Necro's AENutrition SteelEdge & IntraXCell Log (with pics)

  1. Necro's AENutrition SteelEdge & IntraXCell Log (with pics)

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    My Stats:[/B
    Current Height:
    Current Weight:
    77.8kg or 171lb


    Training Split:
    Mon: Legs
    Tues: Back/Shoulders
    Thurs: Biceps/Forearms
    Friday: Chest/Triceps

    30minutes every morning
    1 hour after 6pm each day

    2,400Cals a day spread over 8 meals. ALL CLEAN.

    Background:Training 11 years.Entered 2 competitions before.In 4 weeks will be my 3rd

  2. Summary of Past Week

    Since I started Dieting 6 weeks ago

    My strength has been amazing for last 4 weeks from memory..I only just started doing squats again in last 6 weeks...due to lower back giving me grief for days after.But now problem is dealt with it seems

    First Trial

    I was not thinking about the products consumed as I entered the gym.
    So did my warm up thru the plates squat routine to make sure legs-knees were primed.

    My current best lift 2 weeks ago was 55k aside{thats 242 pounds total+bar=286)

    So I did 2 sets of 8 of that..Pretty dam heavy.
    I thought lets do 60k aside for one{264 pounds+ bar=308)

    I have not done 60k aside squats since 2003 I am sure...and without checking diaries..I am sure 60k for 3x6 is my brick wall(and 1998/99...did 70k aside for 3sets of reps...but that is too old to refer back to)

    So I went for it....I did 5 sensational reps..and failed hard......I was so focussed....but really I was blown away

    Next Leg extension..I been aching to do the full stack which is 120k-264 pounds....i got up to 110k last 2 weeks...So I did not even think I could do one rep

    I did 3 perfects sets of

    Next seated Leg curl....Normal 80k 3x8...90k I did one rep last week
    Today 90k-198pounds 3 sets of 5.....and my hamstring tendons were pushed to their limit

    Still no sign of fatigue or lactic acid build up

    I stretch between every set doing the splits etc..stretch hamstrings...because legs become more pliable..and weight gets easier to push and I do squat very low.And it helps for recovery...Today I did this but felt no need really to do it

    Front Squats...Normally 30k set last week was 35k for 6

    Today I decided 35k felt good..Lets go 40k aside-176 pounds total+bar=220

    I did 2 sets of 5...screaming at 5 to stop...but also because bar was rolling fwd on me...very annoying

    Superset that with Stiff Leg deadlift..220pounds total-40k aside for 1 set of 8 followed by (I only started these again 2 weeks ago) heaviest for this year added 5k bringing it to 242pounds total
    For one set of 8....I was at failure at 8th..and fingers started to unravel

    Now usually do calves as well...but an hour or just under was enough on a sunday afternoon..and it was fathers day i had to make some time to visit

    I walked out of the gym( we have a long flight of stairs) feeling like i had not even trained legs yet.
    And I was so focussed and Happy after....I had to call Solarize straight away to tell him the best workout for legs I had in 5 years possibly

    And for rest of the day and night...I feel amazingly great.....Like focussed and so fresh.....This feels better than fat burner stimulation.

    Also usually it hurts to walk after leg workout..and u just want to sit..Felt nothing today.And because I am cutting..I try to get in 40mins to one hour every nite of it walking or bike.

    Results After 1st workout

    Legs were extremely sore in hamstring area>Felt like new rods had been inserted..they felt thick and huge.Soreness was very deep in legs...cardio....walking and riding.I have had no pace at all last 2 days.No gym on monday due need to recover.And could not make it yesterday.

    Effects and Consumption

    Ate 2nd meal at 11.30.At 1.15 had One dose Steel Edge and One dose of Intraxcell.Gym 1.40..The feeling is so amazing...U feel fresh focussed..and with the perfect amount of energy and drive..It buzzing inside u but still in a non stimulant way.I may have said in last post.That this feeling of wellbeing and confidence is superior to CNS stimulants Like Scorch.{which I do not have yet.But will be very interesting taking Scorch with these products.

