Mkashcraft's DCP/NHA Stack log

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    Mkashcraft's DCP/NHA Stack log

    So I just got all my supps in and decided to wait until today to start this log due to all of the holiday eating I have been enjoying like most. This is my first log on AM and I am excited to get it underway. I will be following a max-ot style of weight training 5 days/wk along with PWO cardio. I also plan to run this cycle for 4 weeks.

    Activate (4/day)
    Rebound Reloaded (3/day)
    NO Xplod
    Omega 3's

    I will put up stats tomorrow so I can take measurements and weight on an empty stomach. As far as my diet goes I will be eating very clean and healthy foods. Essentially I will be forcing down fruits, veggies and leans meats throughout the duration hoping to maintain about 500 calories under maintenence. I will be more exact with my diet and weight training after I get back from the gym today and update everyone then. Overall I hope this log can help show how effective these products really are! Off to the gym for some shoulders/traps...expect lots of updates!

  2. ill be watching bro, good luck

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    I just got back from the gym and have my workout and meals to report for the day, along with some of the things I have noticed.

    Meal 1:
    3 DCP + 1 Activate + 1 RR
    4 egg white + 1 whole egg omlet w/brocolli, green peppers/onions
    1 slice of whole grain toast

    Pre WO:
    1 serv NO Explod
    1 activate

    3 DCP
    Surge Recovery protein shake
    4 BCAA caps
    1 Multi

    Meal 2:
    16 oz Sirloin Steak
    1/2 large sweet potatoe
    1/2 cup brocolli/carrots
    1 Activate + 1 RR

    Meal 3:
    3 DCP + 1 activate
    4 BCAA caps
    MRP Shake

    Meal 4:
    MRP Shake
    3 ZMA caps

    Diet was pretty clean today for the most part, I did use a little butter here and there and some bbq sauce so I'd imagine I'm closer to 1900-2000 cals or so on the day. I have also drank around a gallon of water for the day.

    Shoulders & Traps

    1. [Warm-up] DB Shoulder press....2 sets 4-6 reps ---55lbs/db
    2. Side Lateral Raises....2 sets 3-6 reps ---22.5lbs/db
    3. Rear Lateral Raises….2 set 4-6 reps ---50lbs/db

    1. [Warm-up] Barbell Shrugs....3 sets 4-6 reps ---180

    ***warmup is as follows***
    50% x 12 reps
    50% x 10 reps
    70% x 6 reps
    80% x 3 reps
    90% x 1 rep

    Following lifting I performed 25 min of lower intensity cardio on the eliptical burning around 300 cals.

    These supplements have been great so far, the one thing that I have noticed with DCP is an increase in temperature and very little hunger overall. After meal 2 I was full to the point where I almost felt sick, no pain no gain! I will put up my weight and measurements in the morning and hopefully take some before pics to measure progress.
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    Im also going to throw hotrox extreme in the mix starting tomorrow for a good stim as well. The only thing that worries me is getting all my food in. Better to be full than starving I suppose and it should be good for me to cut that way.

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    DAY 2: Update
    Everything is going good today, woke up this morning and popped 3 DCP and 1 Hot rox extreme. Didn't feel bad at all afterwards...a little shakey but no worse than taking a full dose of Hot rox itself. I haven't noticed much of an increase in temperature while on DCP either which is good because its been right around freezing or below so I feel nice and cozy! Another thing I have noticed from the DCP is I have to "drop a duece" within about an hour or two of dosing. This is actually pretty nice because I'm feeling pretty light on my feet as of now. Anyway here are the weight and measurements I promised as of yesterday. One quick note is the fact that I weighed in on an empty stomach, but measured a couple hours after eating. I also look a lot leaner today due to what I'm assuming to be a few pound drop in water retention.

    height: 5' 9.5''
    weight: 175 lbs.
    arms: 14.5''
    chest: 40''
    waist (navel/relaxed): 36''
    waist (navel/flexed): 33''

