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  1. Day 9:

    Up two pounds on cycle (192).

    Excellent arm workout. Improved by a rep on tricep extentions & BB curl.

  2. Yesterday rest day (Day 10) weigh in @ 193.

    Weigh in today (Day 11) @ 194!

    Net gain 4 pounds for this cycle in 11 days. I look and feel leaner than @ 190. This I find to be the major difference between Havoc and superdrol on my body.

    I had an extra few pound by now from previous SD cycles after being on this long, however I was 5 pounds smaller which put me on more of a distance from my genetic potential as with havoc. No major shift in caloric intake on either cycle. I think that makes a difference.

    Good back workout. Doing 20 pounds more on bent rows. Hard to say if there was an improvement on pull-ups. Last time I did them i was 5 pounds lighter. Sure makes a difference.

  3. pretty good results so far, looks like havoc maybe the real deal with these new orals.

  4. I would reccomend Havoc.

  5. Day 12;

    Back to 193 Ibs today -1 Ib since yesterday. Oh well. Its been like two steps forward one step back on my weight so in all likelyhood I'll weigh 195 tomorrow.

    Net gain for cycle: 3 Ibs.

    Started with squats. Did 7 sets. Slight increase ( a rep here & there in following sets), but nothing mind blowing.

    weighted dips 100x4, 70x8x6x5...increased a few reps from last week*

    Flys: 80x7x6x5x4...increased a few reps from last week.

    Motivation was a little off this morning. Right knee cap was getting sore from squats which kinda threw my concentration.

    Was really happy with dips! Have not dipped with anything over 70 Ibs for over a year, and even working with 70 Ibs has been just recent. Most of my dips training has been neglected for a long time. Then to push 100 for 4 reps...sweet!

  6. Day 13:

    Weight @ 194. (net gain +4) for cycle.

    I'm thinking about ending my cycle tomorrow and run 6oxo at 6 pills ed. for 20 days.

    Past experience has tought me that i do well by keeping all my gains from two week cycles on PH's. I'm sure it helps prevent any elevated liver or lipid values as well.

    What do you think?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MaximumSecurity
    Day 13:

    Weight @ 194. (net gain +4) for cycle.

    I'm thinking about ending my cycle tomorrow and run 6oxo at 6 pills ed. for 20 days.

    Past experience has tought me that i do well by keeping all my gains from two week cycles on PH's. I'm sure it helps prevent any elevated liver or lipid values as well.

    What do you think?
    Do what works best for you, however I do best with 4-5 week cycles. I feel it really kicks in around the second week when it comes to PH's, thats when most of my gains happen.

  8. I took only 10mgs yesterday (Day 13) and today I will cease havoc and begin 6oxo.

    This morning i weighed 195! Eating a bowl of oats before bed helped me show a net gain of 5 pounds in two weeks. That is a lot since 190 pounds is like a platue for me.

    I'm thinking 12 days of 6oxo at 5 pill a day and then 30 days of jungle warfare.

    A relatively weak PCT, but considering only a two weeker, no signs of testicular atrophy I think i can manage.

    It will be interesting to observe the half-life of havoc. I'm hoping it will take me through the weekend before the gym closes for Christmas. I thinking AAS that kick in quick leave your system in the same manner...quick.

    I hope to hear some comments on my PCT in relation to my abbreviated cycle. Thanks in advance.

    I'll continue posting results PCT until the end of January

  9. Day 1 PCT
    (end havoc, begin 6oxo)

    Bench 255x5x4x4...drop set 225x5

    dips 70x7x6x5...drop set body weight (195)x12

    standing military (front of head) 135x15x14x9

    incline fly 45x12x10x10


    COMMENTS: increased bench by a rep on last set of 255 and drop set (225). increased dip by a rep.

    Not sure in front military press is an increase since i have been doing behind my head for past few weeks. As you can see my third set i was way exhausted.

  10. Is anyone still interested in this thread? If not i'll stay off so it won't keep getting bumped to the top.

    Thought yesterdays request for comments would have gotten at least a nibble by now.

    Day 2 PCT (for all its worth)

    weight 193...net gain 3 pound retained. Going jogging today. Want to feel endorphins.

  11. Sorry I missed you here. I am curious about the early ending. Are you jsut trying to prevent all sides before they have a chance to happen, or was something bothering you?
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  12. I beleive he just stopped becasue he does better on shorter cycles.

    Personally, I might have run until the First sign of atrophy, or something like that, due to the nature of this product in particular. Im interested in the post cycle , so don't go givin up here just yet.
    Usually, (and this may just be in my case) I have to "forget" about the first 3 pounds I gain on cycle, as I have found that I can store about an extra 3lbs of glycogen while on cycle, and then (assuming post cycle is smooth) get to keep what's left after the 3lbs.
    I am glad you ran this log here. Short as it was, it was "to the point", and without 8 pages of personal chatter and ball bustn.
    Reps to you.

  13. No, its primarily to keep the gains from the cycle.

    My body can adjust to quick gains as long as they are small gains. Thus the short cycle. Just going on experience.

    Any possible sides I'm avoiding by a short cycle is just gravy. not sure how significant since I'm not doing blood work.

    Thanks guys. It was just getting kinda quiet over here. I'll keep you posted.

    sidenote: Wonder if havoc has an effect on immune system. The other havoc posters got sick. I came out lucky there. Been feeling great. Maybe, maybe not.