    Gym Today

    After Sunday's amazing results..I decided rather than do chest at the end of the week when all muscles are worked out..I would do fresh today..5 days since upper body on Friday

    Bench I was hoping to get another 10 pounds aside.But i just did perfect form with extra reps on 2nd set that made me happy..3 Strong sets of Incline Dumbell but not the reps I wanted..tho I came close....

    Pullovers I do 50k>110's the highest the gym has..I have been on this for 3 weeks..2 sets of 8....always fail hard on 8th...Today I got 11 reps on 1st set,which means I pushed thru the brick wall i have been facing...2nd set for 8

    Triceps next...Nothing to report on using more weight.But the pump was very different..Felt hardness different to anything else before.

    Got extra reps on Pec dec which was another brick wall I have surpassed.

    Conclusion I want others to try this to feel the mental drive it gives you...Overwhelming is an understatement.

  3. Summary Continued

    Biceps and forearms and calves

    Well it was a fantastic workout howevever I did not feel the mental side of products as much as yesterday...More that I have eased into it.I am very focussed tho.

    I got it all done in 50mins extra reps here and there....No extraordinary weight increase.But then I am cutting atm...And I amazed I have strength like at 85% of bulking cycle.Minimum gone down so far.

    From yesterday my chest is killer sore.....Very Happy about that.

    Training early afternoon I thought may effect my results with less meals consumed and digested.

    But then I smashed it with the legs the same way as I have been training last 2 days.


    Today Took the 6 IntraXcell 20 mins before..and 1/2 of Steel Edge(1 Scoop) with it

    Got the feeling I did not have yesterday of freshness and focus today before I entered the gym.

    Put remaining half of Steel Edge with 600ml water and sipped all thru workout

    Can u Handle Results?...Straight away I was into weights that are my absolute maximum during bulking season.....Seated 2 hands rows to 2 hand pulldowns....Especially this excercise....100kilo's.....It was insanely heavy...and my head felt like much effort put in.....But I kept busting out the reps...with no let down....

    Military Press was insane! I set myself weights and reps...and I went above and beyond them.....Vascular City today.....huge blood vessels from hands to all over shoulders..( also shredded even more this week of course tho)

    I felt focussed and driven all the way thru....sipping Steel Edge.....focus and drive was there.I was in the zone today.Dedication at maximum strain.

    And so it continued all thru workout..Increase of weights and reps...And the reps were of such a high quality....Intensley Happy

    So Sore after and Fatigued....Posing is too hard when so sore.Just feeling normal now.2.5hrs Later

    Previous Workouts My Chest has been so sore since Wednesday..It never gets this sore.Those extra reps I got thru going thru the brick wall...Must have torn muscles that bit more=Growth....

    Calves...from yesterday....My calves never get this sore.I know u see alot of people in the gym doing heavy seated calf(usually with no calves to show for it) seems an excercise most can lift heavy on

    Normally I do 65k....Yesterday I did 80k for 3 sets of 7....Taken them to the next level for sure.( apart from that I did leg press for calves 100k aside for 3 sets<no increase here-standing calves don't cut it for me...Machine is useless...Need a block to do them on smith machine would be better...Or even a block on hack squat...Now we are talking!!)

    From Last Week Calves still sore today from Thursday.Lats really sore on saturday.Making it hard to contemplate posing.Chest finally recovered on sat which just proved those extra reps meant so much thx to the products

    Effects and Consumption
    Got Scorch on saturday,thanks to Solarize.Today consumed 1st up with cardio.Then 5 hours later a dose again....Resulting in kerbed appetite that killed me.And during workout>repeated indigestion which was pretty awful.The Scorch added nothing to the workout today in terms of drive or increased performance.

    So I took the Intraxcell dose 20 mins before plus 1 Scoop Steel Edge.And then I put 1 Scoop of Steel Edge into Bottle to sip during workout...Definetley having 2 scoops added nothing extra to the workout.So I will stick to one.

    Gym.Legs Day

    After last weeks dramatic results I was looking forward to pushing harder.However todays workout fell short.90% of last week....Squats felt great and really strong reps..Hoping for 60kilos a side for 2 sets of 5...But I only got 57.5k aside 1x6 and 60k 1x3.Everything else was just missing a rep or two

    Until it came to Front Squats....Loaded 40k aside.Hoping for 2 sets of 5 like last week...Soon as I got under the bar I knew I could not do 1 rep and had to reduce it to 30k/side.