    *** I don't have calipers at the moment so its hard to calculate my BF%. I carry almost all of my fat in my abdomen and chest so I can't get an accurate measure with any online tools. I don't really care about the numbers as much as I do how I look in the mirror anyway. I was down to around 165 or so at the beggining of school this year and my goal is to get looking that shredded again, this time with some mass to back it even more. I will update later today after I get back from the gym.***

    Another thing to note is that I didn't put up leg measurements because I had knee surger two weeks ago from yesterday (laterial menisectomy) and won't be able to push my leg lifts to the limits for a couple of weeks. I'm skipping my full leg day this week and will do simple leg workouts throughout the week as physical therapy. I don't feel that this will hinder my results much either.
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    DAY 2 UPDATE 2

    Just got back from the gym and had a good back/bi workout. My diet was a little off, but it could really have been a lot worse and I still kept a pretty good ratio for the day. The addition of 1/2 dose of Hot Rox went ok today. My mood wasn't particularly good or bad but I think that may be the lack of sleep I got last night. I also seem leaner due to my increase water intake and my body releasing the excess due to terrible eating. As of tomorrow we will see how I feel and hopefully this DCP/NHA stack will really kick in.

    Meal 1:
    3 DCP
    1 Activate + 1RR
    1 Hot Rox Extreme

    3 egg white + 1 whole egg sandwich on 2 sliced of wheat bread

    Meal 2:
    3 DCP
    1 Hot Rox Extreme
    1 Activate
    1/2 Quiznos Regular Peppercorn Prime Rib Sub

    1 No Xplod
    1 Activate

    Surge Recovery Protein Shake
    4 BCAA caps

    Meal 3:
    1 Activate + RR
    1 Multi
    1/2 Prime Rib Sub

    Meal 4:
    MRP Shake
    4 BCAA caps

    Work Out
    1. Pull-ups....50 reps complete
    2. Cable Rows....2 sets 4-6 reps ---150 lbs.
    3. V-Bar Pull-downs....---155 lbs.

    1. Barbell Curls....2 sets 4-6 reps (After warm-up) ---60/db
    2. Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls....1 set 4-6 reps ---30/db
    3. Hammer Curls....1 set 4-6 reps ---30/db

    As far as my weight training goes my strength is particularly low right now because as of the last two months I haven't really been able to weight train due to my knee injury. I just used eating for my workout during that time and definitely enjoyed every second of it!

    I will update my weight and am going to try and make myself from looking at it until next wednesday.

  8. Looking good so far.
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    Thumbs up

    DAY 3: Update

    Thanks Dsade, everything is going well so far. The things I have noticed about DCP are pretty cool especially stacked with the NHA stack.

    Decreased apetite
    I look extremely lean (after 2 days)
    I have a sense of "well-being"
    Excellent focus and endurance to get through my workouts

    None to speak of, no sides or anything like that

    While taking these supps I feel pretty damn good! The apetite suppression is really nice because it keeps me in check and most of the time I have to remind myself to eat. After only 2 days of this stack I look incredibly lean. This is good for the fact that it is keeping me motivated and the focus and endurance in the gym helps that much more. As of now I would definitely call this a perfect solution for a body recomp and can't wait to see what I look like in 4 weeks!

    Meal 1:
    3 DCP
    1 RR
    1 HRX Extreme
    (30 min later)
    MRP Shake
    4 bcaa caps

    1 Activate
    NO Xplod

    I am now off to the gym. Chest and tri's today. Will update when I get back.

    If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask.

    1 Activate + 1 RR
    Regular Prime Rib sub
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    Another Update
    So I ended up with a good chest/tri workout yesterday. Everything felt good. Oily skin is really the only thing that has been a side effect as of yet. Everything else is still rolling pretty hard. Focus is great and everything else. I plan on doing cardio and abs at the gym today and eating a very high amount of protein to get these sore muscles fed. I will update tomorrow and we'll see how it goes from there.

  11. subscribed, interested to see how this stack works for you as I'm taking the exact same stack minus the HotRox.
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    Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days, I spent all of yesterday driving back to school! Managed to hit shoulders and traps last night and everything is going good. Looking very lean. Diet has been farely clean. As soon as wednesday comes I will be unpacked and back 100% on the log. Week 1 weight results posted tomorrow!


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