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  1. Good Choice on the HBofOats. I am a cereal fanatic.
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  2. Day 36+37
    Well I have been off this weekend so I have just been lazy around my house. Watched some football and some basketball. Went out and all that fun stuff. Well basketball starts up this week, so every once in awhile ill have that for some extra cardio as well. Thats about it now.

  3. Day 38-40
    Well I am back, had some studying to do the past few days. Finished with that, glad to be. Started my basketball league, and all I can say is boy am I out of shape. Havnt had to run like that for a long time. Must say that I am leaning out right now though, looking much better IMO. I just am loving the DCP/AP/Sesathin combo right now. Once I get to add the Lipoderm-RK it will be on. Well gotta go get my last meal in before bed and more school! Ill give some updates later on this week about weight/bf/pics possible. Later.

  4. Day 41
    Well today I took an off day due to injuries. Sore knees and groin held me out of the gym and almost walking around. This was from the bball game I had last night. Since the moment we stopped playing I was limping cuz of my groin. I have pulled it before during baseball and probably didnt stretch it that well before bball. I think Ill be back tomorrow, since it loosened up as the night went on.

  5. Day 42
    So today I decided to go back to the gym because everything was feeling a little better. And I had a good workout tonight. Did my cardio and weights without any problems. I will make sure I stretch a little more next game, so I dont have these problems again. Ive got 8 days left, so Im going to make sure they are good ones.

  6. Stretch, young one...stretch
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  7. Day 43-45
    Sorry about the missing the updates, my internet router decided to stop working and the internet was down until recently. Ill give an update of measurements tomorrow morning. I forgot this morning and now have a test to study for. Have a good one.

  8. Day 46
    Well today I decided to drop kcals a little. See if I can keep up with the fat loss, since it has stalled a little. Havnt seen much muscle loss by means of the mirror. I have dropped down to 2000 kcal on workout days, and 1800 on non workout days. Still the same macros so far. Might change it and drop carbs a little, but not yet. Im going to see how this goes for a while. Felt really good in the gym today, had a nice pump going and a breeze of cardio. Got my 2nd bball game tomorrow night, so Ill make sure I stretch this time. I should have known last time, my knees and groin are the only aches and pains I have ever really had come and go. Until then, have a good one everyone.

  9. Day 47
    Ok so I just got back from basketball and working out. Had another good workout, but yeah Im still out of shape. I actually did a good job of stretching, so Im all good to workout the next coming days without a problem. Ive only got a few days left of DCP, so I will wait until Im done to give an update on everything. Ill also have a write up about my thoughts. Got some calipers today, cuz my electronic bf thing is telling me I am getting fatter when the mirror shows another thing. Ive gotta go now, but have a good night everyone.

  10. Day 48
    This is just a quick update. Not much really going on thats new anymore. Although it is warming up here, which is good since I am also ending this so I wont have any unnecessary sweating while walking to class, etc. Well I gotta go for now, Friday is the last day of the log. I plan to write 2 different write-ups, one on the damage control and one about the fat loss effects. I think they are two different point of views for this supplement.

  11. Looking forward to final results, and opinion.
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  12. Well guys, I don't have my review finished yet. But it will be up either late tonight or sometime tomorrow afternoon. Ive just got to get some stuff done and dont have enough time right now to put complete thought into it. Thanks and ill try to get my final reviews up ASAP.

  13. Sounds good.

  14. Final Review

    Final Stats
    Weight - 168lbs. (+2.0)
    Bodyfat - 12.1% (-1.3)
    Chest - 39' (-0.0)
    Neck - 15.5' (-0.0)
    Bicep - 14' (-0.0)
    Quad - 23.5' (-0.5)
    Calf - 15.25' (-0.0)
    Waist - 33' (-0.0)

    Damage Control
    9/10 - I would have to say that this is the most effective supplement that I have ever taken for damage control. I have tried many different combinations and what not, but nothing came close. TTA came close, but the extra goodies really made this a special product.

    Fat Loss
    8/10 - DCP is almost just as good at damage control as it is with fat loss effects. The RK's really gave me a heating sensation for the first couple weeks, and then subsided as I continued. Although I would put DCP up there among the top supps for fat loss out these days. Adding Sesathin and cAMP would make a potent non-stim fat loss stack IMO.

    Final Thoughts and Opinions
    Overall - 9/10 - DCP is now one of my favorite supplements out there. It really can hold your buffet binges to a minimum damage wise. I did not seem to notice any bloating or water retention from the TTA, but I will see over the next few days. Not much else to say other than I would recommend DCP to anyone looking for a fat loss product or a product to keep fat at bay.
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  15. ::::applause::::

    GREAT Log Kev.....very thorough and descriptive. Thank you for providing some really excellent feedback. In the future, you are welcome to test any RPN supplements for me.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post

    GREAT Log Kev.....very thorough and descriptive. Thank you for providing some really excellent feedback. In the future, you are welcome to test any RPN supplements for me.
    First I would like to thank you for the original bottle of DCP. Also thanks for the kind words, and would love to test upcoming RPN supplements. Keep up the good work, you've got one hell of a company that your building.

  17. Certainly my pleasure...and thank you for the compliments.


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