    Cannot workout why last week was so smashing and this week not so.As diet is perfect and still the same..Good amounts of sleep.

    Felt nicely focussed today..But not the rush I got 3 times last week.

    Still this inovation in supplementation blows me away.It is a must have.Thinking back to EAS bringing out Neurogain I think it was,years ago..Had none of the effects Steel Edge has

    Thank God for Science always pushing the boundaries


    Previous Workout Now last week after my all time high of one of the best leg workout in 5 years.My hamstrings were very saw in deep.That lasted 3 days.Gave me no pace for walking for 3 days...but overall legs felt ok

    Effects from Legs YesterdayI did not do as much weight or sets as last week.Yet every muscle on my front thighs is in agony(which is great really )
    Hurts to get up and stablise myself.And really did not want to goto gym today because of the intensity.

    New Found Gains from Products But get this.Solarize mentioned had I noticed any extra anaerobic capacity.Well After workout tonite I was not fatigued at all and yet it was a great workout.1.5hr later I pushed myself out the door for bike ride/half walk it(due to one way streets and traffic) cardio session that lasted 1hr 10 min....Now I did not want to set foot out the door.My Legs begged me not too.But once I was out there it was easy.And even more blown away by the fact...I did hilly terrain high!!...Legs hurt...but still so much power.On the return journey..I had great top line speed in high gear..(like 21st gear) when normally I never do unless stimulant fat burners push me....Very happy with this new by product of these products....More energy stored in muscles?Less fatigued quickly.It all makes sense with what the products suggest they will acheive.

    Back and Shoulders...Did not want to do Chest like last week....Want to be able to pose alot on saturday and i could not do that due to back so sore from friday

    Todays workout came very close to the amazing weights of last week.Like 95% of.Which I found very acceptable.As I am dieting.Been lucky to have exceptional strength until now.

    Consumption and Effects IntraXcell 30 min before.I split 1.5 scoops over half before workout and half sipped during.

    I received none of the highness and fresh focussed feeling today at all from Steel Edge.Weird...attenuate to it?

    I made sure not to take Scorch in pm before workout after yesterdays bad results.

    Day 10 Of Using Products Rest Day...Back or Shoulders not sore at all.But still have trouble walking normally(feels like ur disabled out in public....but hey we usually crave this kind of soreness...So Its Love/Hate/Love.
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  4. Day 12 of Taking Products

    Effects and Consumption

    Took IntraXcell and 1/2 scoop of Steel Edge,20 mins before workout. And nearly 2 hours my last meal.As was advised this was best method...May have consumed to near meals on past 2 workouts.

    1/2 Scoop Steel Edge in 600ml water.Sipped thru workout.

    [Biceps/Calves/Forearms[/b] Weights were stable today..No Increase in weights or reps...Seated calf raise...went down 15kilos...dam

    But I was extremley focussed and driven.More than I would be without Products..I Pushed thru in 40 mins.Very Happy with this.

  5. Day 13 Of Products

    Previously No soreness noticed from workout yesterday=Excellent.Because I feel super fresh for today's workout.

    Effects and Consumption

    Really Looking forwad to Today's workout...Love Having a full chest after the workout that day..and two days after.And Triceps..being 2/3rd of your arm....Always good to have your arms pumped!

    I took IntraXcell dose exactly 2 hours after my last meal.With 3/4 scoop Of Steel Edge.And 3/4 scoop in 600ml water....I wanted extra edge today..So have more than 1 Scoop.

    Chest and Triceps

    I felt great as I entered the gym.Was determined to have an awesome workout...After I warmed up on Bench..I did 3 sets of Dumbell Presses with a weight and reps that I was very happy with..And chest seemed to be full like on creatine..And this awesome warm feeling emerged...Onto Incline Presses and my form was perfect and 3 sets of 8...I set myself a realistic weight with being 4 weeks out from competition and test bound to start declining now.

    And the Vascularity was off the Planet...Like I carb depleted for 3 days then carbed up..Skin looked thin....with just a maze of thick blue veins fighting for their place on the Map of Arms.....Stunning and Motivating!

