SoMdHunter's ALR Industries Sponsored Evolution (BAM-Jungle Warfare-Restore) Log

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  1. Evolution Stack Summation


    Throughout this log, I tried to keep everything as constant as I could to eliminate variations. My food intake consisted of a high protein diet, with moderate carbs and fats, while attempting to keep my sleep the same each night. With that, here are my thoughts on the stack.

    The Evolution Stack, consisting of BAM, Restore and Jungle Warfare is without a doubt the best strength gaining stack I have ever tried. The capsules are easy to identify for each supplement as they are purple and white, blue and red and white.

    I feel ones mental attitude, physical fitness, amount of sleep and food consumed has a lot to do with their intensity. On the other hand, I found myself getting really pumped and able to train hard on this stack. Increasing the weights like I did, make it much easier for me to really let it all out so to speak.

    Strength increase for me while on this stack was incredible! By far this was the best effect the stack had on me. I set at least half a dozen personal bests! I was up 20lbs flat bench DB presses; up 10lbs on the incline DB press; added 30lbs on the dip machine; and added an amazing 40lbs to my 1RM on the shoulder press machine!

    Endurance with this stack was very good. Even though I tired during my workouts, the strength remained much higher further into my routine than I expected it would; a very pleasant surprise indeed. I really enjoy giving it everything I can at the gym, for as long as I can, and this stack didnít let me down.

    I added 6 lbs while on this stack. Iíve always had a difficult time putting on weight, and 6 lbs isnít much for most people, but it is for me. Iím also certain most of it was lean muscle mass and very little fat as my waist line hasnít changed much at all.

    Recovery was excellent for me. I am susceptible to DOMS, normally on the 2nd day. I noticed DOMS wasnít a problem for me at all, even when I set personal bests on various exercises!

    The Evolution Stack is an incredible stack for someone wanting to kick up their strength levels. There were numerous times I took my workouts to ďfailureĒ, which for me was to the point I could not do another rep. With this stack, I increased weights or reps across the board. For someone on a bulking diet, they should see excellent results if they keep their protein intake high and get plenty of rest. Overall, I would rate this stack a full 10 on a 1-10 scale.

    Thanks to ALR Industries, this stack really rocks!

  2. Good results bro, and a bit different from mine. I hadn't followed up on others' progress with the stack AT ALL but now that my first month is done, I'm doing the rounds and looking what you guys have experienced.

    Have a look, my log is right here: E V O L U T I O N: Grunt becomes ... What???



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