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  1. 20 Jan Day 24 on the ALR Industries Evolution Stack

    Late Entry: This routine was completed Saturday, but with the playoffs, Iím just now getting around to logging it. Sorry all.

    My daughter came into town and wanted to go to the gym, so I ended up doing a leg and abs routine. One nice thing about lifting on a Saturday morning, there gym was pretty much empty. Here is what I did.

    Unilateral Leg Presses to warm up 20x90/ 20x135/ 15x180/ 15x225 (moderate effort)

    Squat Machine 12x90/ 12x180/ 10x270/ 10x360 (moderate effort)

    Hamflexors 12x50/ 10x60/ 10x70/ 10x80 (moderate effort)

    Weighted Ab Crunches 10x60/ 10x70/ 10x80/ 10x80 (moderate effort)

    Standing Calf Machine 20x250/ 20x300/ 15x300/ 15x350/ 15x400 (moderate-heavy effort) The 400lbs represents the entire stack on this machine.

    Hanging Leg Raises 4 sets of 12 reps each (moderate effort)

    Leg Presses 12x270/ 10x360/ 10x450/ 10x540/ 8x630 (moderate-very heavy effort) The 8 reps at 630 is a personal best for this old man.

    That was it for the day. Overall, this was an excellent routine for me. Intensity was great, and the weights didnít feel as heavy as they normally do. I would have to give this routine another 10 all the way. I must admit, I really like this stack! ALR has hit a homerun with this one!

  2. 22 Jan Day 26 on the ALR Industries Evolution Stack

    Today was shoulder and traps day for me. Food consumption was excellent today, consisting of 1 cup of oats and 4 egg whites with cheese for breakfast, along with decaf coffee, multiís and my supplements. Lunch and snacks was a chicken sandwich on wheat, cottage cheese, 10oz of cubed chicken breast and crackers, almond granola bar, grilled chicken breast for dinner with a sweet potato and mixed vegetables. Throw in a couple of protein shakes and Iím off to the gym. Here is what I managed to accomplish tonight.

    DB Shoulder Press 15x40 to warm-up with. 10x50/ 10x60/ 10x65/ 9x60 (moderate-muscle failure) The 10 reps at 65lbs is a personal best for me at that weight. I was going to attempt the 70ís but they were being used, as were the 75ís, 80ís and 85ís.

    DB Shrugs 15x80/ 12x90/ 12x100/ 12x110 (moderate effort)

    Shoulder Press Machine 8x210/ 6x230/ 2x250 (heavy-muscle failure)
    All the lifts on this machine was a personal best for me by 40lbs!

    Rev Pec Dec 12x110/ 12x110/ 10x120/ 10x130/ 8x140 (moderate-muscle failure) The 8 reps at 140lbs was a personal best for me on this machine by 10lbs!

    Hammer Strength Shrug Machine 15x180/ 15x270/ 15x270/ 12x360 (moderate-heavy effort)

    Lateral Raise Machine 12x25/ 10x30/ 10x35/ 9x40 (moderate-muscle failure) The 9 reps at 40lbs is a personal best for me on this machine.

    Lateral DB Raises 10x20/ 10x20/ 10x25/ 10x30 (moderate-heavy effort)

    That was the routine for me tonight. An absolutely incredible workout for me, a 10 all the way! I set 6 personal bests tonight. The Evolution Stack has definitely increased my strength. I am amazed at how light the weights feel sometime

  3. 23 Jan Day 27 on the ALR Industries Evolution Stack

    Am I the only one starting to freeze to death? Man winter finally made its appearance with a vengeance! Low on Friday is supposed to be 14! Time to snuggle with the wife!

    Food consumed today was very close to what it has been throughout this entire log, consisting of oats, eggs with cheese, a chicken breast sandwich on wheat, cottage cheese, cubed chicken breast with wheat crackers, salmon, sweet potato, green beans, a couple of protein shakes, my multiís, decaf coffee and my supplements. Of note, I was at my Dr today for an unrelated problem and weighted in at 212! This is a gain of 6 lbs since starting this stack. I decided to change things up on my last back routine and leave out any direct bicep work. So with that in mind, here is what I did.