    Have not had a great Tricep Pump in well,quite a few weeks...Today they filled like balloons.I Looked insane posing afterwards.

    Results I go to see Liam who owns my supplement shop.Who has been attending to my dietary needs and supplementation program...And he was blown away by the vascularity and how lean and density of muscle.With still 4 weeks to go..He suggests I enter the INBA comp the week before my ANB I am definetly ready

  6. U got some cool lookin hair.

  7. Lookin good man. Australia turns out some gifted bbr's. WHat, if anything else, are you taking while on these supps?

  8. Thanks for comments

    Supplements at the moment are

    Current supplements: Horley's Ice Whey
    Anabolic Xtreme Retain
    Controlled Labs Purple Wrath(after cardio.And after gym.I serve each
    MAN: Scorch new bottle started 2 days ago

    Musashi:Red...Transports fats to bloodstream....cleanses Liver<Methione inside it
    Musashi Yellow...Amino Acids 1st up morning and last before bed

    Multivitamin included of course
  9. Research

    Hey Necro, thought you might find this interesting

    Recent study performed by Harris, al.

    It consists of comparing the results of two independently run double blind studies to draw one primary conclusion.

    In a simplified summery of both studies A/B, the researchers were comparing the exact same doses of Beta-Alanine, one with a high GI carb(mostly glucose according to the researchers) and one without.

    What they found was that the group that ingested the BA with the simple carbs increased performance(11.1%) at day 14 which was very similar to the same performance gain (14.4%) at day 28 with the just BA/no carbs group.

    While tough to draw exact conclusions as of yet, it appears that there that taking a high GI carb glucose/maltodextrin can enhance the rate that the effects of BA occur.

    Oh and both placebo groups for study A/B used Maltodextrin as a placebo.

    This is one reason why we(AEN) recommend taking IntraXCell with carbs/food or a preworkout supplement that contains high GI carbs."

  10. Necro, those pics look great. I'm currently working on an article about beta-alanine & carnosine stores and you've just given me an interesting angle to look at: whether there's any relation between being in a hypo-caloric state and decreasing muscle carnosine levels. Given your results it would appear so

  11. Day 17 of Taking Products

    Effects and Consumption

    IntraXcell taken on the past 3 days I have not been training.Today One dose 20mins before.1/2 Scoop Steel Edge before.1/2 Scoop during workout sipped in 600ml of water

    Wow! It happened again today Like Friday...Muscles got this warm feeling...And the pump in biceps was huge...Really Swelled with main blue vein in bicep being incredibly big..Felt Great...Loving this Pump which has to come from the Products.

    Shoulders and Biceps Weights were stable..however reps have declined from last week....But still dam close to normal...I did Less for Shoulders and More for Biceps.So My shoulders did not feel extra huge like normal after workout. Bicep Peaks were fantastic...Like an all new high to them and look

    Previously and Sidenote Saturday I looked fantastic.Thx to the wicked workout on friday...Nice full arms and chest....And overall definiton....And loss of body fat is evident in one week....and even better....I still weigh the same(78 kilo's)= Defineltly gained muscle whilst losing fat during the week...Smashing it!!!

    Did some great posing on Saturday....However after Posing, my car got stolen with wallet inside....hence if u wondering why it has taken me so long between workouts to post and made it hard to get to gym.
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  12. Day 18

    Change of Plan I did big 1hr cardio session 1st up.Then Breakfast.2 hrs Later have IntraXcell and 1/2 scoop of Steel Edge before workout.And 1/2 scoop in 600ml water during workout.

    So instead of 2 meals beneath me.Only had one digested meal before workout.
    I lost my Valeo belt in car.So no Squats/Front Squats/Stiff Leg Deadlifts today which bites.

    So I did One Leg at a time Leg Press...Full depth..Strong reps.As I have noticed many times on Products...The 2nd set u seem to always be able to crank out an extra 3 reps.....No fatigue.And Feel so Strong in these extra reps.

    I downgraded the weight on purpose on my following Leg Excercises.Just because of the one meal.And Legs not feeling 100% fresh and strong. Still did some quality reps..And on Leg Extension.The Vascularity is intense....Veins all up inside of Legs.Across the Quads and Calves look like someone is pumping them full of fresh nutrients from an external source

    Also Main vein in Bicep just never seems to go down now...One thick Pipe Line...feeding the forearms all the time....from cutting or from Products..I say is both.