  14. Immunomodulation, whether negative or positive, IS a possibility that I had not looked into. I know I am fighting off a cold myself, but it could also be simply a virulent season.
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  15. Day 3 PCT.

    Wake up @ 191...sheesh! Jog 3 miles yesterday and laid off from huge bowls of oats (Christmas party, guest in town) and I lose 2 pounds. Maybe just a fluke. Like those days I gained two pound in one day.

    Still a big accomplishment to stay in the 190-195 range for over two weeks.

    I'll do dealifts this morning. My results should say a lot about havoc's half life.

  16. ...OK, back from deadlifts....

    Mmmm...post cycle kicks ass! Half life or 6oxo got me going this morning on deads...

    365x9x7x5, 345x7x5. 315x8x6.

    Beats last week while 'on' by 2 reps!

  17. Day 4 PCT (6oxo, 6 per evening e.d.)

    weight back to 194 (3 pounds up from yesterday)*

    * weight has fluctuated a lot since havoc/post havoc.

    I'm taking today and tomorrow off. Will workout Tuesday and report back in.

    Y'all have a Merry Christmas and stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Yeah one is the want the other is the ability
    Yup, ephedrine HCL boosts my libido, but completely screws by erectile function.

    Back on topic.

  19. Nice log.

    Looks like the PCT is going well for you.

  20. Grunt,

    Yes, but since my last big deadlift workout last Saturday my body has signaled me to take a week off.

    My left shoulder is getting the old familiar pain from heavy bench and my killer instinct for the weights is a bit blurry right now. I'm guessing after three months of pushing myself hard, plus the age factor has left my CNS a little fizzled out, esp after hitting it hard on havoc.

    I had a few light workouts this past week just to keep the blood flowing and rehad my shoulder. I actually was showing signs of life again yesterday with a light weight - high rep workout for upper body. Pumps and motivation was beginning to return.

    I think everyone here takes periodic week off and reaps benefits from doing so. I'll attempt another heavy deadlift tomorrow, and this should tell me a lot about my recovery/retention of gains on my short stint with havoc.

    My weight this morning: 193. (+ 3 since havoc cycle began)
    PCT: day 10...end 6oxo, begin Jungle Warfare three times daily.

    Status: Extensive rest days. All systems appear normal with the exception of a slightly over taxed CNS and a slowly recovering over use pain in left shoulder.

  21. Thanks for the update. How would you rate this stuff compared to the other OTCs?

  22. Grunt76,

    Assuming you mean the havoc i would say way up there (9-10) from 1-10.

    Day 12 PCT (second day JW)

    I was extremely happy with my deadllift workout. PR's through out the workout. Increased a rep on each set. This and the fact that the havoc should be out of my system by now.

    365x10x8x6x4x4....weight 192.

    Even just as exciting i have maintained a weight above 190. Actually a big deal for me.

    The post cycle maintenance of weight/strength is what is really important to me. I attribute much of my success to holding my cycle to about two weeks. I have been doing this periodically since last June. Since then I'm fully recovered with a 15 pound weight gain and significantly stronger.

  23. Hey Max, u said u have been doing the two week cycles, since last June, what were your others and what were the gains ????

  24. Tex,

    I finished what was left of some leftover superdrol and then i hit the halodrol. So that makes havoc my 4th two week cycle in 6 mos.

    My gains from the past cycles were a little less than 5 pounds each time. After 15 pounds since June my BF% increased only 2% which is really good considering 7%-9%.

    BTW, how close are you to Aggieland? I'm in Bryan, Texas?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by MaximumSecurity

    BTW, how close are you to Aggieland? I'm in Bryan, Texas?
    Hopefully as far as possible! jk, I'm a Longhorn, but my girlfriend is an aggie.

  26. I live in Wichita Falls. Aggieland, I,m sorry for whatever tragedy is forcing u to live there, the real town of Austin and a the University of Texas is where its at I,m about to start my first Halo cycle, how much strength did u gain in two weeks and how did u feel while taking.....
  27. Wink

    Does 12-7 remind you of anything?

    Halo, SD, and Havoc basically gave me the same strength gains in two weeks. If you platue naturally before any of these PH's (should not use them otherwise IMO), then if you were like me you would make about a 10-20 pound increase in major compound movements, or a two-three rep increase with same weight. best thing with two weekers is that you keep EVERYTHING! Read my log and look how quickly i recovered...and still make gains post cycle.

    Does not seem like much but if you cycle once a quarter; add up your gains over a year...15-20 pounds lean mass and 50 pound gain on all major lifts. That is like newbee gains + at a rate the old body can adjust to.

    After years of experimentation of AAS/PH, I find that one step forward beats three steps forward-two steps back everytime. For me, phychologically anyway.

    Halo & havoc improved my look and SD gave me a more smooth-bloated look.

    Hope that helps.

  28. nice log, looks like everything is going smooth for u. keep it up.

  29. Yep, I'm working out with lighter weight more reps coming back from the holidays. Been going fairly heavy for the past few months so its difficult to determine any real ups or downs strength wise.

    My deadlifts are an exception to the above, thus my 'barometer' for over all progress. Been pleased with that as you can go back and see.

    I consider myself done with PCT. I'm on day 6 of Jungle Warfare which followed my 10 days of 6 pills ed of 6oxo. I will finish my bottle of JW though. This being the case I'm going to let this log phase itself out as Havoc is no longer the theme any longer.

    My conclusions are havoc is safe and effective for two weeks three pills a day. PCT is a breeze. No noticable side effects.

  30. Thanks for the excellent log and feedback.
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