bar
    175# 3x2 Snatch-Grip Deadlifts from an 8" deficit
    90# 3x10 Face Pulls (+20# PR)
    3x10 Incline DB Curls
    3x10 Reverse Wrist Curls

    Had to get in and out of the gym quick today, so I didn't bother with bands on the good mornings. I can't say I've been a fan of these elevated snatch-grip deads in my gym, because there's only one platform and it has short pillars that force the path of the bar straight up, like a Smith machine, until the bar passes mid-thigh and sends you off balance. The setup is too dangerous, so I'm gonna nix these until I go back to college where I can work out in a gym that has equipment for ATHLETES.

    Other notes: Aggression definitely up today, an incident of road rage, but in general pretty controllable. By the way, it's been two days using the Nizoral on my skin, and the sh*t works MAGIC on acne.

  10. Day 17

    125# (+35# band tension) 3x2 Incline Bench (+5# PR)
    155# 3x8 Incline Bench
    155# (+55# band tension) 3x2 Front Squat
    250# Front Squat - new max
    2x10 45# DB Side Presses
    3x10 150# Kneeling Lat Pulldown (+30# PR)
    3x8 Cable-Resisted Swiss Ball Crunches

    Notes: Another great workout. For the record, I definitely felt I could have bumped the weights up on the banded incline bench, but I want to be able to add 5% steadily each week. The same goes for all my other banded lifts. The 155#x8 incline bench translates roughly into a 195# 1RM, which would be a 10# PR if I hit it. I'll try for a max when I get back to school. Also, I haven't gone for a max front squat to parallel in almost a year, so I don't have much to compare it to.

    Sides: Acne subsiding with Nizoral and aggression is up, but I enjoy that side effect, not to mention the subtle tingles of energy I'm still consistently getting an hour after each dose.

    Since I won't be able to take pictures in the same position with the same lighting after I leave home, I'll update with some early comparison pics and measurements tomorrow or Saturday.

  11. Day 18 - Visual Progress

    Order: Relaxed front - before Mass-FX, relaxed front - 18 days into Mass-FX, flexed back - before Mass-FX, flexed back - 18 days into Mass-FX

    Weight is now 183 and waist is 31.75".
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  12. Definite improvement around the midsection! Great job!

  13. Day 28

    Weight: 183

    145# 3x1 Power Snatch
    325# 3x2 Romanian Deadlift (~+40# PR since Day 8)
    255# 3x1 Front Squat (+5# PR since Day 17)
    220# 3x1 Incline Bench (+25# PR since Day 17)
    75# 3x8 One-Arm DB Row (+5 reps PR since 12/17*)

    Sorry I haven't been able to update these last 9 days, I've been really busy starting back at college and with my track practices starting up. I haven't been able to train with bands but I definitely plan on reincorporating them soon - I believe the concentric overloading contributed to my strength gains as much as Mass-FX. This last week or so I've been unloading in volume and frequency and eating less; regardless, I've held at the same weight and reduced in the waistline a little. I'll measure that tomorrow morning.

    Anyway, I seem to have done things right with the high volume/frequency at home followed by the unloading week, because the PR's today were across the board. This has been such a fantastic supplement for all my goals - recomping around the same weight while driving my strength up. Much respect to Dr. D and Anabolic Xtreme for the compound and many thanks to macedaddy for letting me try it out. It won't be the last time.

    I'll write a comprehensive final review in a few days.

  14. looking forward to the final review!


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