    Still not feel fatigued at end of workout.As Legs usually drain you.3 hours later I did alot of walking..And did not even think about that I just smashed Legs Previously.
    (Usually after leg workout..there is hours of tiredness and fatigue.And constantly wanting to sit.But not now)

    = I say products are keeping fatigue away and helping me get the required amount of cardio done

    oh and a picture to show this vascularity...even at a relaxed looks like this all the time seriously!
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  13. Day 19

    Back only 2 hours after last full meal digested,then...IntraXcell 20 mins before with Half scoop Steel Edge and Half Scoop During workout

    Even before gym....Upper Legs a maze of vascularity.

    At gym I downgraded the weights on purpose...Like 20k(44 pounds less) on average on pin weight machines.

    Strength definetly not what it was 2 weeks ago.....But oh my the Pump....Lats were insanely pumped by 2nd Excercise....I threw 3 shoulder excersises in too...

    The Pumps were amazing...The intense....all over arms and shoulders.....So very happy with this.(Definelty attributed to products)

    Felt great when I got home.

  14. Effects and Consumption

    3 hours after digested meal...I was feeling very had a protein shake 10mins before I had IntraXcell and Half scoop of Steel Edge..1/2 Scoop During workout

    Chest and Triceps...Today there was no variables..I ate well...and let meals digest well before workouts...But so Lacked Strength and the ability to push thru the barriers.Not focussed and driven like I wanted to be..Yet I was so looking forward to this workout.Still got amazing Pumps...And Chest Striations are wicked..Only 45min workout.....So Fatigued Afterwards as well.....

    Very unusual...

  15. Taking a protein shake before SteelEdge is going to negate its effects somewhat, its is recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach.

    Late stages of dieting sound like a real pain Chin up though dude, your looking good and your bodyweight is on target. You might need to back off your cardio a little

    Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer
    Effects and Consumption

    3 hours after digested meal...I was feeling very had a protein shake 10mins before I had IntraXcell and Half scoop of Steel Edge..1/2 Scoop During workout

    Chest and Triceps...Today there was no variables..I ate well...and let meals digest well before workouts...But so Lacked Strength and the ability to push thru the barriers.Not focussed and driven like I wanted to be..Yet I was so looking forward to this workout.Still got amazing Pumps...And Chest Striations are wicked..Only 45min workout.....So Fatigued Afterwards as well.....

    Very unusual...

  16. Lookin Ripped Bro..... And thats some Crazy hair... Keep up the good work.:bb2:

  17. Day 23

    Effects and Consumption

    2 hours after full meal digested..One dose IntraXcell 20mins before workout.1/2 scoop Steel Edge before...1/2 scoop in 600ml water during.

    Felt good and Determined...And the carnosine must be working today......I have never felt this tingling sensation all the other testers speak of...Which solarize assures me is a goog thing.

    Legs/Chest Want to build more upper chest.So I started out with Incline Bench...Now after warm ups I did 2 solid sets of 8..8th being near failure.

    3rd set I got 4 extra reps..for a set of 12>blown away!! Where did those extra 4 reps come from?? Carnosine storage it must be...Very happy

    Leg Press(oh how I want to do squats but no belt)

    One leg at a time....Fully down to bottom and press up again.( I find it best taking shoes off for one leg at a time...U know when u do both legs...feels like toes are trying to push out through your shoes...I hate that)

    First 2 sets of 8 per leg...Nothing more to give..Hamstrings very tight for some reason...I stretch alot during sets.So 3rd set I was determined...and it killed me..but I got 9 reps.....May not sound much...but when u at a brick's great to go thru the other side(no david copperfield here )

    Rest of workout was just solid...Nothing really to write about...Pretty Shattered after. Have 3 hour rest then go and do my 1 hour walk....see if I still can do it well like last week.

