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  1. I donít post much but wanted to offer some differing feedback. I think your workout is fine and is almost identical to the one I am on. Maybe a little high on the cardio for just starting out. Also, everything you have described makes sense after the first 3-4 weeks most of the nausea type of feeling goes away and the eating becomes a habit. Although the workouts donít become much easier.

    I have lost about 20 lbs in 10 weeks. In the beginning I made a few mistakes and did lose more muscle mass than I would have liked. I spent a great deal of time reading and talking to people and here are some of the things I changed, these are the things that most of the information seemed to agree on.

    Raise your level of fat intake, fish oil, peanut butter, avocado, and almonds. Have one of them with each meal. When you go to the meat and veggie only diet you really need the fat or there is nothing to get energy from. You can cut this level down as you get into the last few weeks of your cut.

    Alternate your carbs to pure carbs and fat and have this meal every 3rd or 4th day at the end of the day.

    Like I said these recommendations were in a couple of books and articles and suggested by a couple of people to me and they made a huge difference. Not necessarily a huge change in weight but a big difference in body composition where my waist shrank at a reasonable rate and I did not lose much muscle mass.

    The last thing is you may want to slowly ramp up cardio unless you have been doing it all along. If cardio is causing you to stay in the gym for 2 hours a day it is probably doing as much damage as it is good. The biggest change I made here was to by a heart rate monitor and have goals on calories burned not just reps or time. I tried to stay between 500-700 calories ramping them up as the cardio became easier, this number was for the total time in the gym that day, after a work out or two you should be able to set your goals pretty easily this way.

    I donít claim to be an expert but thought I would recommend some of the things that have helped me over the last couple of months.

  2. DAY 19 & 20 SEPTEMBER 25 & 26 2006


    Plugging away here, Chest day sorta blew, I felt weak, got mad, threw stuff, then felt better.

    Bicep day, now that was awesome Amazing how much better day I had, I was happy to still be able to curl the 65 lb bar, that made my night all smiles. I am seeing some new definition coming in my arms- shoulders area, its slight but I do notice it esp when training, I can tell that when I drop more fat Im gonna have some serious striations all over upper chest - shoulders.

    I actually had a couple days there where I felt really out of it, I bought some iron pills last night and it has made a big difference, I needed some extra I guess, this has happened before so I was not suprised.

    Im getting sick of chicken, but the Amish chicken is much better than frozen stuff, very tender and juicy, so I dont care what it costs, Im worth it!!!

    Hyperdrive has really helped me lately get stuff done when not feeling super great , I think I may try 2 tomorrow for the first time. Ill let ya all know how that went, lol.

    We are gonna try something different for a a few weeks, we are going to drink Regeneration X during our training, instead of after to see if it helps us more during these high reps and brutal sets.

    Im putting alot of faith into Special tactics to help me rid this fat, then later I will add Thyrogen X to kick it up, but will wait as I dont want to pull out all my tricks at the same time.

    I hope I have a great shoulder workout tomorrow, so far shoulder day has been pretty darn good to me as far as keeping my strength on the military press, which is important to me.


  3. DAY 21 SEPTEMBER 27 2006


    I always love shoulder day I did well with the 45's on Military press, still cant get them up on my own but once they are up im fine. This is a grueling workout those superset laterals are killer, but work so good!

    This routine actually goes by pretty fast. Then I did abs & cardio.

    The pumps I had in upper body were awesome, Im starting to see veins in my shoulders now, If I could only see the bicep veins Id be super happy! As my body fat drops im sure it will come though.

    The primed reallly gets my energy soaring for these intense workouts, liking the flavor very much makes taking it even better.

    We have been making protein smoothies with crushed ice, man are these good!!!!!! Because the lipolytic whey is so fine and fluffy it mixes so easy and is very creamy, adding crushed ice makes it a little thicker and more like a treat Hey you do what you gotta do when your cutting! lol.

    We ared going to be trying the Regeneration x during training for awhile, instead of Xtend. Regeneration X is a great recovery product which also lowers cortisol and acts in a way to feed your muscle first, so forcing the body to use fat for fuel.

    Although my weight has not dropped alot I look different in the mirror, I know I am not losing any muscle at this point and Im very happy about that as its too dang hard to gain!

