Cissus/Powerfull MegaDosing w/Anagen

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  1. maybe if you log your food you will know if your kcals are too high, just a suggestion.

  2. no way-this is your log im just along for the ride. but i will say that it seems reloaded is making it kick in faster.

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  3. lol, i mean like on or a site similar, it is really helping me figure out the best diet for me.

  4. i am 47 wht-230 hgt6'1 around 14-16%bf, i just like to stay in decent shape so i can work the dog**** out of the kiddies at work. after 8 yrs in usn most of it on carriers, working out with seals and grunts you kind of learn what works for you.

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  5. A day

    Incline Dumbell Press- 80-5,3,3

    Shoulder Hammer Pressl- 130-9, 5, 4

    Tri Pushdown- 130-9, 5, 4

    Wide Grip Pull (went too wide, lol I hadnt done them for while as you can tell by my reps) 3, 2, 1 I was so tired.

    Bent Over Rows 125-9 controlled

    10 min cardio (better than nothing i guess lol)

    Libido: same

    Mood/Well Being/Positive Aggression: Great Energy for the workouts

    Pumps/Hardness/Vascularity: I got a great pump, i had a couple cheat meals yesterday so I feel i am holding some water so the veins were quite as pronounced. I am sure this will change tomorrow or wed.

    Focus/Workout Intensity- Couldnt be better

    Sleep: Sleeping still really hasnt changed.

    Additional Comments: I dont have any extra comments as of yet. But i Have a ? for other powerfull users. right now on workout days i dose 4 (pre) then 2, 2. On off days I dose 2, 2, 2. Has anyone run higher doses and liked it better? I am willing to maybe bump it up a little. I have another bottle. Thanks.

  6. not higher dosage but i do 2 in the moring 4 pre then 2 at night. How are you dosing the anagen? Are you spreading it out thru the day?

  7. ya, i do the same for powerfull

  8. B Day (all followed with extreme stretching)

    S Bar Curls: 75-13, 6, 4 w/neg

    W Curl 80-10

    Standing Calf Raise 235- 11 (Explosive +, 5 sec neg, 15 sec Stretch)


    Hacks 250-5
    Squat Press 365-20

    10 min light cardio

    Strength: Some up, some same

    Libido: Same

    Mood/Well Being/Positive Aggression: Didnt really have the best workout. My hacks didnt improve at all and it felt very heavy today.

    Pumps/Hardness/Vascularity: Pumps still come a little easier. But I dont think I am very pumped after my workout as much a I am used to. (like a few hrs later like last wk)

    Focus/Workout Intensity- workout sucked.

    Sleep: Decent. Same

    Additional Comments: I think it was just one of those days. Felt flat couldnt really get too intense or get any rythm. With Hacks mostly. I was very disappointed. Oh well. I will bounce back friday. I think once these 4 weeks are up it might be time for a couple light wks to recover...Just needs to be done for long term gains...

    edit:LOL, i was so rushed when I wrote this, i fixed some of the typos.

  9. I am feelin a little overtrained lately, whatever it may be...I have been getting about 8 hrs of sleep every night but i have been working very hard in the gym and @ work and school. So, I am going to skip tomorrow and pick it up saturday. Hopefull I will feel better. Just giving everyone the heads up when I dont update tomorrow...thx.

  10. A day

    Incline Hammer Press- 230-6,3,2

    Shoulder Dbell Press- 60-8, 4, 3

    Skull- 70-10, 5, 4

    Rack Chins: BW-10, 5, 4

    Deads-265- 8, 295-4 (I think I could have done more)

    30 min cardio

    Libido: same

    Mood/Well Being/Positive Aggression: Felt better then I have been feeling lately.

    Pumps/Hardness/Vascularity: Normal pump in gym.

    Focus/Workout Intensity- Great workout.

    Sleep: same

    Additional Comments:Taking a day off yesterday I guess did the trick. I felt ****ty wen and thurs (like a little overtrained) so I took a nap thurs and slept in fri. Lots of sleep and I think thats what I needed. Cant wait for this summer class to be over so all I have to do is just work. Maybe I just wasnt getting enough sleep, who knows. BUt I think I could get a couple more hard wks in before I might need a break. This is last wk coming up on this log. I hope it has helped some of the people who have been following.

  11. B Day (all followed with extreme stretching)

    DBell Curls: 40-8, 4, 3 w/neg

    Hammer: 25-8

    LegP Calf Raise 375- 9 (Explosive +, 5 sec neg, 15 sec Stretch)

    LLC-160-12, 5, 3

    Leg P- 550-5
    Squat Press 375-20

    5 min light cardio

    Strength: Up

    Libido: Same

    Mood/Well Being/Positive Aggression: Good intensity today.

    Pumps/Hardness/Vascularity: Same as always

    Focus/Workout Intensity- It was a quick, intense workout with all my lifts going up, or at least a rep increase.

    Sleep: Same

    Additional Comments: Nothing really changed, but I had a great workout.

  12. my results mirror yours/libido,sleep no change but i am noticing some recomp. my joints ache-yours too? but mine could be from reloaded. was hoping for cissus to do more for this.

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  13. Ok well, I am letting everyone know that I am cutting my cycle short. The reason being is that the effects I felt about midway through have diminished, i feel a little overtrained so I am going to back off for the next wk, and I think I should just save what I have left over and use it next time because I felt this stuff much better in the begining of the "cycle". To give a recap of this stack I thought it was ok, it was nothing to crazy, just some enhanced pumps and pumps @ random times of the day. Some pretty good vasculatiry @ times but again nothing to crazy. All in all it was fun in a sense to get these pumps but I doubt this stack really had any huge physiological impact on me. But to some up my gains a little bit...
    I gained 2 lbs in 3.5 wks. Not too bad. Lots of clean food and I did a lot o f low intensity cardio, i havent had achance to get back on the DEXA machine yet but I will update bf% when I do, should be tomorrow. I feel like I will be around the same %, i havent changed much in the mirror.

    Rarm: 15

    So nothing on the arm or the waist, but I guess my quad got a little bigger. My legs love to grow. I wish my upperbody was like that. Oh well, if there are any question or anything feel free, but otherwise this should be the last post, well, after I update my bf. Thanks for following.


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