  18. Day 24

    Legs very sore from yesterday's workout but still did 1 hr walk last nite and 1 hr walk this morning 1st up....did not think about leg soreness at all during this

    Effects and Consumption As per my standard...Meal fully digested 2 hrs before.Did have a protein shake 1 hour before also....30 mins before workout...One dose IntraXcell.1/2 scoop of Steel Edge.1/2 scoop during workout


    No strength like is normal now with cutting calories so much.No extra reps gained...Kept it at a weight I could acheive.No obvious effects at all from Steel Edge in terms of clarity and focus.

    Still Muscles felt very warm and pumped quickly....Biceps were getting this more pronounced as they get a bi-product workout from doing back.

    Posing 10 mins after back felt massive...Vascularity was intense.Veins going across Triceps now RAD

    Got Masif Props from a big guy at gym that was watching me pose...I say i don't look that great atm....He disagreed and said I should do really well at competion...Awesome....

    Not Fatigued at all after...So far cutting carbs out of 4th meal does not effect me in any way( but I do look forward to that King Size Mars before pm cardio>>> JOKE

  19. Day 24

    Back sore but okay..Legs still pace at all of riding bike today...not happy...Again cutting calories is coming into less stored energy reserves.

    Effects and Consumption

    Perfect placing of meals apart.....Usual way of taking IntraXcell and Steel Edge

    Only Shoulder workout today.....Military press was good..reps and weights

    Side Lateral and Front raises such a decline in weights and reps...

    But super fatigued after and pumped up....Arms still acting like they done a workout hours hard and vascular.....IntraXcell > Thankyou

  20. Day 26

    Missed gym yesterday hence no yesterdays workout tomora...Oh and I found a stash of intraXcell that I had in lunch bag=not run out yesterday....but now tuesday...Happy Days.

    Effects and Consumption

    Ate 3 hours before workout....I missed my protein shake 1.5hr/2hrs before...due to had to get work done.....and was an effort to get down 8 levels to my shake

    However this yielded results two fold...I was totally empty for my dose of IntraXcellence...and my dose of Steel Edge...So The Steel edge hit really well...

    However the 2nd effect.....of not getting the protein shake in before workout=felt like I lacked alot of energy...As Now 2 weeks out.....Weights really went down tonite
    and I feel because of this, Carn levels are not maximising what could be happening if I was in another stage of training....

    Still A fantastic workout...the Pumps were huge.....Waist went down another 1/2inch in last 5 days ......I want 2 more to be a 28inch waist.But then I may come in Lightweight....hmm better ripped still as long as not expenditure of muscle

    New Effect

    After my workout.....i am sitting here and all my muscle in calves up to quads are pulsing of their own accord.....Feels mad...I dont want to get up in case it stops....Feels Like muscles are getting fed

    Anyone else experienced this? May or may not be related to products.

  21. Day 27

    Effects and Consumption....Weighed in this morning...I lost 4.5kilos in the last week...after I went up 2.5 last week. Feeling Lightweight...And still more fat to lose...But dam I am really getting close now..Serratus all out tieing in the lats...Looks siK.

    So I ate a bit more than usual today...Damn Hungry....and had an extra 1.5meals before my workout,that i normally do not do.
    Missed Thursdays workout.So did today(Saturday)...Don't want to take IntraXcell and not work out now as I finish the bottle.


    Felt unusual before workout Like i was Lethargic....I took 2 red acid and caffeine pill before workout.....Made me have energy come back ...but felt unsettled stomach....can't explain.2hrs after last meal.Got the IntraXcell in 20 mins before workout with 1/2 scoop before and 1/2 during

    Decreased weights on purpose even more today...Turns out I get it correct 1st time..Not really depressing as the vascularity I love....overcome it..
    Only got extra reps on calves today...Fought thru pain barrier....Bicep pump was good.But not as great as previous times...

    Nothing really else to add...I superset calves with biceps...and forearms I could not curl nothing like i was use to....Still arms very solid after this workout...No soreness from yesterday either.

    Feeling like i need to up calories a avoid further weight loss...but do not want to offset fat loss..Tough Call

  22. Day 29

    Cause and Effect.....After 7 days off Scorch I was so looking fwd to today...Hit me nice and hard early...but 3 hrs later...i could not function...need carbs
    Went and got wholemeal pasta and ate as much as i could with chicken and broccolli and zucchinini....
    And then brain was fine...Happy.....Workout 2.5hrs later....2 caffeine pills....needed the kick....Smashed it..Squats/Front Squats and Stiff Leg Deadlifts...hammered my legs...went heavy as I could go without belt...and acheived all the reps I wanted....Push thru the barrier.

