Guys, Crowler did a fantastic job on this product. It is an affordable BCAA/CM/G product. The price is the same as the cheapest price I have been able to find a kilo of bulk (not the best tasting) BCAA's alone. I was very excited about the product but also very skeptical about flavor. Well I just got it in today and it is fantastic. I would say it reminds me of the Xtend Watermellon which is also an amazing product. It is fruit punch flavored which I wouldn't exactly pick out if I didn't know that was the actual flavor.

I am extremely pleased with this product and Chemistry-Labs. CROWLER is absolutely top notch and takes care of his customers. If you guys are looking to megadose BCAA's like many are trying including me (with great results) give either this or xtend a shot. You will be pleased with both. If not you can bash me to hell . Link to product

Alright enough from me.