  4. I must agree you look great young lady! You and Viperspit are a great inspiration! Now keep doing the damn thing, you have one the best behind ya, and some of the best products to help ya, so get em Girl!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    I must agree you look great young lady! You and Viperspit are a great inspiration! Now keep doing the damn thing, you have one the best behind ya, and some of the best products to help ya, so get em Girl!!!

    Thanks Apowerz Your such a sweetie !! It was awesome meeting you! I look forward to seeing you at the Arnold too!



    Well, the past few training days went pretty well, I have lowered some of the weights due to high reps and going to faliure. Im definitely getting a good workout through the high reps, its very tiring and draining as well.

    My weight has not changed much, but the mirror shows improvements. Im thinking I should of shortened my bulking cycle by about 2 weeks as this cutting cycle is shorter than it would be normally. I do know that I am not losing muscle, thats pretty obvious. I took a few quick measurements this morning and my biceps are still the same A guy in the gym said Im looking harder last night. I do rely on those people as they see me less than I do, lol Its good to get others opinions at time too.

    Im still taking all the regular supplements, except Jungle Warfare. I am sweating my booty off during cardio on that Hyperdrive as I am taking 2 now After so many weeks on it I learned I can take two without any major side effects, I just started this at the Olympia and it went well so I will continue.

    The primed will always be my favorite, the pumps lately on high reps are totally sick, im pretty sure my arms grow almost an inch on bicep day.

    Lean Dreams was a big hit at the Olympia, many people commenting on how much they like it. We gave out thousands of samples of that and Hyperdrive along with hundreds of t-shirts and full size products to people we knew well, long time fans of ALRI and the winners of the six pack contest and posing contest, pushup contest. Course Hyperdrive seems to be the big winner with the stim lovers!

    I did post alot of pictures in the Olympia thread on BB.COM , but here is my favorite !

  7. wtf? I just noticed, where's Bob's right hand?

    Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    I did post alot of pictures in the Olympia thread on BB.COM , but here is my favorite !

  8. DAY 28 OCTOBER 4 2006


    Ok, this day will go down in history for me I was able to do 50 lb dumbbells on Military Press on my 4th set!!!!! Thats after doing 3 sets of 10 with 45's ! This girl was happy. I knew I would not get them up so I had help but did the reps on my own with the 50's. I was however able to get one up on the 45's and needed help with other side, its coming slow but sure.

    Them dang lateral supersets are like more painful then a prison fight, but Im seeing alot of muscle pop out when the pumps come. I really need to gain alot more size in shoulders though, I want the rounded caps and that will have to wait till I bulk again. But at least Ive not lost strength there YET. Im getting quite the pump in my rear delts too, Im seeing more definition and veins but only during training, then it magically goes away

    Im getting so sick of chicken I think soon Ill have to have it fed intraveniously, dang it gets old.

    As I said in last log update, my weight has not changed much, but I am having a water issue for awhile now due to being a female, we are so lucky, NOT!!!! I hope this problem clears up, my hormones are going haywire on this cutting diet.

  9. DAYS 29 & 30 OCTOBER 5 & 6 2006 BACK & LEGS


    The last 2 days training have went well considering Im cutting. Ive lowered the weight on some things to get more reps. Leg day went suprisingly well since I missed last weeks leg day due to the Olympia. I did much better on squats as I had my feet too close together before, Squats is not my favorite thing to do either, actually its my least favorite, lol. The triple drop sets, although killer seemed to feel easier this time. I had MAJOR pumps going on in the quads and could feel seperation, so I know those dang muscles are there its just getting the fat and water out!!!

    I have to say using Regeneration X is been a life saver, training so many days in a row is tough, but with the help of a good recovery supplement it helps get you ready for the next day with minimal soreness if any at all.

    Oh, I should also mention Thursday & Friday are my carb up days I get carbs more on Thursday though for back day. I never knew rice could be so good, lol

    Saturday is cardio only and Sunday is OFF day, Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A girl in the gym told me my face looks thinner since last week, She knows I havent lost much weight according to the scale and doesnt believe me, lol. I took measurements yesterday and according to those I have lost body fat and actually gained some muscle.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm

    Ok, this day will go down in history for me I was able to do 50 lb dumbbells on Military Press on my 4th set!!!!! Thats after doing 3 sets of 10 with 45's ! This girl was happy.