    Steel Edge....1/2 scoop 20 min before....1/2 scoop during....only had 4 IntraXcell before workout...instead of 6 as running out.

    Really focussed......Very Pleased....Now time for 0.5 cardio(3.5hrs after train legs
    ...I ain't walking.....a nice pace bike ride is in order

  23. Day 30

    Steel Edge finishes IntraXcell I cut down to 4 caps so this will run out on thursday.

    Previous Workout....I am insanely sore all day today...Did not want to get out of seat all day...I mean I am more sore today than when I was on Day 1 of my 1st Steel Edge/IntraXcell...on that day I did a personal best Leg day In years

    So doing less weight yesterday I am have created more damage?Still consuming enough amino's and protein as I was then...Like my Squat yesterday was 40kilo's(88pounds) less than normal.

    Still all sets I did yesterday were perfect form and the 9-12 rep part was pushing thru the pain got the growth I accept

    Arms Workout Today Well there is no way I could do back or shoulders with legs this painful...So I did arms

    Usual 1/2 scoop before and 1/2 during and 4 IntraXcell instead of 6

    The weights were half what i usually do..don't want to admit them to myself...they were that low...But muscles got that warm feeling...and Due to muscles taking less time to pump and fatigue..My Bicep/Tricep workout was over in 40mins....and I was done.. Excellent Pump and Vascularity in regards to products..

    I wanted to walk for cardio tonite....but it was hard enough to walk across the it was a bike power in legs...came down to a situation between me and a car.....I could not pedal at all to move quick enough...but nothing happened...hehehe....(except the car bent around me..and I kept going )

  24. End of Log IntraXcell finish today

    Day 32

    Previous workouts Arms did not suffer at all from tuesday..Yesterday was a rest day and Legs still not healed.Quads ok..Inner Hamstring felt like a rod....No pace at all with cardio(and I did cardio 3 times yesterday)...Definetly could be that I smashed legs extra hard due to IntraXcell delaying fatigue...Like I have said I did get on average 3 extra reps on each set...When I was fatigued at 9...I would not rest till I got 12!

    Hamstrings still not healed for today completely.But felt fresh for this workout.

    Back and Calves Oh how awful.....I missed My Steel Edge today..I enjoy drinking it thru the workout so much.

    Met up with Solarize at his gym.(sorry no training video's )

    He said up for deadlifts...I not done any this year due to lower back gives me grief for up to a week after.But now it is healed..

    Boy I knew I had been born today...Like they really were hard and smashed u to oblivion...every muscle wants to give way under the strain.
    Back workout continued with some quality excercises.Moderate weight and great Lat pumps...with bonus bicep inflation.

    Calves had lots of endurance..burnt them out Leg Press doing calves and seated calves...Reps were excellent..<(intra)> and they ached for hours afterwards.And then much later I still had nothing to give for cardio..:/

    Conclusion and Summation

    I did not know what to expect.I did not read online anything about Products..But Steel Edge....the drive and the focus....Never felt anthing like it.And it is essential part of Your desire to acheive...
    I cannot wait to take it again in 2 weeks.

    IntraXcell The weights just kept going up and the reps acheived in this month were phenonemal...I really did set new records for myself...and all the while I was cutting...I acheived so much fat loss and still kept gaining muscle I am sure thanks to this Product.

    Athletic Edge Nutrition are Truly First Class Products...God Help someone beat them(can't be done) And If they ever bring out a new product....Wow...Results will be Intense.

    Cannot Afford to continue with IntraXcell at this time.(I know I really should-I will try to find funds)

    But Otherwise I can't wait to stack these products again near the end of the month will some Controlled Labs Products....Yes it's going to be an intense ride back up the scales.

    Thank You Athletic Edge Nutrition for selecting me as a Tester..Your support through out....has been exemplary.

    My Log is very detailed.So that anyone can see at a glance without too much scrolling that these products really kick.
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