STIMULANT X xperience

  1. STIMULANT X xperience

    Like I told AX good clean energy within 25 minutes. Here's how the day went for who ever is interested:
    0750 Took 3 caps of stimulant X w/ 16oz of water an breakfast
    0815 Only 25 min later and already starting to feel the effects kick in
    0840 Do you know the kind of energy that feels like you could take on the world? Well that's how I felt! Also in a very good mood.
    0900 Maybe I should of started off w/ only 2caps lol. So much energy right now and I'm real focused (no jitters which is good) Body temp rised a lil but not much unlike other stimulants that make u sweat like a beast.
    1045 Still excellent energy. Didn't want to eat so I had to force myself.
    1300 Is all that energy comin from those lil caps? You bet it is!
    1500 Where's the crash I'm use to feelin after the supplement wears off? Must be a miracle, a company that can keep it goin w/o a crash!
    1700 Still feel a lil somethin but not tired at all.
    1830 Still enough energy to go to the gym after a long day. So I got to get goin, BC it's leg day! I'm impressed, clean energy for the whole day

  2. thanks for the kind words!

  3. very nice.. think ima throw some of this in after i do the mass stack

  4. I got a sample pack of Stimulant X a few months ago and I would recommend to anyone trying this out, TAKE ONLY ONE PILL YOUR FIRST TIME TRYING IT!

    I received three pills for my sample and still have two remaining since I know how much energy it can give you (I'm saving the other two for those days when I really really need it!).

    The energy is very clean, which is great, but it lasts so long! IMO three would keep me up for 24 hours +!

    Although, I have read reviews that the samples are a wee bit stronger than the bottled ones...not sure if that is entirely true...could also be because you will probably develop some sort of tolerance to it.

    Either way, it's a great, long lasting source of clean energy! Just be very careful for your first attempt!

  5. good advice!

    see my sig, too!

  6. hahaha exactly!

  7. stim x is good ****, i have the old version right now and that rocks but i heard the new version is even better


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