    Widegrip Pulldowns 15x150/ 10x180/ 10x200/ 6x220 (moderate-muscle failure) The 6 reps is a personal best for me by 2 reps at 220lbs on this exercise.

    Hammer Strength Iso Row Machine 10x135/ 10x180/ 8x205/ 6x225 (moderate-very heavy effort) That is 5 plates on each arm my friends, and it represents a personal best by 20 lbs for me on this exercise!

    Straight Arm Cable Pulldowns 10x150/ 10x150/ 10x150/ 10x150 (easy effort)

    T-Bar Rows 10x135/ 8x160/ 8x170 (heavy-muscle failure) The 170lbs is another personal best for me by 10 lbs on this exercise.

    Hammer Strength Iso Back (aka Reverse Grip Pulldowns) 10x180/ 10x200/ 10x220 (moderate-very heavy effort)

    Seated Cable Rows 10x180/ 10x200/ 8x210 (heavy-muscle failure) The 8 reps at 210 lbs tied a personal best for me on this exercise.

    Widegrip Pullups 6, 5, 4 = 15 reps (heavy-muscle failure)
    I decided to save the pullups to do as the last exercise, just to see how my strength would be at the end of my routine. I was very surprised I even managed 15 reps! I was totally exhausted after this routine, which I would rate as a 10 all the way.

    Iím taking tomorrow night off, then Iíll do just a chest exercise on Thursday, followed by an arm routine on Friday. I finish up this log with a summation this weekend, and that as they say will be that. Till then, be safe all.
  4. 25 Jan Day 29 on the ALR Industries Evolution Stack

    Well, this log will be winding down soon. Winter has shown itís cold face and there really is nothing to do but lift, eat and of course play with the wife! But lets get to the routine for today. The amount of food consumed was above average, consisting of the same of everything I have always been eating, just more of it.

    Today was chest only day. I was eager to get to the gym as I wanted to test my strength on the DBs. Here is what I accomplished.

    Flat Bench DB Press 15x60 to warm-up with. 12x70/ 10x80/ 6x90/ 6x100 (easy-very heavy effort)
    The 6 reps with the 100lbs DBs was a personal best in both weight and reps! I had set myself a goal of reaching the 100lbs by Christmas time. I missed my goal, but by only 1 month to the day. Not too bad for this old man.

    Incline DB Flys 10x35/ 10x40/ 10x45 (easy-moderate effort)

    Incline DB Press 10x60/ 8x70/ 6x80 (moderate-very heavy)
    The 80lbs DBs at 6 reps is another personal best for me in both weight and reps!

    Cable Flys 10x60/ 10x70/ 10x70 (easy effort)
    I had one serious pump to my chest, front deltoids and triceps. Love that feeling of being big and strong!

    Hammer Strength Iso Back Machine 10x135/ 10x135/ 10x135 (moderate-very heavy effort)
    For those that are no familiar with this type of machine; that is 135lbs each arm, for a total of 270lbs.

    Chest Press Machine 10x200/ 10x220/ 10x240 (moderate-heavy effort)

    Pec Dec Flys 10x120/ 8x140/ 8x150 (moderate-very heavy effort)
    The 150lbs is a personal best on this machine for me.

    That was the routine for me tonight. It was an incredible workout, a 10 all the way. The 3 personal bests for me tonight was an added bonus. Strength while on this stack has been awesome. I hate to come off of it, but Iím one to believe the body needs a break from supplementation from time to time.

    Iíll get in my final routine this weekend, which will be an arm routine. Iím pretty busy tomorrow, so it most likely will be Saturday. Iíll also finalize this log with a summation of what I thought about the stack and potential improvements to it. Try to stay warm if you can!
  5. 26 Jan Day 30 on the ALR Industries Evolution Stack

    And this is it. A final summation this weekend and Iíll close out this log. It has been fun.

    Today I decided to do a bi/tri routine, even though my triceps were still a bit tired from last nights chest routine. Food consumed today was above normal, and my supplements are gone. With that, here is what was done.

