Excell/ Anator P-70 Log

  1. Excell/ Anator P-70 Log

    First a quick background, since im pretty much an unknown poster on this forum. I've been a lurker on anabolicminds for quite some time now, and decided to do my first log here, because it seems to have a much more intelligent and helpful general population than most forums. I'm 5'8 and my fluctuates around 185 right now, at around 8-9% bodyfat, never tested just going by the mirror.

    recent supplement Experience (within last 6 months)
    no-xplode, cee, various protein powders and mrp's, san fierce, amp, citrulline malate

    Current Supplements
    Muscle Milk ,WPI, multivitamin, cee

    Before people start bashing me for having Anator P-70, i got it for free. I know how overpriced muscle tech products are, but since its free, why not?

    Supplement schedule
    30 mins pre workout- 1 scoops excel, 3-5 grams cee
    During workout- 2 scoops excell
    Immediately Post workout- Anator P-70,
    After Shower- 25 grams whey, 1 cup of ground up oats

    I'll also be doing sprinting sessions, plyometrics and other various forms of running, on those days i'm going to have an extra 2 scoops of excell pre/during the activity. I'm starting the official log tomorrow.

  2. Just wanted to say welcome and any supplement reviews/logs are always appreciated even when it comes to "cough cough" MuscleTech products...lol.

    Nah really, good luck and keep us posted.

  3. Day 1
    First Impressions

    Anabolic Innovations Customer Service 5/5
    I'm sure pretty much every customer can attest to how quickly and diligently they respond to emails and how helpful these guys.

    [B]Taste/B] 2.5/5
    I was a little bit dissapointed with the taste of the fruit punch (so far the only flavour i've tried), but it wasn't overpowering so it was easy to sweeten. I found the fruit punch flavour had a weird aftertaste to it, I couldn't quite pin point what it was.

    Mixability 5/5
    It seems the consensus on most BCAA bulk powders have very poor mixability, so I was surprised how easily the powder dissolved. Some of it clumped together, but within about five minutes it was almost completely dissolved.

    My first workout using excell was a light leg workout, most explosive work. It's to early to tell effects on recovery, and last night was my friends B-Day, so i wasn't 100%, excell definately helped shorten rest between sets.

  4. Day 6
    Busy schedule lately, so i haven't had a chance to update the log.
    I recently tried out the Grape Flavour, and found it the best tasting and easiest going down so far. The rasberry flavour seemed to taste identical to the Punch flavour.
    Anyways, today was back/biceps day, which is usually a day where i tire out fairly quickly. Not as in total body fatigue, but my strength in exercises seems to dwindle quickly on back day. Seemed to have good endurance throughout the workout, much better than normal, although I'm more interested to see how the recovery is, and the effects which the excell has on reducing DOMS.

  5. Day 10
    samples and taste
    I obviously haven't been posting every workout day like I've meant to but I have had the chance to try out all the sample's of excell so far. I'd have to say Rasberry and Fruit punch were my least favorite flavours, mainly because lack of flavoring. Succulent Strawberry had a slight flavour to it, which i'd rate a 3.5/5 at best, and my favorite by far was grape, which I gave about a 4/5 taste wise.
    My 2kg order was of fruit punch, and the last 3 workouts, I've just been flavoring it with some icy blue koolaid mix and splenda, and it tastes exactly like blue koolaid which I love, so I dont really have any complaints.
    Strength and endurance has been pretty good, I've been changing up a lot of the exercises I usually do, so I haven't been able to test the strength gains so far. When I go back to my original exercises, i think I should be seeing some significant increases. ALthough one strength increase that jumped out was going from 120 db chest presses for 4 shaky reps to 7 clean reps, which i know isn't a lot, but slow steady gains is what I'm looking for.
    Recovery has been the most noticeable variable in my workouts, DOMs has been to reduced to at most feeling slight soreness the day after. I'll be leaving for training camp in a couple days, so I'm going to check my weight then, and possibly have some measurements then.

  6. Sounds good...I just got my Chaos and Strawberry Excell yesterday. Chaos rocks dude, you gotta order some later.

  7. Hey Fightin Irish.

    Thanks for taking the time to post. I am glad you felt the EXCELL helped with the post workout soreness. Sorry that the flavor wasn't what you were hoping for.

    Glad you were able to mix up your own drink and make it to your liking.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  8. Day 17

    The last week of workouts have gone extremely well, and strength gains seem to be steadily moving along. Anator P-70 is being dropped simply because I ran out, my supply was only around 10-12 servings. Imay increase the servings of excell to either 4-5 a day for the next two weeks, just because I'll be in training camp.

    Hopefully I'll be able to get some kind of weight workouts in during the week, but this is where excell's effect on recovery will really be tested. If i do find time in my schedule to get to the gym aside from 2 practices a day (3 on special teams days), then I may mega dose the BCAA's. If i decide to try mega dosing, then obviously the servings per day would even high.

    And yeah the chaos looks like a promising pre-workout ****tail, I'll probably throw that in their on my next order.

    Notes on last weeks workouts
    - endurance throughout each workout was spot on
    - minor strength increases since previous workouts
    - set a few personal bests
    - cycled off creatine, since the Anator was really the only creatine i was intaking at the time

    Bodyweight is at 184, I haven't checked bodyfat, but going by the mirror, the gains have been entirely LBM.


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