    Wow great job Fit... :bb:

  11. Just keep it up Fit I don't write very often these days, but I am growing too(I think) I will have the decision of my trainer tuesday to see if I will be on a cut for this upcoming summer, or bulk for in 2 years.. and then blast the natural stage junior You're doing good work. Just remember that the mirror is the real judge, the scale can vary a lot.

    Once again, KEEP IT UP



    My training is going well, Im definitely more tired after each training day than before. Im concentrating on form and quantity of reps more than weight. I have a feeling though I will not be able to keep up the 65 lb barbell curls for too much longer as my diet has been changed again and im getting less carbs now and doing cardio twice per day. But Ill do the best I can ! Im also pretty sure that shoulder day is going to pay big time! I just got to the 50 lb dumbbells but on these lower carbs it may not happen for long, lol

    Something I did notice last night is just during warm up I had a different look in the shoulders and chest area, I mean changes happened in one day????? More defined and even more striations showing through, actually had 2 people come up to me and say WOW your looking great! Your cutting is going well.

    I guess the funniest thing that happened last night was, When I was done doing barbell warmups I looked around for the 65 lb curl bar, it was on the floor next to a guy and I asked him are you using that? He said no but I will move it for you since you cant, I said, Oh no thanks , thats the bar I need to do my curls, thanks SO I carried it away and he watched intensely as I threw that bar up 10 times with no problem, I saw him shake his head in disbelief while he was putting away the 55 lb bar he was using, LMAO

    Men, the lesson learned here is " Never underestimate a woman " HaHa

    As some of you know I did start using Retain during my time off from Jungle Warfare. I have a couple more weeks on that. Im hoping that during this cutting cycle that I will retain my muscle that I have worked so darn hard for! I guess my ultimate cutting cycle would be at least 16 weeks though, this one is alot shorter, due to my need for muscle building during the bulk. I do think that after this cutting cycle I will continue on a lean bulk instead of going to a full bulk, but Im not really sure just yet, I do need to eliminate as much fat as possible for next year if I ever get on stage.

    Even though my diet has changed as of Monday, I like it better than before. It seems Im eating more often and I get a choice of sweet potatoe or rice now. I must go buy about 10 huge bags of veggies though, and more chicken, oh yippee!!!!!

    I have stopped weighing myself, I just look in the mirror, I cant take that damn scale any longer, its stupid! so you will most likely not see my weight until the end!

    I rely even more now on Hyperdrive, needing lots of energy to get through the day on low carbs and more cardio. I do have a new respect for anyone who has went through cutting for a contest, You should get a medal just for that!!!!!!! It has to take priority over everything else, and I mean everything. I sent out a mass mail today to close friends and said " dont plan on hearing from me and dont take it personal, Im doing something very important to me and I will be available Nov. 19th.

    Well I have to wrap this up and get some things done, Thanks for following!!!!!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull954
    Wow great job Fit... :bb:

    Oh, the cookie whore decided to pop in my log huh? Thanks Pit !!!! I hope you dont choke on all those COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn
    Just keep it up Fit I don't write very often these days, but I am growing too(I think) I will have the decision of my trainer tuesday to see if I will be on a cut for this upcoming summer, or bulk for in 2 years.. and then blast the natural stage junior You're doing good work. Just remember that the mirror is the real judge, the scale can vary a lot.

    Once again, KEEP IT UP

    I know jjohn, Im working very hard to stay focused! I quit weighing myself the other day, NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job growing!!!! You can have amazing results at your young age!



    Ya BABY!!!!!!!!! I finally got the 45 lb DB's up all on my own tonight!!!!!!!!! I did them my first set to get primed for the 50's, which went SUPER great!!!! I did 10 reps on both sets I need help getting them up and can do the reps on my own! This always starts out my shoudler day with a Bang

    The SS laterals, I lowered the weight just to get lots of reps and fatigue the muscles, which did work well, OUCH!

    Viperspit was standing behind me on upright rows and said I have striations all over running through my traps and back Its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cardio is making me sweat my booty off, I have a blister on my heel too. I bought some new socks that are lighter and breathable, they are much better but I need to cover that heel area with mole skin I think.

    I like my changed recently changed diet, and im not hungry in between meals or at night, this is a good thing!