    Tricep Pushdowns 12x150/ 12x150/ 12x150/ 12x150 (easy effort)

    1 Arm Cable Pushdowns 10x60/ 10x656/ 10x65 (easy effort)

    EZ Bar Cable Curls 12x80/ 12x80/ 12x90/ 12x100 (easy effort)

    Standing DB Curls 10x30/ 10x35/ 6x40/ 6x45/ 6x50/ 6x55 (easy-heavy effort)
    The 6 reps at 55lbs is a personal best for me on this routine in both reps and weights.

    Close Grip Bench Press 15x85/ 15x115/ 15x135/ 12x155 (easy effort)
    I was completely surprised at how much strength my triceps had! I figured they would completely give out by now.

    Preacher Bench Curls 20x120/ 15x150/ 12x180 10x200 (moderate-heavy effort) The 200lbs is a personal best for me on this exercise by 20 lbs.

    1 Arm Cable Curls 12x40/; 12x45/ 12x50 (easy-moderate effort)

    Dip Machine 10x250/ 10x250/ 10x270 (moderate-heavy effort)

    Rope Pulldowns 12x90/ 10x110/ 10x120/ 10x130 (moderate-very heavy effort) The 130 lbs is a personal best for me on this exercise by 10lbs.

    Preacher Bench DB Curls 10x35/ 10x40/ 6x45/ 6x50 (easy-very heavy effort) The 6 reps at 50 lbs is a personal best for me in both weight and reps.

    Barbell Curls 10x65/ 10x75/ 8x85/ 5x95 (heavy-muscle failure)
    The 5 reps at 95 lbs is a personal best for me in both reps and weight.

    That was it for the day. I did a lot of sets since I didnít directly work my biís and triís this week. Overall, this was another great workout! I left the gym feeling strong with an excellent pump to my arms. Good luck to the testers that got chosen to go 8 weeks on this stack. They should see some great results. My summation of this stack will follow this weekend.

  6. Evolution Stack Summation


    Throughout this log, I tried to keep everything as constant as I could to eliminate variations. My food intake consisted of a high protein diet, with moderate carbs and fats, while attempting to keep my sleep the same each night. With that, here are my thoughts on the stack.

    The Evolution Stack, consisting of BAM, Restore and Jungle Warfare is without a doubt the best strength gaining stack I have ever tried. The capsules are easy to identify for each supplement as they are purple and white, blue and red and white.

    I feel ones mental attitude, physical fitness, amount of sleep and food consumed has a lot to do with their intensity. On the other hand, I found myself getting really pumped and able to train hard on this stack. Increasing the weights like I did, make it much easier for me to really let it all out so to speak.

    Strength increase for me while on this stack was incredible! By far this was the best effect the stack had on me. I set at least half a dozen personal bests! I was up 20lbs flat bench DB presses; up 10lbs on the incline DB press; added 30lbs on the dip machine; and added an amazing 40lbs to my 1RM on the shoulder press machine!

    Endurance with this stack was very good. Even though I tired during my workouts, the strength remained much higher further into my routine than I expected it would; a very pleasant surprise indeed. I really enjoy giving it everything I can at the gym, for as long as I can, and this stack didnít let me down.

    I added 6 lbs while on this stack. Iíve always had a difficult time putting on weight, and 6 lbs isnít much for most people, but it is for me. Iím also certain most of it was lean muscle mass and very little fat as my waist line hasnít changed much at all.

    Recovery was excellent for me. I am susceptible to DOMS, normally on the 2nd day. I noticed DOMS wasnít a problem for me at all, even when I set personal bests on various exercises!

    The Evolution Stack is an incredible stack for someone wanting to kick up their strength levels. There were numerous times I took my workouts to ďfailureĒ, which for me was to the point I could not do another rep. With this stack, I increased weights or reps across the board. For someone on a bulking diet, they should see excellent results if they keep their protein intake high and get plenty of rest. Overall, I would rate this stack a full 10 on a 1-10 scale.

    Thanks to ALR Industries, this stack really rocks!

  7. Good results bro, and a bit different from mine. I hadn't followed up on others' progress with the stack AT ALL but now that my first month is done, I'm doing the rounds and looking what you guys have experienced.

    Have a look, my log is right here: E V O L U T I O N: Grunt becomes ... What???


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