    I have a weird thing going on with my abs, on the right of my belly button and just above, I have been getting these like spasms, all day, all night every few seconds, I cant figure it out. Im wondering if I have a hernia or something! I dont have pain, but it started when I did crunches at 140 pounds, so Im gonna lower the weight for now and see what happens, and be careful. Also this area is right under my gallbladder scar, I know I have internal staples and stitches so this may be a problem with that, dunno really.



    Wow, this routine was changed to supersets for the lat pulldown's, OMG this was a real killer!!!!! I had to drop the weights big time to do this 30 reps in a row, but I did feel a different type of muscle contraction as well, which I think was good.

    The rest of the workout went well, I also have one arm bent rows now, which I havent done in forever! I used 30's as I was whooped but probably could have done more weight, I did have great form and movement though.

    Came within seconds of passing out on the treadmill, busted out in a cold sweat, light headed, it wasnt pretty. Thank GOD friday is carb up day!!!!!



    Another grueling leg day, not bad until you get to triple drop sets, came within mili seconds from losing previous meals, so much lactic acid it was unreal. Leg presses were removed from my training, I miss them I like the SLDL's though, and did well with great form, no hooks, no straps.

    It was carb up day, but I didnt notice the filling out of my muscles from it? looked pretty flat all day. Tuna is looking better everyday ( yikes- I hate tuna )

    Hyperdrive has kept me having energy during this lower carb time. Primed keeps me looking forward to training as well. Regeneration x is saving my life, recovery is greatly needed, lol.

    Im taking Retain, I dont feel it working, but I know its there. Will start Jungle Warfare again soon.

    Saturday is cardio twice, morning & evening, Sunday morning cardio.......no days off, this blows!!!!!!!!!!!! And it snowed here yesterday! YUCK!

  18. Day 38 & 39 Saturday & Sunday - Cardio

    Saturday- 20 Min Morning Cardio
    45 Min Morning Cardio

    Sunday- 20 Min Morning Cardio

  19. DAYS 40 - 41 OCTOBER 16 & 17 2006




    Still feeling pretty decent on lower carbs, didnt even feel like fainting last night on treadmill, night before carb up. I waited for it but it didnt happen

    I can feel my legs getting bigger, instead of leaner from all this dang cardio. Although I havent measured them they feel bigger in clothes.

    I feel pretty powerful on my first exercise of the night usually, I always give it my all for the weights. Still can do 65 pound curls too, Could do more but then I would be even lower reps and thats not what I need right now.

    Im taking all my supps in hopes of burning more fat, but so far I havent weighed myself for a week, why? cause I hate the scale now. I dont look any different in the mirror though, if anything I am adding muscle for no apparant fricken reason, so confused here. Now when I am training upper body, I am seeing alot more definition when I am pumped, front delts are popping out, veins are noticeable but not protruding yet. a TON of striations in shoulders, chest, back. I think last night doing biceps was the biggest pumps Ive EVER had and my shoulder definition down the arm at the bicep area was totally noticeable, major definition. But like I said its only when I am training. Any other time of day I look pretty flat anymore with low carbs, at least I think this is the reason.

    My recovery has been awesome with Regeneration X, but that will come to a screeching halt in a few days as its being removed from my supplementation, I dont know why, maybe the carbs or salt? Or maybe this is just another Team Torture payment

    Ive decided...........I need to go to everyone who has ever cut for a contest and wash their car, clean their house, mend their clothes, shine their shoes, feed their dog, whatever needed as this is the most grueling time in a competitors life, and I have really come to respect anyone who has ever went through it! It is certainly not for the weak! MUCHO RESPECTO !!!!!!!!

  20. DAY 42 & 43 OCTOBER 18 & 19


    Well for some reason my shoulder workout didnt go as planned I couldnt even get the 45's up by myself and they felt so dang heavy I avoided the 50's this week. It was even carb up day which made me think Id have a great workout, I was wrong. It was just ok, I still fatigued the muscles and went to failure so at least that is good.

    Them laterals are killer man...........But I love seeing what happens in the mirror with the stiations and seperations Thats what makes me want to do them, lol. I had mega pump in the rear delts too, dang those babies hurt, come close to cramping up even.

    I skipped Thursday's training & Evening cardio, have a migraine. Hope to make it up over the weekend.



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